3D Polar Projection Photos: 18 Surreal Stereographic Pictures

Get ready to have someone spin your world around and perhaps turn it upside down – or even inside out. Wee planets, tiny worlds, little Earths … this art of stereographic photography is known by many names, and the resulting works are never quite the same and rarely less than stunning.

A polar panorama essentially wraps an entire landscape around a theoretical sphere, turning a lush forest vista into a tiny planet of trees or a famous landmark into the sole monument of a little world.

Techniques and styles vary from one photographer to the next and each one brings his or her own vision to the table. These photos by Alexandre Duret-Lutz span the spectrum, taking subjects as simple as a strip of gray pavement at sunset to recognizable works of international architecture, giving the most mundane still life or colorful sweeping landscape a fresh new perspective. Click below to enlarge.