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January 2019

31: Reading the Road: River of 11,000 Glowing Books Flows Down City Street
30: How Smart Home Technology Could Change Architecture
28: Vanishing Beauty: A Photographic Tour of Almost-Abandonments
27: Box Springs Eternal: 10 Sheet-Kickin' Mattress Stores
25: Buckingham Palace Redesigned as Co-Housing for 50,000
23: Maximalist Makeovers: Transforming Architecture with Vivid Paint Jobs
21: Early Birds Get Free Noodles in Tokyo Scheme to Ease Metro Crowding
20: Signs Friction: 10 Unfortunately Named Businesses
18: Print Your City: Custom Street Furniture Made of Plastic Household Waste
16: Art of the Chinese Courtyard: Respectful Renovations Keep Hutongs Alive
15: Enhancing IKEA: Small Designer Additions Totally Transform Kit Furniture
14: A Multi-Layered House Becomes a Landscape of its Own in Dense Osaka
13: Catskill Keep: An Abandoned Cursed Castle In Upstate NY
12: DIY Pop-Up Prefab: Whole House Anyone Can Assemble with a Screwdriver
11: Skiers Test Out the Slopes Atop BIG’s ‘Urban Mountain’ Plant in Copenhagen
10: Imaginary Movies: Graphic Designer Turns Posted Photos into Film Posters
09: Plastic Could Be Fantastic Again if We Make It With These Natural Materials
08: Big Data Art: Printed Visualizations Highlight Daunting Tech "Terms of Service"
07: Heart of Malta: Fallen Natural Landmark Rebuilt in a Dazzling New Form
06: Beware-y Afraid: 10 Weird & Unexpected Warning Signs
05: Refugee Baggage: Suitcase Dioramas Show Dark Scenes from Countries Fled
04: Coral Cities: 30-Minute Urban Commutes Rendered as Blooming Animations

December 2018

31: Who Owns Your Face? Welcome to a New World of Hacking Headaches
30: Sheet Happened: Page Turns On Abandoned Paper Mill
29: Street Films: 7 Top Urban Transit Design Videos from Amsterdam to Zurich
28: What Can You Find in This 24.9-Billion-Pixel Panoramic Photo of Shanghai?
26: Flying Nest: Minimalist Nomadic Container Hotel Travels the World in Style
25: Cool Vernacular: How Regional Ceiling Heights Shape Room Temperatures
24: Gingerbread City: Hyper-Detailed Edible Replica of New York Built to Scale
23: Tinsel Towns: 10 International HOLLYWOOD Sign Homages
21: The Great Wave: Iconic Hokusai Work Splashes Across Moscow Apartments
19: Best of the Year: 10 Projects Honored at World Architecture Festival 2018
17: Pinecone Treehouse: Naturally Shaped Wonder in the California Redwoods
16: Kick Stopper: 12 Sadly Lost & Forgotten Soccer Balls
15: Dispersed Hotel: Distributed Urban Suites Inspire Exploration of Historic Kyoto
14: Subterranean Seashore Museum Buries Art Beneath the Dunes in China
13: Swim BIG: Artificial Island Supports World's Largest Saltwater Pool Complex
12: Come Hell or High Water: Cities Must Evolve in the Face of Climate Change
11: Getting Real: Placeholder Graphics Lead to Literal Architectural Renderings
10: Found Victorian Photographs Transformed into Pop Culture Trading Cards
09: In Plane Sight: The Fort Worth Alliance Airport ATC Tower
07: The Other Place: Surreal MC Escher-Inspired Hotel Interior in China
06: Daily City: London Architect Drafts 365 Urban Plans, 1 Day & Design at a Time
05: When Infrastructure Costs More Than Money: History's Deadliest Projects
04: Miniature Calendar: Micro-City Scenes Made Daily from Household Objects
03: Large-Scale Light Art Comes to Life in Amsterdam for Annual Festival
02: Deco Rated: The Sears Crosstown Building In Memphis

November 2018

30: Daring Glass Observation Deck Opens Atop 77-Story Tower in Bangkok
28: From Pompeii to Gaza: The History of Street Art as a Voice for the People
26: Nera: The World’s First Fully 3D-Printed Motorcycle Features Airless Tires
25: Contain Us: Apartment Made Of 140 Shipping Containers
24: Boats + Yards: Dutch Architects Convert Cargo Ships into Waterfront Homes
23: Life-Sized Interactive Drawings by Levalet Envision a Parallel Universe
22: Four-Dimensional Murals: Artist Folds Space Inside Architectural Facades
21: Designed for Disassembly: Architecture Built with its Own End in Mind
19: Bought to be Destroyed: Artist Ron English Will Whitewash His New Banksy
18: Troll Train: Brazil's Steamy Mundo a Vapor Museum
16: Midcentury Modern ‘Draper’ RV Offers a Nomadic Lifestyle for Discerning Design Fans
15: True Colors: Photographer Captures Urban Spectrum of Modern Istanbul
14: From Saving Lives to Raining Candy: Drones Do a Lot of Good, Too
13: Wave Forms for Artists & Artisans: Free Vintage Design Guide to Japanese Waves
12: The World’s First Underwater Hotel Villa is Officially Open in the Maldives
11: Cough-y House: Abandoned Cresson Tuberculosis Sanatorium
10: Urban Forestry: Explore 678,632 Street Trees of NYC with Interactive Map
09: Zaha Hadid Architects to Design a Swirling New Smart City in Moscow
08: Wild Waste: Giant Trash Animals Nest Inside Abandoned Las Vegas Motel
07: We Could All Use a Little More Chindogu, the Japanese Art of Useless Inventions
06: Redesigners Pack Derelict Bridge Framework with New Condos & Rooftop Park
05: Sliced and Folded: Modern White House Tumbles Down a Hill in Los Angeles
04: Exhibits On The Beach: Sculpture By The Sea Makes Waves
03: Subjective City: Massive Wall Map of NYC Assembled from Handwritten Directions
02: Re-Habit: Transforming Abandoned Big-Box Retailers to Housing for Homeless
01: Intelligent Interiors: Robotic Furniture Retracts to Ceiling When Not in Use

October 2018

31: Human-Sheep Embryos to Lab-Grown Leather: Biotechnology and Animals
30: Hidden Depths: 20 Tentacles of Lurking Sea Creature Sprout from Warehouse
29: Unseen Movements: Multi-Shot Photography Captures the Complex Trails of Birds
28: MiGs & Match: Abandoned Albanian Airbase Exposed
27: Dystopia Now: Office-Oriented "Blinkers" Serve as Horse Blinders for Humans
26: Cloud-like Circular Staircase Stands at the Center of This Chinese Villa
25: Chinese City to Replace Street Lights with Orbiting Artificial Moon by 2020
24: Glass Houses: The Lure of Transparent Materials in an Era of Waning Privacy
23: Architect Ordered to Demolish New Award-Winning Apartment Building in London
22: Fractal Furniture: 3D-Printed Metal Chairs Feature Rich Geometric Details
22: World’s Tallest Residential Building Planned for New York’s ‘Billionaire’s Row’
21: Atlas of Atlases: Graphic Design Meta-Book Samples 1,366 Vintage Maps
21: Not Safety For Work: 10 Comical Conical Traffic Cones
20: Warnings at Scale: Tiny Signs Highlight Hazards of a Miniaturized World
19: Cross-Stitch Murals Bring a Traditionally Domestic Craft Out Into the World
18: Peeled to Reveal: Condemned Building Neatly "Unzipped" Along its Facades
17: Nomadic Futures: Self-Driving Cars Could Change How We Interact with Cities
16: Walkable Rooftop: Vaulted Bricks Cover Library & Connect Campus in India
15: Fake News: Miniature Signs Around the City Convey Confusing Messages
14: Domino Effect: Sweet Playground At Old NYC Sugar Refinery
13: Skate or Buy: Skateboard Shop Rolls Out Clever Skateable Sidewalk Signs
12: Seven-Story Neoclassical Painting by William Bouguereau Looms Over Memphis
11: File Under Fiction: Artful Self-Help Book Covers Speak to Human Conditions
10: 10 Architects, 10 Homes of the Future: The 2018 China House Vision Exhibition
09: Habitat 2.0: Pixelated Apartment Complex by BIG References Design Classic
08: Going, Going, Gone: Banksy Artwork Self-Destructs the Moment it's Sold
07: Donald Dupe : 7 More Businesses Trading On The Trump Name
06: Mobile Moon Museum: A Massive Lunar Replica Exhibit is Circling the Globe
05: 32 Artists Take Over a Hydraulic Power Station for Kazakhstani Exhibition
04: Green Ruff: Eco-Doghouse Topped with Live Grass & Solar Water Fountain
03: Topographical Architecture Brings the Printed Contours of Maps to Life
02: Post Postmodern: Nightlife Complex Remixes Local Architectural Details
01: Sinuous Concert Hall by Zaha Hadid Architects Mimics the Shape of Sound

