Light Art Looms Large: 10 Artists Project Illuminated Images

Philippe Echaroux
light art echaroux 3

light art echaroux 1

light art echaroux 2

A digital projector hooked up to a computer and portable generator turns surfaces in the urban environment into a temporary means of highlighting the human form. With the ‘Painting with Lights’ series, photographer Philippe Echaroux looks to bring his imagery from the gallery walls into public spaces so that it’s visible to all.

Agathe de Bailliencourt

light projections agathe 1

light projections agathe 2

Installation artist Agathe de Bailliencourt covers such buildings as the Berliner Dom and the IZH-Building with scrawled writing and scribbled symbols. According to her bio, the Paris-born, Berlin-based artist’s work “is characterized by a more or less aggressive pressure to be as tangible as possible,” though the temporary nature of light art seems to make these particular works the exception.

Marco Nereo Rotelli

light art rotelli 1

light art rotelli 2


Marco Nereo Rotelli’s light installation on the Chicago Field Museum transformed the facade of the building into a setting for the words and images of Dante’s Divine Comedy as part of the Year of Italian Culture in the United States. Other works have appeared to scrawl graffiti tags onto churches or seaside castles. The artist told L’Idea Magazine, “Art is a discipline, a governed language. Im looking for some kind of disruption with the grafting of the poetic word, of music, of the theatrical halo; I point this way to a further dimension, able to open to the wonder.”

Javier Riera

light art projection riera 1

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light art projection riera 3

light art projection riera 4

Rather than manmade structures in a city, Javier Riera chooses trees and natural formations as the canvases for projected works of art, with no one around to witness the effect, which is captured for others only through photography. The artist creates his own designs digitally, exploring the connection between nature and man.

light art projections armsrock 1

light art projections armsrock 2

The illustrative nature of Danish artist Armsrock‘s light art makes it seem like light graffiti, wherein a source of light is used to create a ghostly image on-the-spot that’s only visible through long exposure photography. But those ‘strokes’ are actually a large-scale projection of a series of small engravings done with an etching needle.