Life Begins at 2AM: Cool Kam Khan Photography [15 Pics]

If you want proof that some of the most amazingly talented photographers are inspired at 2AM, meet Kam Khan. Kamran was just selected as a finalist for PDN Magazine’s PIX Digital Imaging Contest’s New Talent of 2010 for the self portrait series “Life Begins at 2AM.” As great as his photos are, Kam said, “I picked up my first camera just about 4 years ago.” How long does it take complete one shot? “Varies from a few minutes to a few hours to a few days. It really depends on how complex the elements in the shot are all interacting with each other,” he replied. Does he see these images in his mind’s eye before he begins? “Most of them yes, I have an internal snapshot of the image that I start with and then try and coax it out of my brain with a lot of light,” Kam answered. What does he wish for people to experience when gazing at his awesome photographs? Kam said, “Hopefully inspiration to create more in whatever artform they like to express themselves in.” There are many more cool shots at Kam Photography and other news on his blog.

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