September 2018

30: Sipping Cargo: Starbucks Opens Container Cafe In Taiwan
29: Formula 1 Mobility: Graphene Enables World's Lightest Wheelchair Design
28: Cartoon Cafe: 2D Illusion in Korea Makes You Feel Like You’ve Entered a Sketch
27: Dune Art Museum: Maze of Galleries Buried Under Beach Dunes Near Beijing
26: Unstable Housing: Balancing ReActor Building Tilts as its Occupants Move
25: Abstract Geography: Huge Historical Map Spans Dutch Train Station Ceiling
24: Don’t Wreck the Ruins: Aging Structures Adapted with Style and Sensitivity
23: Fairly Sore: The World's 10 Most Dangerous Festivals
22: Fast Driver: Powerless Auto-Hammer Packs Strip of Nails for DIY Projects
21: Graffiti Glam: Surreal Scenes Transform a Baroque Dutch Building
20: Thin Facade: Old Small Town Storefront Folds Down into 100-Seat Theater
19: Brutal-ish: Japan’s Long, Dramatic Love Affair with Concrete Architecture
18: Unequal Scenes: Aerials Photos Highlight Stark Lines Between Rich and Poor
17: Blind Building Facades Become Urban Farms with Scalable Scaffolding System
16: Inn Trouble: Abandoned Brandermill Inn & Conference Center
15: Floating Backpack: Self-Stabilizing Gear Carries 12 Load-Free Pounds
14: Paranoia Palace: High-Security Atlanta Estate Features Secret Tunnels
13: A House to Die In: Oslo Officials Block Controversial Home Designed by Snøhetta
12: Home Anywhere: Compact Cabin Hosts Urban Pioneers on Berlin Rooftops
11: River-Spanning Town Hall Literally Bridges Two Faroe Islands Communities
10: Flight to the Future: How Airport Design is Adapting to a New Age
09: Lizard Men at Work: Denver Airport Construction Signs Confirm Conspiracy Theories
09: Step On It: Life-Size LEGO Teardrop Trailer Travels Well
08: Out of Focus: Blurred Street Scenes Capture Cities as Cinematic Moments
07: Ephemeral Figures Loom Large in Biodegradable Land Art by Saype
06: In-Floor Wayfinding: Textured Tiles Guide Blind Client Through New Home
05: Out-of-Place Artifacts: The Perpetual Puzzle of Reverse-Engineering Mysterious Objects
04: Fertile Grounds: Low-Tech "Sand Dams" Breathe New Life into African Drylands
02: Honeymoon Cruiser: A Bizarre Russian Wedding Coach
01: Green Machines: India's First IKEA Boasts Fleet of Solar-Powered Rickshaws

August 2018

31: Fishing for Plastic: Amsterdam Puts Tourists to Work Cleaning its Canals
30: Virtual Fixer Uppers: Buy, Renovate & Sell Homes in "House Flipper" Game
29: Distorted Shapes Made of Tape: Mesmerizing Installations by Darel Carey
28: Reframing Modernism: Famously Severe Homes Softened by Lush Landscapes
27: Concrete Skies: Reclaiming the Urban Wilderness of Disused Underpasses
26: Cone Founded: The Abandoned Yuengling Ice Creamery
25: Brazilian Hybrid: Herringbone Home Blends Bamboo & Modern Simplicity
24: Ballet Mécanique: House Facade Transforms to Offer Pop-Out Balconies
23: The Nature of Cities: Built Environments Win National Geographic Awards
22: A Real Hole in the Wall: World’s Tiniest Office for Brazil's Agencia Grande
21: Retrofitting Ruins: Designer Turns 6 Abandonments into Modern Dwellings
20: Constructing the Future: Defining and Designing Better Affordable Housing
19: Pretty Abandoned: Tucson's Lisa Frank Factory
18: Radiant Design: Tree Rings Spin Outward in Elemental Wood Dresser & Desk Set
17: No Butts About It: Crows Cleaning Up Cigarettes at a French Theme Park
16: Flat-Pack Night Market: Modular South Korean Vendor Stalls Fold & Stack
15: Yo-Yo Pedestrian Zones: What Makes Urban Walkability Flourish or Fail?
14: 60 Years Later: Original Le Corbusier Interior Design Vision Finally Realized
13: The Beauty of Books: Journey Through The World’s Most Ornate Libraries
12: Road Grip: Vietnam's Golden Bridge Is One Handy Span
11: Measuring Wheel: Ditch Roll-Up Tape for a Coin-Sized Pocket 'Rollbe' Ruler
10: Airstream’s Rugged Basecamp X Lets You Go On Rough Roads for Bigger Adventures
09: Pigeon Portraiture: Photographer Highlights Beauty of Everyday Urban Bird
08: Ghostly, Plant-Filled Abandoned Houses in Tehran Symbolize Toll of War
07: Sleep in a Legend: Bauhaus School Opens Student Rooms to Public Guests
06: Urban Rewilding: Reverse-Engineering Cities to Save Nature - And Ourselves
05: Out Of Time: Abandoned Virginia Renaissance Faire
04: Mobile Phone Airbag: Spring-Loaded Legs Deploy to Save Dropped Devices
03: History Unzipped: Installation Reveals the Guts of an Abandoned Factory
02: Recycled Islands: Floating Dutch Park Constructed from Waterway Waste
01: Pothole Pests: Street Artist Repairs NYC Road Damage with Mosaic Vermin

July 2018

31: Zootopias: Forward-Thinking Zoos Designed to Advance Animal Welfare
30: With Amazon on the Scene, Has Shipping Container Housing Gone Too Far?
29: Parked Outback: Robert Fielding's Oz-Some Art Cars
28: Cyberpunk Furniture: City Streets Light Up Through Laser-Cut Wood Table
27: Abandonments from Above: Drone Photos of Spain’s Crumbling Architecture
26: Microlino: Tiny Electric Car With Front "Hood Door" for Easy Urban Parking
25: Ukraine's Endangered Brutalist Architecture Gets a Closer Look in Short Film
24: Virtual Atlas: New Book Explores Digital Cities Inside 40 Video Games
23: Dementia Villages: The Delicate Art of Designing to Deceive
22: Wipe Left: Getting A Handle On The Roll Front Toilet Seat
21: Reinventing the Cat: Mobile Succulent Planter Robot Seeks Out Sunlight
20: Bike Route 66: Historic Roadway Open to Two-Wheeled Adventurers
19: Snug Streets: Painted Pavement & Paver Rugs Animate Boring City Surfaces
18: New York’s Newest Waterfront Park Revitalizes an Abandoned Industrial Site
17: Skywalk of Gibraltar: Stunning Views from a Converted WWII Lookout Station
16: Rendering Trends: Decoding Tired Tropes of Flashy Architectural Graphics
15: Store Age: Eerie Abandoned Brick Warehouse In Richmond
14: Meals to Go: Mobile 7-in-1 Micro-Kitchen Box for Space-Strapped Millennials
13: Hands to the Wall: Chile Unveils Tactile Street Art for the Visually Impaired
12: Whale of a Sculpture: Repurposing 5 Tons of Plastic Pollution Ocean Pollution
11: Concentric Eccentric: Colorful Mural on a Medieval Fortress Courts Controversy
10: Coralarium: Ocean's First Intertidal Art Museum Doubles as Marine Habitat
09: Only in Dubai: 10 Wild, Dazzling & Absurd Record-Breaking Projects
08: Guerrilla Artist Pulls a Banksy, Installs Own Art at Banksy Museum Exhibit
08: Small Steps: One Man's Down-To-Earth Lunar Lander Home
07: Found Art: Huge Exterior Wall Mural Uncovered in Dutch Museum Renovation
06: Aarhus Harbor Bath by BIG: A Floating Seawater Structure for Swimmers
05: Architectural Fashion: Hybrid Outfits Combine Bauhaus with Arts & Crafts
04: Immerse Yourself in Interactive Digital Environments at Japan's Mori Museum
03: Nano-House: World's Smallest Home Built in a Vacuum by Micro-Robots
02: VTN Architects Gives Modern Architecture a Fresh Spin with Bamboo
01: Purse Spective: Thrashbird's Valley Of Secret Values

