Redefining Rustic Materials: 6 Modern Log Furniture Makers

upcycled natural edge logs

Lex Pott  bypasses the normal wood-refinement process in which individual details of branches and their bark are quite literally cut and stripped away.

upcycled natural log furniture

Instead, his pieces retain and highlight these differentiating characteristics, showing off the qualities of barks from different species. The result also provides an organic visual transition between pieces and parts of his furniture products.

upcycled geometric log tables

Brent Comber slices and splices logs, setting up a play of contrasts between their natural variegation and the precise shapes they conform to in the end.

upcycled round glass table

In his finished pieces, the sizes of the logs, bark and color outside as well as as rings and lines inside provide visual interest within an otherwise-refined geometric shape.

upcycled rough hewn pine

Fabien Cappello is a simple upcycler who reclaims scraps from discarded Christmas trees each year and turns them into curiously on-of-a-kind furniture objects.

upcycled scrap christmas trees

The resulting benches, tables and storage spaces are a rough-hewn, cobbled-together collection of the various pieces and parts he finds and cuts – a balance between artistic vision and organic remnants.