WU Big Picture Galleries: Copyright or Creative Commons? ||

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Images you find here in the ‘Big Picture Galleries’ are creative works that are either (a) copyright and reprinted with express permission or (2) expressly licensed as Creative Commons works, meaning they are available to be used in commercial ways providing credit is properly given.

On each individual ‘Big Picture’ page you will find a name of the creator, which in turn is a link to the online source of the work. Clicking to view this source should give you any further details about Creative Commons rules that may apply to a given piece.  Any image that is copyright you will have to seek permission directly from the owner to use - CC-licensed pieces may have other associated rules, so be sure to check carefully regardless.

For more information on other Privacy and Terms of Service conditions associated with WebUrbanist in general, please see the links at the bottom of the page. If you wish to use an image, be sure to credit its source and adhere to any details of the relevant license you find on the creator’s page. If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact us.