June 2018

30: Buckle Your Seat: Leather Belt Brings Creative Class to 'Cinch' Folding Chairs
29: Paper Sculptures Depict Bacteria in the Human Body as a Coral Reef
28: Between the Lines: 3D Graffiti Artist Layers Letters to Form Punchy Phrases
27: 5 Architects Designed 5 Facades for Miami’s Wild ‘Museum Garage’
27: Prismatic Pride: 20+ Rainbow-Centric Murals & Street Art Installations
26: Forest Foundation: The 10,000,000 Underwater Logs that Hold up Venice
25: Hack Your City: Guerrilla Grafters’ Manual for Making Ornamental Trees Edible
25: Beyond Brutalism: Spotlight on Iconic Architecture by Ricardo Bofill
24: Once A Pawn A Time: 12 More Abandoned Pawn Shops
23: Car Pool: Converted Caravan Filled with Water to Create Mobile Swimming Unit
22: Chrome Master: Gleaming Metallic Street Art by Puerto Rican Pro Bik Ismo
21: 3D Dragon Gates: New Twist on Coastal Feng Shui by Zaha Hadid Architects
20: Looking ‘Under’: Snøhetta’s Submerged Restaurant is Taking Shape in Norway
20: Unearthly Architecture: 13 Structures That Look Like Aliens Built Them
19: Michigan Central Station: Ford & Snohetta to Revive Abandoned Detroit Icon
18: Go Cuckoo for These Brutalist ‘Block Clocks’ Inspired by Concrete Landmarks
18: Summer Houses: 7 Tropical Dream Dwellings by Wallflower Architecture & Design
17: Good Lock: 15 Kool Key Cutting Shops & Signs
15: Luxembourg Skatepark Design Pays Tribute to an Adjacent UNESCO Fortress
14: Modulofts: Sliding Walls Divide Interior Space & Provide Exterior Shade
13: Augmented Nature: 6 Ways Robotics Are Aiding Conservation Efforts
12: Declassified NSA Designs: Surreal Vintage National Security Agency Posters
11: Pickup Truck Gardens: Japanese Contest Celebrates Mobile Greenery
11: World’s Most Colorful Neighborhoods: 11 Bright Spots in Urban Landscapes
10: Attention Choppers: 9 More Abandoned Helipads
08: Rainbow Road: Light Painting Blazes a Trail Through Forests, Cities & the Sea
07: Cast-in-Place Innovation: The World's First 3D-Printed Concrete Houses
06: Innovation & Collaboration: 13 Cool Office Designs Spark Creativity
05: Operable Facade: Front Wall & Windows Conceal Hidden Garage Door & Lift
04: Tales of Hidden Tunnels: Read About the Secrets of Underground Spaces
04: 10 Architects Design Modern Chapels for the Vatican at the Venice Biennale
03: Blades Of Allegory: 10 Artistic Painted Wind Turbines
02: Data as Decor: Custom Map Wallpaper Designed to Suit Any Home Interior
01: Woven Like a Nest, This Digitally Created Pavilion is Made of Recyclable Plastic

May 2018

31: Prairie Style Subway Maps: Chicago Rail Routes Rendered ala Frank Lloyd Wright
30: Open Sesame: Wheelchair-Friendly Elevator Entrance Hiding Under the Stairs
30: Musical Fonts: Handwriting of Cobain, Lennon & Bowie Turned into Free Typefaces
29: Back-Alley Bookends: Narrow Tokyo City Scenes Bracket Books & Tell Stories
28: Invader Returns to Los Angeles with a New Series of Fun Pixelated Mosaics
28: Future War: 8 Terrifying Coming Advancements in Military Technology
27: Das Bus: 15 Quirky & Kitschy German Bus Shelters
26: Inflatable: Giant Air-filled Artworks Come to the Exploratorium (Sponsored)
25: Destination Kawaii: Hello Kitty Bullet Train Coming to Japan This Summer
24: Ribbon Maps: Pocket-Sized Mississippi Riverboat Scrolls Unroll to 11 Feet
23: 20+ Reasons to Love Resin: These Artistic Home Furnishings are Clearly Cool
22: New Banksy Gift Shop: Souvenirs from the Walled-Off Art Hotel in Palestine
21: In Japan, A Vibrant Community Springs to Life Beneath a Disused Overpass
21: Zero Waste Land: 13 Design Projects Making Smart Use of Reclaimed Materials
20: Going Going Gone: 12 Closed & Abandoned Travel Agents
19: Urine for a View: Modular Window Image Tiles Reframe Restroom Experience
18: Altered Realities: Abstract 3D Murals by Peeta Pop Off the Wall
17: Drifting to Sleep: Snooze on Water in the World's First Floating Tent
16: Bye Bye Boring Workspace: 12 Office Arrangements That Feel Fresh & Fun
15: Hyper-Realistic Embroidery: Everyday Domestic Scenes Recreated in Thread
14: Future Organic: Guggenheim Gallery in Tulum Combines Vines & Cement
14: Welcome to the Future: 6 Creepy Advances in Potentially Dystopian Technology
13: Missed Fortune: 15 Closed & Abandoned Psychic Shops
12: Totally Tubular: Industrial Furniture Engineered from Ventilation Ducts
11: Star Man Underground: David Bowie Takes Over Manhattan Subway Station
10: Shape-Shifting Chinese Smart Home Uses Open-Source Building Technology
09: New Hope for Brutalist Wonder: IKEA May Turn Pirelli Tire Building into a Hotel
09: Art Everywhere: 12 Projects Transform Public Spaces into Guerrilla Galleries
08: Tiny Trains: Neat Narrow-Gauge Rail Connects German Island to Mainland
07: Floating Whales & Other Unlikely Creatures Invade Cities in Murals by Nevercrew
07: Cool Concrete: 10 Structures Taking a Refreshing Approach to This Raw Material
06: Canned Heat: 12 Folk Art Painted Residential Propane Tanks
05: Neo-Rustic Concrete Retreat: Coastal Cottage Blends Brutalism & Minimalism
04: Bad Ass Miniatures: An Exhibition of Tiny Sculpted Objects by 30+ Artists
03: Deciphering Logos: Graphic Designer Swaps Brand Names for Fonts Used
02: Graphic Design on Steroids: MurOne's Murals Splash the Streets with Color
02: Future Housing: 6 Forward-Thinking Visions Make Dense Cities More Livable
01: Stitches in Space: Giant-Sized Doilies Domesticate a Wild Array of Places

April 2018

30: Rest Areas for the Weary: 13 Thoughtful Travel Facilities Enhance the Journey
29: Eye Powered: 12 Artistic German Transformer Stations
28: Blown-Out Pipes: Artist Expands Everyday Plastic Tubes to Create Vases
27: Requiem for Pianos: Dilapidated Instruments Photographed Among Ruins
26: Cat VR: Feline Virtual Reality Technology Aims to Amuse Animal Companions
25: Trash Bot Game & Professor Water Wheel: Gadgets Devour Floating Plastic Waste
25: Art That Breathes: 17 Living Creations Made with Plants, Bacteria & Insects
24: Rolling Out the Green Carpet: Grass Circle Transforms Madrid Public Square
23: Architectural Anomalies: The Crooked Witch-Proofed Windows of Vermont
23: Drag and Drop Housing: 12 Fast-Deploying Prefab Designs with Modern Style
22: Face Plants: 10 Lifeless Abandoned Garden Centers
21: 684 Miles of Wire: Robots Complete World's First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge
20: New Phantom Architecture by Eduardo Tresoldi Haunts the Grounds at Coachella
19: Vespa Revamp: Classic Scooter Brought up to Speed with Electric Redesign
18: A-Hole Design: Subreddit Highlights Intentionally Frustrating Products & Ads
18: Building Blocks of Innovation: 11 Cutting Edge Materials Set to Shape the Future
17: Final Estate: Beloved Architect Zaha Hadid's Only House Design is Complete
16: Tree-ness House: An Urban Jumble of Concrete Volumes & Terraces
16: GIFs That Keep on Giving: 20+ Captivating Animated Illustrations
15: Riffin' Large: MST3K Graffiti, Stickers & Stencils
14: Augmented IKEA: Assembly App Shows Full-Scale 3D Building Instructions
13: Brutal Destruction: Photo Series Documents Demolition of Midcentury Buildings
12: Sketched Sculptures: Architectural Models Look Like Physical Drawings in 3D
11: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: Street Artist Breathes Life Into Urban Facades
11: It’s All in Your Head: 17 Optical Illusions Prove You Can’t Trust Your Brain
10: D.C. Metro Rolls Out Color-Coded Escalator Rails to Guide Passengers
09: Stay High: 3-Story Container Apartment Built into a Crane in Amsterdam
09: Constructing the Future: 13 Recent Advances in Robotic Building Technology
08: Down The Tubes: 10 Closed & Abandoned TV Factories
07: Construction Brew: Rugged Coffee Maker Runs on Power Tool Batteries
06: Paseo Bandera: Newly Pedestrianized Street in Chile is One Big Work of Art
05: Touchable Typeface: Ingenious Fonts Combine Visual & Braille Characters
04: The Darkest Building on Earth: An Olympic Pavilion Coated in Vantablack
04: High Feline Design: 10 Modern Homes with Built-In Cat Friendly Features
03: Reconstructing Ruins: Gifs Reanimate 7 Ancient Architectural Wonders
02: Just Your Type: These 15 Typographic Projects Have Lots of Character
01: You're Fired: 10 Famed Flamed Statues & Monuments

