Graffiti Styles: 15 Colorful Works of Urban Art

On building walls, on lamp posts, on trains and in tunnels: it seems that almost every inch of the urban landscape is covered in various styles of graffiti to the point where we only notice extremes that seem to stand out, like amazing 3D graffiti artists and 3D street mural painters. From the simple tags to the elaborate full-wall pieces, street art is expressive and full of life. Its creators often work in solitude and in darkness, avoiding attention because of the negative consequences it could have. But regardless of the danger, street artists keep working to spread their unique message.

These shots, from all around the world, represent just some of the many varied styles of graffiti and street art. From intricate indoor murals to entire train tunnels tagged by hundreds of different people, these pieces fall all over the spectrum. Different though they may be, they all share the underlying unbridled creativity that has attracted artists and viewers to street art for decades.