March 2018

31: Vanishing Infrastructure: Flat-Folding Urban Bicycle Rack Pops Up on Demand
30: Trashpresso: Solar-Powered Mobile Recycling Plant Turns Trash into Tiles
29: 500 Lids: World' Largest Collection of Disposable Hot Beverage Covers
28: Morpeth Arms: Historic London Bar with a Haunted Basement & Spying Room
28: Fuller House: 15 Geodesic Dome Creations Pay Tribute to Bucky’s Classic
27: Beyond the Centerline: Fantastical Urban Schemes Reimagine Road Medians
26: Life Sprouts from Eyesores in This Mexico City Pothole Gardening Project
26: Destination Design: 14 Stylish Hotels Infused with the Character of their Settings
25: Small Packages: Spacious Pop-Up Camper Self-Inflates in Just 90 Seconds
25: Beetle Mania: 10 Groovy Volkswagen Bug Art Cars
24: Modular Parkipelago: Floating Island Parklets Harbor Boaters & Swimmers
23: Art on Fire: Giant Sculpture by Okuda San Miguel Set Ablaze for Fallas 2018
22: Shirt Swap: 10 Endangered Animal Species Replace Iconic Alligator Logo
21: The Ocean is Legit Terrifying: Infographic Illustrates Staggering Depths
21: The Modern Cabin: 14 Moody Wilderness Getaways Go Beyond the Rustic
20: Night Lights: Aerial Drones Illuminate Uncanny Long-Exposure Landscapes
19: Cabin of Curiosities: 3D-Printed Building Covered in Tiny Succulent Planters
19: A Balm for Boring Contemporary Cars: 14 Fun & Stylish Modern Vehicle Designs
18: Funky Farm: More Creatively Painted Fuel Storage Tanks
16: The Heron’s Tree: The World’s Largest Hanging Garden Since Ancient Babylon
14: Urban Explorers Scuba Dive Through an Abandoned Submerged Soviet Prison Camp
14: Plaza Play: 13 Artistic Installations Make Public Squares A Lot More Fun
13: Pissjar Sans: Hardcore Punk Bank Releases Free Urination-Based Typeface
12: Who Needs Walls? 13 Split Level Interior Layouts Maximize Small Spaces
11: Sensei-tion: Kyoto U's Much-Defaced Orita Bust
10: Vernacular Void: Wood Walls Warm Negative Space in Gray Brick Home
09: I’m Sorry Dave, I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That: ‘Flying Brain’ Will Assist Astronauts
08: Animate Objects: Urban Artist Breathes Life into Everyday Street Scenes
07: Luminous Alien Landscapes: Light Art Photography Made with Drones
07: All Aboard! 15 Modern Houseboats, Boatels & More Floating Architecture
06: Redesign on the Fly: 5 Fresh Zippers Improve Upon Traditional Fasteners
05: Synchronicity in the Streets: Photo Series Captures Uncanny Coincidences
05: Stairs As Light as Air: 13 Floating Designs That’ll Raise Your Heart Rate
04: War Games: 12 Kid-Friendly Park & Playground Tanks
03: Sticks & Stones: Land Artist Shapes Natural Objects into Organic Architecture
02: Visual Poetry: Street Artist Paints Site-Specific Traditional Lace Patterns
01: Flat-Pack Cat Cities: Modular Feline Architecture Inspired by Origami & Lego

February 2018

28: Slide on Down! Double Helix Installation Zooms Visitors Through a Renaissance Palace
28: The Force is Strong in These 10 Immersive Star Wars Themed Interiors
26: Days after Gucci's Severed Head Stunt, Drones Model Handbags at Milan Fashion Week
26: Wood You Believe It: 10 Ultra-Tall Timber Towers Compete for World Records
25: Prints in Time: Ancient Pet Animals Accidentally Immortalized in Artifacts
25: Squeeze Play: 9 Weird & Bizarre Stress Relief Balls
24: Modular Mood Rings: 3D-Printed Gem Blocks Make 'Lego' Jewelry a Snap
23: Svart by Snøhetta: A Futuristic Circular Hotel Glows Under the Aurora Borealis
22: Uplifting Design: Site's Native Greenery Transplanted onto New Architecture
21: Photographic Memory: Artist Covers Family Home in Pics Prior to Demolition
21: Take it From a Tiny House: 12 Smart Small Space Tricks That Really Work
20: Dramatas Urbanae: Photographer's 10-Year Study of a Single Public Bench
19: Temporary Street Art: Mobile Projector Paints Hong Kong with Modern Chinese Zodiac
19: Whole Lotta Lush: 10 Verdant Offices That Feel Like They’re Outdoors
18: Meta-Footwear: Sneaker Protectors, So You Can Have Shoes for Your Shoes
18: Toy Boxed: 10 Closed & Abandoned Toys R Us Stores
17: Algorithmic Art: Dynamic Display 'Paints' Surreal Scenes & Melting Cityscapes
16: The Empire Has Collapsed: Miniature Scenes Illustrate the Post-Apocalypse
15: Architecture with a Twist: Installation Artist Knots Columns & Flips Facades
14: Graffiti Artists Awarded .7M from Landlord Who Destroyed Their Work
14: It’s in the Bag: 13 Ultra-Functional Backpacks for Busy Urban Lifestyles
12: From Chaos to Creative Compositions: The Anamorphic Art of Bernard Pras
12: Raised in a Barn & Proud: 15 Farm Buildings Converted to Modern Homes
11: Deserted Dollhouse: Street Artist Crafts Eerie Miniature Abandoned Home
11: Creature Comforts: 12 More Animal-Shaped Buildings
10: Link Rot: 'Social Decay' Renders Tech Media Giants as Urban Abandonments
09: Tired of Looking At Your Coworkers? Try the FocusCap, a Horse Blinder for People
08: Egalitarian Gallery: New York Curators Combat Elitism, Exhibit Everything
07: Could the Useless Gas Stations of the Future be Used as Gyms Instead?
07: Space-Saving Inspiration: 14 Gorgeous Lofts, Nooks and Smart Layouts
06: Hamlet Writ Large: 100 Huge Fiberglass Skulls Haunt Melbourne Museum
05: Brutalist Style Lightens Up with Lots of Glass at Japan’s Oriel Window House
05: Bloat Couture: 11 High Fashion Designs that Look Like Actual Garbage
04: Love Your Work: Patterned Hammerhead Leaves Heart-Shaped Impressions
04: Going In Style: Cute Creative Public Restrooms Of Okinawa
03: Tankless Tetra: Portable Dishwasher for Small Homes Saves Time & Water
02: ORIGIN Tree House: Modern Wooden Hotel Room in a French Forest Canopy
01: Occasion of Gravity: 400-Foot-High Wedding on Netting Over Moab Canyon

January 2018

31: Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet: Art Based on World Economic Forum Predictions
31: Architects Broke a Sweat Designing These 13 Striking Gyms & Fitness Facilities
30: Playing for Keeps: Robust Putty Binds Found Objects into Colorful Furniture
29: Social Media Addicts Have a New Way to Propose with This Engagement Phone Case
29: Built-in Bonanza: 13 Mega Apartment Makeovers Packed with Custom Features
28: Knitted Camouflage: Handmade Outfits for Hiding in Built Environments
28: Oversized Down Under: Australia's 10 Oddest Big Things
27: Self-Healing Infrastructure: Eco-Friendly Fungus Grows to Fill Concrete Cracks
26: Self-Parking Slippers: Nissan Surprises Hotel Guests with Unexpected Tech
25: Omoshiro Blocks: Excavate Hidden Architecture from Laser-Cut Paper Notepads
24: Full Steam Ahead: Japanese Capsule Hotel Offers Saunas, Showers & Sleep
24: Tied Up in Knots: 13 Truly Twisted Towers, Buildings & Staircases
23: 3D Fashion Illustrations: Organic Textures Bring Runway Drawings to Life
22: Needle, Thread and Flesh: Artist Hand-Sews Scenes Right Into His Palm
22: The Modern Colossal: 7 Lesser-Known Monumental Wonders of the World
21: Fractal Chapel: Tree-Inspired Columns Branch Out to Open Up Interior Space
21: What A Dump: 15 Out Standing Porta-Potties
20: Crowbars: Vending Machines Reward Crows for Cleaning Up Cigarette Butts
19: Airless Puncture-Proof Revolve Wheel Packs Down Smaller Than Ever
18: Planetary Textiles: Carpeting Rooms with Organic 'Sea Floor' Landscapes
17: Mercedes-Benz Encased in Resin Gives a New Meaning to 'Fossil Fuels'
17: Portable Walk-In Closets & 14 Other Ways to Make a Studio Feel Like a Mansion
16: Dynamic Apparel: Flexible Charity-Designed Shoes Can Grow Up to 5 Sizes
15: Urine for a Surprise: IKEA Invites You to Pee on an Ad to Get a Discount
15: Artists in Residence: 18 Stunning Studios Designed for Cultivating Creativity
14: Mirrored Minimalism: Glass Retreat Reflects Surrounding Forest Landscape
14: Tread Setters: 15 Wheely Cool Spare Tire Covers
13: Parking Hack: Every Car Lot & Garage Should Have Vertical Guidelines
12: (W)Ego House: Tetris-Like Hotel Reveals Clashing Dreams of City Residents
11: Fluid Dynamics: How a Wall of Lava Lamps Helps Encrypt 10% of the Internet
10: Nomadic Futures: 12 Home Design Solutions for Changing Urban Lifestyles
09: Japanese Waiter Exhibits 8,000 Chopstick Sleeves Left as Restaurant "Tips"
08: Psychedelic Waves: Step Into a Swirling Vortex Inside an Infinity Room
08: Bolder Brewers: 14 Coffee Makers That Are Way Cooler Than Your Keurig
07: Toynbee Too: Cryptic 'House Of Hades' Street Tiles
06: Architecture in Motion: Gothic Cathedral Gets its Own Two-Minute Music Video
05: Next-Level Backyard Office: ‘Butterfly Studio’ is Like a Giant Lawn Ornament
04: Stretch Goals: Smooth Shape-Shifting 'Friction Table' Deforms on Demand
03: Oops! Apple’s Fancy New Foster + Partners Store Isn’t Up to Chicago Winters
03: Architecture as the Phoenix: 13 Modern Structures Borne from Rot and Ruin
02: Parked Bench: Yellow Lane Lines Morph into Improbable Urban Seating
01: Hostile Urbanism: 22 Intentionally Inhospitable Examples of Defensive Design

December 2017

31: Has Bins : 15 More Street Artistic Trash Dumpsters
30: Graceful Degradation: Flashlight Designed to Operate Despite Missing Batteries
29: Cellograffiti: Street Art Moves from Cities into the Woods on Plastic Wrap
28: Buttsy: Banksy-Style Street Artist Crafts Cigarette Butt-Based Assemblages
27: Miniature Calendar Photo Project: Tiny Scenes for Each Day of the Year
27: Modern Elder Care: 15 Architectural & Tech Solutions for Aging Communities
26: Cutting Loose: Crafty Paper Silhouettes Animate Architectural Landmarks
25: Tikku: Three-Story Minimalist Micro Apartment Fits in a Single Parking Space
25: High-Design Pie: Complex Edible Works of Art You’d Actually Want to Eat
24: All Fall Down: 2017's Biggest Building Implosions
23: Steely Look: Weathering Metal Forest Retreat Uses Mesh to Foster Greenery
22: Rollercoaster Railway: World’s Steepest Funicular Zooms Through the Swiss Snow
21: We Live Here: Light Art Helps Sydney Tower Residents Protest Gentrification
20: Sunken City of Sin: Submerged Ruins of a Roman Playground for the Rich
20: Stairs to Nowhere: 25 Architectural Relics That No Longer Make Sense
19: Interloop: Vintage Wood Escalators Twisted into Works of Architectural Art
18: Stoned in Scotland: Modern Home Shrouded in 17th Century Ruins
18: Fine Dining Design: 14 Modern Restaurant Interiors with Amazing Ambiance
17: Adaptive Architecture: Curved House Wraps Old Well, Reuses Stone Cistern
17: Satan Claus: 10 More Scary & Creepy Santa Statues
16: Facades Minus Architecture: Subtractive Photos Flatten Built Environments
14: Ultra-High Resolution: Epic 600-Megapixel Composite Photo of Manhattan
13: Lost Architecture is Remembered with Sculptures of the Ivy That Once Covered It
13: Secretive Urbanism: 13 Exclusive Speakeasies & Shops with Hidden Entrances
12: Urban Birdhouses: Danish Designer Builds 3,500+ Homes for Avian Occupants
11: Fractal Cities: Drawings of Urban Architecture Seem to Go On & On Forever
11: It’s All a Sham! 21 Urban Structures & Facades That Aren’t What They Seem
10: 42 Buried Buses Form North America's Largest Underground Nuclear Fallout Bunker
10: Petroleum Pets: Coalinga's Vanishing Iron Zoo
09: Natural-Edge Glassware: Curvy Vases Blown into Organic Wood Forms
08: As We Are: Giant 3D LED Screen Head Takes Selfies to the Next Level
07: Underwater Castle: 3,000-Year-Old Ruin Discovered in Turkey's Largest Lake
06: New Network of Ice Age Caves Found Beneath the Streets of Montreal
06: Step Into a Pop-Up Book: 11 Furnishings, Rooms & Houses That Fold Up Flat
05: Shipping Shapes: Perspective Drawing Lines Form Containerized Landscapes
04: Lean & Learn: Oblique Earthquake-Proof Bookshelf Doubles as a Climbing Wall
04: Starchitect Spotlight: Olson Kundig’s Crystalline Modern Sensibilities
03: Layers of New York City: 232,000-Picture Urban Time Lapse Remixes Day & Night
03: Rollout: 10 More Abandoned Roller Skating Rinks
02: Speedway Core Sample: Cylindrical Specimen Shows 108 Years of Repaved Racetrack
01: Paper Signals: DIY Sculptural Objects You Can Control With Your Voice

November 2017

30: Mies Makeover: Artists Cover Barcelona Pavilion's Marble Walls with White
29: Out of Focus: Classic Works of Art Reimagined in Abstract Pixelated Form
29: Cats! Cats! Cats! 20+ Fun Feline-Focused Works of Art & Design
28: Museum Matches: Candid Photos Capture Patrons Who Look Like Artworks
27: Book Boxes: Vintage-Style Dollhouses Made of Hollowed-Out Tomes
27: It’s Getting Steamy in Here: 14 Modern Sauna Designs Heat Up
26: Art of Parenting: Father Frames Six-Year-Old's Uncommissioned Wall Drawing
26: Dire Straights: 10 More Tilted Leaning Towers
25: Living Lights: Grid-Free Lamps to Illuminate Cities Using Plant Photosynthesis
24: 7 Students, 1 Tiny Apartment: Ultra-Compact Co-Living Design by Fabrica
23: Architects for Animals: 13 Designer Cat Houses Auctioned for Feline Charity
22: Fancy a Pint? London's Pubs & Landmarks Preserved as Tiny Cut-Out Drawings
22: 3D Print the World: 12 Ways This Technology Will Soon Flourish in Cities
21: Darkroom Magic: How a Master Surrealist Shapes Scenes from Real Photos
20: Inside Blade Runner 2049: Miniature Sets of Los Angeles by Weta Workshop
20: Secret Spaces: 12 Architectural Easter Eggs Hidden Under Our Noses
19: Health Careless: 12 Decrepit Abandoned Nursing Homes
18: Beyond the Grid: Clever New Mapping Strategy Prioritizes Time Over Space
17: Honeycomb Housing for the Homeless: 3D Printed Micro Neighborhoods
16: Arcaketecture: Algorithms & 3D-Printing Shape Deliciously Structural Cakes
15: Forget Mocktails: High-Tech Glass Makes Water Taste Like Anything You Want
15: Self-Driving Mobile Living Rooms: 10 Car Concepts for the Next 50 Years
14: Toniture: Kit-of-Parts Construction Toy Set Lets Kids Design & Build Furniture
13: It’s On Like Donkey Kong at Berlin’s Mount Mitte Urban Climbing Park
13: A Standing Ovation for Great Animation: 13 Arresting Works of Art in Motion
12: Storage Worse: 10 Abandoned Self-Storage Facilities
11: Urban Miniatures: Graffiti-Tagged Architectural Model Features Gritty Detail
10: Religious Conversion: Modern Office Inserted Into a Historic Belgium Chapel
09: That's a Wrap: Critics Pan Leather Skirt that Looks Like a Car Floor Mat
08: Not Just Science Fiction: Incredible Futuristic Tianjin Binhai Library by MVRDV
08: High Design: 15 Luxury Products for More Glamorous Cannabis Consumption
07: Repurposed Pub: Scrappy Upcycled Micro-Brewery in Japan's 'Zero Waste' Town
06: Sheep View: Faroe Islands Captured for Google by Four-Legged Crew
06: Variations of a Classic: 13 Different Spins on the Volkswagen Bus
05: No Respite: 10 More Houses Built Out of Spite
04: Russia to Activists: Stop Repainting Soviet Monuments into American Icons
03: Not Quite Mothra, But Close: Multi-Story Butterfly Shadowbox Murals
02: Organized by Accuracy: 10 Famous Company Logos Drawn From Memory
01: Tech Typography: An Entire Alphabet of Electronics Shaped Like Letters
01: Terraced Balconies & Double Helix Bridges: Spotlight on Penda Architecture

October 2017

31: Roadside Lights: The Quiet Beauty of Japanese Vending Machines at Night
30: Imposing Architecture: Modern Loft Tower Looks Like a Ghost Ship
30: Immerse Yourself in Horror: 10 Art Installations That'll Make Your Skin Crawl
29: Forever A Loan: 15 Iffy Car Title Cash Loan Shops
28: LightHotel: Mobile Shipping Container Room Fits Underutilized Urban Spaces
27: Robot Who 'Wants to Destroy Humans’ Granted Citizenship by Saudi Arabia
26: Interactive Crossings: Dynamic Street LEDs Respond to Traffic Demands
25: Try to Contain Yourself: 12 Shipping Container Projects Play with Modularity
24: Optical Illusion Crosswalk Aims to Slow Down Speedy Iceland Drivers
23: Unboxing Buildings: Dull Modern Facades Removed to Reveal Historic Decor
23: Work Smarter: 12 Modern Desks Reinvent the Standard Office Surface
21: Applied LEGO: Design Graduate Sends Miniature Figures of Himself as Resumes
20: Steel Mesh Kraken Sunk Off British Virgin Islands to Create Artificial Reef
19: Cutting Corners: LOT-EK's 21-Box Sliced Shipping Container Home in NYC
18: This Copy of the Book ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Can Only Be Read When Heated
18: Preserving Architectural Gems: 8 Beijing Hutong Plug-Ins Update Historic Shells
17: LURVIG for Pets: IKEA Debuts its First Line of Animal Furniture & Accessories
16: Floating Tent: Pole-Free Inflatable Structure Pops Up in Minutes
16: Nice Slice: 30+ Sculptures & Illustrations Created with Cut Paper
15: KISS & Mark Up: 10 Bizarre KISS Branded Products
14: A New Spin: 125-Year-Old Windmill Turned into a Towering Guest House
13: Trippy Tiles: Optical Illusion Installation Will Mess with Your Brain
12: Playful Kirigami: Touch-Activated Paper Animals Pop into Action
11: Picnic at the Border: Artist JR Hosts Bi-National Meal at a Giant Table
11: Not Your Dive Bar’s Pool Table: 13 Modern Game Furniture Designs
10: Huge Color-Coded 'LEGO House' Designed by BIG Now Open in Denmark
09: Doing Our Dirty Work: Crows Trained to Clean Up Cigarette Butts
09: Rail to Trail: 12 U.S. Park Projects Reclaiming Urban Infrastructure
08: Outta Sight: 15 Closed & Abandoned Opticians
07: Sea Wall: Dark Multi-Story Mural Shows Stormy Waters on City Streets
06: Slinky Chairs: Accordion-Style Transforming Furniture Stretches & Bends
05: Inflatable Luggage: Air-Framed 'Zippelin' Bags Made of Old Tarps & Bike Tubes
04: Pop-Up Parking Garage & Rooftop Green Space Rises Higher When it Rains
04: It’s Alive! 14 Algae-Powered Inventions for Food, Light, Energy & Oxygen
03: MAD Architects Redesign Turns Ugly Paris Tower into Giant City-Scale Mirror
02: Houses to Human Hearts: 13 Recent Breakthroughs in 3D-Printed Designs
01: Star Crossed: 10 More Abandoned Observatories

September 2017

30: Art of Deception: Pencil Drawings Look Like Colorful 3D Splashes of Paint
29: Spiky Shipping Container Home Blooms Like a Flower in the Joshua Tree Desert
28: Elegant Energy-Free Air Conditioner Can Drop Temperatures by 26 Degrees
27: Blooms: Hypnotizing 3D Printed Sculptures Come Alive Under Strobe Lights
27: Starchitect Spotlight: 9 Wooden Wonders by Kengo Kuma & Associates
26: Prefab Plyscraper: World's Tallest Timber Building Tops Out at 173 Feet
25: SYMBIOZ: Renault’s Autonomous Car Integrates Into a Matching Residence
25: Lush Life: 12 Verdant Architecture Projects Making Plants a Main Priority
24: Bar The Rays: 15 Closed & Abandoned Tanning Salons
22: Incredible Grain Silo Transformation: Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
21: Mobile E-Home: Solar-Powered Electric Motorhome Recharges on the Road
20: 3D-Printed Muscle Straight Out of ‘Westworld’ Makes Robots More Realistic
20: Concrete Like You’ve Never Seen It: 15 Unexpected Furniture & Object Designs
19: Zero-Carbon, All Bamboo Sports Hall Features Organic 50-Foot Trusses
18: Like a Music Festival, Minus the Dirt: Social Hostel Offers Indoor Camping
18: Pop-Up Pavilions: 15 Playful Temporary Architecture Installations
17: Shopping Block: 19 Deservedly Abandoned British Stores
16: Swiss Army Bed: The Ultimate Modular & Multifunctional Furniture Design
15: Ford Disguised a Person as a Seat to Test How We React to Driverless Cars
14: Cooling Cities: L.A. is Painting Streets White to Combat Heat Island Effects
13: Greek Gods Graffiti: Classically Styled Street Art by Spanish Duo PichiAvo
13: For the Love of STEM: 20+ Edible Creations Inspired by Math & Science
12: Moving Performances: 50 Outdoor Mini-Plays Staged for Passing Trains
11: A Toddler Peers Over the US-Mexico Border Fence for JR’s Latest Installation
11: A Few Steps Higher: 14 Unusually Artistic Modern Staircase Designs
10: Book Box Bonanza : 12 Freaky Little Free Libraries
09: Mobile Micro-Lending: 17th-Century Book-Shaped Library Hides 50 Tiny Books
08: Lego’s Largest and Most Expensive Kit Ever is an 0 Millennium Falcon
07: Mobile Urbanism: Wheeled Benches & Planters Let Public Reconfigure Square
06: You’ll Never Want to Leave This All-in-One Bed Full of Gadgets & Storage
06: Somewhere Outside of Time: 13 Classic Retro-Futuristic Architectural Visions
05: Spatial Calligraphy: Projected Light Animates Picturesque Japanese Landscape
04: Sending Summer Off With a Bang: 55-Foot-Tall Sand Castle Snags World Record
04: Pencil Art: 50+ Sculptures Explore the Hidden Beauty of Utilitarian Objects
03: Grand Slammed: Closed & Abandoned Denny's Restaurants
02: World's Largest Bicycle Parking Garage Stores Over 6,000 Rides in the Netherlands
01: While Waiting for Hyperloop, Sleep Through Long Drives on Cabin Buses

August 2017

31: Alien Architecture: Modern Buildings Recast as Extraterrestrial Ships
30: No Windows, No Problem: These 12 Houses Are Bright, Beautiful & Private
29: Cellular Urbanism: Analyzing the Anatomy of Functional City Block Designs
28: Secrets in the Shadows: Urban Objects Transformed with Sidewalk Paint
28: Starchitect Spotlight: 10 Iconic Architectural Projects by Herzog & de Meuron
27: Advertising Giants: America's Amazing Muffler Men
26: World's First Interactive, Multi-View Hologram Table for Designers & Gamers
25: Gyroscopic Public Transit Concept Hovers Above Traffic at Varying Heights
24: Secret Studio: Suspended Mobile Room Slides & Hides Under Busy Overpass
23: Ghost Ship: Wire Mesh Sails Make an Eerie Sight in Italy’s Bay of Sapri
23: Wilderness Huts for Backcountry Glamour: 15 Not-So-Rustic Retreats
22: Light Capsules: Projections Bring Building-Side 'Ghost Signs' Back to Life
21: Eclipsing Belief: 8 Rare and Amazing Astronomic Objects & Events
20: 8-Bitten: Space Invaders Street Art Tells Tile Tales
18: Deadly Pleasures: The Devil’s in the Details of These Dark Miniature Scenes
17: Compact CityTree: Vertical Micro-Garden Packs a Forest's Worth of Green Benefits
16: The Bizarre, Chaotic Geometry of a Frank Gehry Building in Progress
16: Happier Campers: Take Your Gear to a New Level With These 15 Innovations
15: Inflatable Interventions: Soft Spikes Bring Roofless Ruins Back to Life
14: Oru Origami-Inspired Folding Kayak is Back with an Updated Design
14: Bold Bamboo: 8 Dramatic Organic Structures by Chiangmai Life Architects
13: Blade Rollers: 11 Retro-Style Knife Sharpener Vans
12: Calm & Centered: Cemetery Tunnel Trek Reveals Huge Hill-Wrapped Buddha
11: Cylinder House: This Residence is Just a Cluster of Glass Tubes
10: Cones on Poles: Field Guide to Elevated Traffic Cones in Everyday Contexts
09: Splitting Bricks: Architectural Art Installation Tears a London Building Apart
09: Underground Art: 11 Subterranean Galleries & Installations Delve Deep
08: Downloadable Deco: Art Archive Puts 200 Graphic Design Classics Online
07: Avian Palaces: Traditional Ottoman Bird Houses are Miniature Masterpieces
07: Messages in the Sand: 12 Great Guerrilla Ads at the Beach & the River
06: Warming Signs: Clet Abraham Rewrites Rules Of The Road
05: Plug & Plop: Urban Add-Ons Turn Street-Side Bollards into Seats & Tables
04: World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Stretches Over 1,000 Feet
03: Future Fonts: Tracing the Role of Typography in Science Fiction in Films
02: Anime Architecture: Exhibition Showcases Japan’s Fictional Buildings
02: Art of Wearable Tech: 10 Fashionable Designs Help with Fun, Sex & Self-Defense
01: California City: The Half-Built Desert Metropolis of the Golden State

July 2017

31: Where Gods Live: Forest Environment Enhanced by Live Digital Projections
31: Rethinking the Refugee Camp: 8 Architectural Proposals for Asylum Seekers
30: Vape Trails: 12 Hot Vape Shops & E-Cigarette Retailers
28: NYC Transformed: Graffiti Artist Turns Urban Objects into 3D Cartoons
27: Now with More Minimalism: Brandless Brand Trademarks Bland White Boxes
26: Robot Fails: 12 Times Supposedly Intelligent Machines Screwed Up
25: Revitalizing the L.A. River: 7 Architects Envision Fresh Uses for Old Waterway
24: The Art of Tech Living: Amsterdam’s Urban Campsite Lets You Sleep in Sculptures
24: No More Ugly Apartment Buildings: 13 Designs Refreshing the Paradigm
23: Tooth Or Consequences: 15 Dodgy Dental Labs
21: Swim on the Subway: Taipei Train Cars Transformed into Sports Venues
20: Call of Nature: Waterfront Step Organ in Croatia Turn Waves into Tunes
19: Disney’s Star Wars Hotel Will Make Each Guest a Character with a Storyline
19: Out of This World Architecture: 16 Real Buildings Inspired by Science Fiction
18: Cheap Seats: Sculptural Furniture Showroom Facade Made of 900 Black Chairs
17: Faux Photoshop in 3D: Artists ‘Erase’ Graffitied Car with Transparency Pattern
17: 10 Subterranean Museums Reclaiming Abandoned Mines, Tunnels, Cellars & Docks
16: Slow-Motion Demolition: Expanding Agent Cracks Concrete from Within
16: No Quarter: Parking Meters Pimped To Perfection
15: Buildings as Backdrops: Playful Photography Humanizes Built Environments
14: A Whole Latte Art: Masterpieces Rendered in Coffee and Milk
13: Mattest & Flattest: Blackest Paint You Can Buy Turns Solids into Voids
12: Palaces of Self-Discovery: Photos Document the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries
12: Bold Boats: 15 Wild, Fantastical & Futuristic Nautical Designs
11: Flat-Pack Mobile Architecture: This Building Will Self-Construct in 8 Minutes
10: The Apprehension Engine: Machine Makes Disturbing Horror Movie Music
10: Acclaim for the Reclaimed: 14 Cool Upcycled Architecture Projects
09: Russia Hour Traffic: Andrey Tkachenko's Soviet Car Concepts
08: Water You Can Eat: Edible Drink Bubbles Aim to Eliminate Plastic Bottle Waste
07: Defiant Democracy: Parthenon Replica Made of 100,000 Banned Books
06: Panda Power Plant: Shaped Solar Panel Array Forms China's National Animal
05: Underground Illusions: Anamorphic Parking Lot Turns Flat Paint into Sculpture
05: Tread Lightly: 16 Clearly Stunning Transparent Floor Designs
04: Graffiti by Drone: Team of Spray-Painting UAVs to Make Huge Mural in Berlin
03: Wreck: Replica Mercedes Benz S550 Made of Faceted Mirrored Stainless Steel
03: Nothin’ But Net: 12 Slam Dunk Artistic Basketball Court Designs
02: Like A Rock Star: 12 Iconic Movie Corvettes

June 2017

30: Rebuilding Memories: Meticulous Miniatures by Iraqi Immigrant Ali Alamedy
29: Dream Deep: Trippy Maps Reenvisioned by Google's Artificial Neural Network
28: Laptop/Rooftop: Chicago Apple Store is Crowned with a Giant MacBook
28: Architecture for Animals: 13 Structures Designed with Non-Human Use in Mind
27: Behind the Curtain Wall: Theatrical Facade Rotates Around Cultural Center
26: CityTree: High-Tech Green Wall Cleans as Much Pollution as a Forest
26: The Earth as a Canvas: 25 Monumental Works of Land-Based Art
25: New IKEA Smart Home Fixtures Compatible with Google, Apple & Amazon
25: Siberia Space: Russian Town Tints Its White Winter World
24: Recycling Rockets: Ixion Will Turn Orbital Space Junk into Spacious Habitats
23: Bright Idea: London Street Lights Converted to Charge Electric Vehicles
22: Radbahn Berlin: 6-Mile Sheltered Bike Path to Run Under City Train Line
21: Hyperloop Hotel: Zoom from City to City in a Luxury Lodging Pod
21: Living Light: 11 Transforming Kinetic & Illuminated Art Installations
20: Pollution Pops: Sewage-Ridden Public Waters Frozen into Horrifying Popsicles
19: Trash Beats Tesla: This Powerful DIY Electric Car Cost Just K to Build
19: Lush Labels: 15 Bold & Beautiful Botanical Packaging Designs
18: BAM! BIFF! POW! Street Art Showcases Adam West's Batman
17: 30 Years of Graffiti: Peeled Dutch Wall Sample Reveals Colorful Art History
16: Crazy Cat Castle for Sale: 20 Acres of Terror in the Arizona Desert
15: Cyberpunk City: World's First Self-Driving Grocery Store Hits Streets of Shanghai
14: Kowloon Walled City: Drone Photos Reveal a Re-Growth of Urban Density
14: Architecture for Airheads: 13 Intriguingly Interactive Inflatable Structures
13: Sea Monsters: Massive Crocheted Sea Urchins Float Over Singapore
12: Brutalist Victory: Concrete Skylines Dominate Radical Retro-Future Cities
11: Haul For One: U-Haul Adapts & Reuses Abandoned Buildings
10: World's Largest "Car Vending Machine" Dispenses Real Bentleys & Ferraris
09: Bikesphere: Car-Detecting Ring of Red Light Puts Cyclists in a Safety Bubble
08: Eyebombing Bulgaria: Artist Adds Googly Eyes to Bollards, Bins & Pipes
07: Optical Illusion Architecture: These 11 Buildings Are Not What They Seem
06: Aromatic Art: Empty NYC Trash Bins Turned into Beautiful Floral Bouquets
05: Out of Gas: Abandoned Station Will Live its Golden Years as a Venue
05: Hang Loose: 13 Hammock Innovations for Max Relaxation
04: Battered: 15 Closed And Abandoned Fish & Chip Shops
02: Magic Ink: Highly Detailed Optical Illusion Drawings Pop Off the Page
01: Heathen's Gate: Ingenious Overlay Reveals History of Ancient Roman Ruin

May 2017

31: Imperial Pomp: Strange Post-Soviet Skyscrapers in Remote Russia
31: Mashup Masterpieces: 48 Fusions of Art and Contemporary Pop Culture
30: Modular Remix: Parking Garage Picked Apart, Reassembled Like LEGO
29: Industrial Scars: Aerial Photos of Humankind’s Harrowing Impact on Earth
29: Modern Homes for Mermaids: 12 Houses Built Around Swimming Pools
28: Memorable Memorials: 10 Extraordinary War Monuments
27: Urban Blinds: Skyline Curtains Turn Bright Days into Dark City Nights
26: Trippy Transformations: Makeup Artist Creates Unreal 3D Illusions
25: Hidden Stories: 3D-Printed, Architect-Designed Rings Tell Looping Tales
24: Amsterdam Airbnb in a Metro Station Mocks Misleading & Harmful Hotels
24: Bamboo Architecture: 14 Sustainable and Spectacular Organic Structures
23: Pillars of Green: 85,000 Plants on World's Largest Vertical Garden Facade
22: Seoul Skygarden: Elevated Park on an Abandoned Highway Officially Opens
22: Murals with a Message: 23 Works of Statement-Making Street Art
21: Ferrari Designer Launches World's Most Luxurious Sleeper Train in Japan
21: Fading To Black: 13 Abandoned TV Repair Shops
20: Helping Hands: "Support" Sculpture Braces Venetian Architecture From Below
19: Ghostly Garden: Classical Wire Mesh Architecture Haunts Abu Dhabi
18: Free Castles & Villas: Italy is Giving Away Over 100 Historic Properties
17: City Hack: Cyclists Create DIY Bike Lane with 120 Glued-On Plungers
17: The Sky’s The Limit: 14 Promising New Advancements in Solar Power
16: Ship & Swim: Mobile Cargo Container Pool & On-Demand Hot Tub for Homes
15: Trainspotting Hotel: Stacked Shipping Containers Overlook the Rail Tracks
15: Architecture in Miniature: 13 Modern Dollhouse & Other Tiny Buildings
14: Flat-Pack Life Support: NASA's Inflatable Hydroponic Space Greenhouse
14: Cookin' With Gas: 12 Abandoned Food Trucks
13: Dirty Car & Truck Art: Moscow Street Artist Adds Critters to Filthy Vehicles
12: Spring on Speed: Time-Lapse Video Captures 3 Years of Blooming Flowers
11: MUJI Huts: ,000 Japanese Timber Micro-Homes Finally for Sale this Fall
10: Moving Miniature: Tiny Landscape Made of Sugar, Spices, Salt & Sand
10: Conductive Design: 10 Objects Transformed Into Touch Pads & Circuits
09: Holy Housing: Stained Glass Walls & Ceiling Fill Cabin with Color & Light
08: Risk-Taking Russian Rooftopper: Woman Takes Terrifying Skyscraper Selfies
08: Art Sinks to New Depths: 25 Wet Works of Sub-Aquatic Sculpture
07: Chain Mail for Space: NASA's 4D-Printed Metal Fabric Deflects Debris
07: Oh Brothel: 12 Abandoned Houses Of Ill Repute
06: Guerrilla Apparel: Pirate Printers Press Clothes to Painted Public Surfaces
05: The Human Footprint: Aerial Photos Show How Industry Changes the Land
04: Emoji Facade: Dutch Architects Decorate Brick Building with 22 Smiley Faces
03: Stacked: Cleverly Designed Chinese Hotel Gives Everyone a Unique View
03: Off the Rails: 12 Artistic Interventions of Train Cars & Rail Yards
02: Future-Proof Parking Garages: Autonomous Vehicles Drive Reusable Designs
01: Church of Cannabis: Sanctuary Painted in Hypercolor by Okuda San Miguel
01: Art of Typography: 13 Text-Based Designs Spell It All Out

April 2017

30: You Gotta Be Leaf: 12 Smokin' Hot Marijuana Mascots
28: RotterZwam: Abandoned Water Park Turned Indoor Mushroom Farm
27: End of Elevated Parks? UK Garden Bridge & US Pier 55 Projects in Doubt
26: Rage Rooms: Hourly Russian Service Lets You Vent Aggression
26: High Design: 10 Blazing Hot Marijuana Dispensary Interiors
25: Shaolin Flying Monks Temple: Wind Tunnel Facilitates Midair Kung Fu Fighting
24: THE HAUS Berlin: Abandoned Building Taken Over By 165 Street Artists
24: Transparent Intentions: 13 Glass Additions to Historic Architecture
23: Sleeves Are For Nerds: Geeky iPad, Tablet & eReader Covers
22: Digital Knitting Machine: Kniterate is a 3D Printer for Custom Apparel
21: Selective Hearing: These Earplugs Let You Turn Down Sounds of the World
20: Collecting Inspiration: 3 Must-See Data Artists & Designers at Eyeo 2017
19: Fractal Fruit: Produce Carved into Elaborate Geometric Patterns
19: Visionary High-Rises: Winners of the 2017 eVolo Skyscraper Competition
18: Still Life with Smoke Bombs: Artist Live-Paints Berkeley Protest Violence
17: Guitar for Modern Nomads: This Digital Instrument is Designed to Travel
17: Faith Lift: 14 Modern Churches Reinvent Religious Architecture
16: Labyrinthine Loophole: Bar Entry Maze Beats 500 Meter Minimum Distance Law
16: NK INK: North Korea Graffiti, Stencils & Street Art
15: Steampunk Micro-Home: Mobile Shabby Chic Trailer Rocks Lofty Aesthetic
14: A Taste of Japan: Immersive Animated Restaurant Shifts with the Seasons
13: Culinary Arts: Rock Candy Geodes Hidden Inside Huge Chocolate Shells
12: Picasso in 3D: Famous Paintings Transformed Into Physical Objects
12: Underpass Art & Parks: 15 Fun Projects Reclaiming Disused Urban Space
11: Raining Pitchforks: Artist Lures Visitors Under 300 Spikey Forks of Doom
10: A Drunkard’s Dream: This Cloud Rains Tequila Whenever it’s Rainy Outside
10: Filling the Void: 25 Resin-Inlaid Wood Furniture Designs Become Whole Again
09: Artistically Enabled: 18 Weird & Creative Handicapped Parking Signs
08: Dockless Bike Shares: Convenience of Uber & Car2Go for Urban Cyclists
07: Mini Living: Breathable Cylindrical Home Slots Into a Tiny Alleyway
06: Inhabited Ruin: Modern Home Hidden Inside Abandoned Masonry Shell
05: Looping Bicycle Bridge Lets Cyclists Ride Right Over a School Roof
05: Cold Yet Comfortable: 13 Surprisingly Inviting Concrete Home Interiors
04: Anatomical Street Art: Sliced Animal Murals Reveal Disturbing Details
03: Window Shades: Contextual Street Art Frames View of Greek Cityscape
03: Pixelated Masterpieces: 32 Real-Life Works of 3D Glitch Art & Design
02: Beyond Brutalism: Cutting-Edge North Korean Architecture
01: Circular Logic: "Endless Runways" Rounded to Save Energy, Time & Space

March 2017

31: Learning Zeppelin: Wooden Airship Docked on Museum Roof as a Reading Room
30: Cold Frontage: Storm Leaves Waterfront House Encased in Frozen Waves
29: Taking Competition to New Heights: Skyscraper Dangles from an Asteroid
29: Wild Wood: 28 Temporarily Tamed Tree-Based Designs Branch Out
28: Autonomous Trap: Artist Uses Ritual Magic to Capture Driverless Cars
27: These Brutalist Sand Castles Might Be Cooler Than the Real Thing
27: 21st Century Figurative Sculpture: 33 Modern Renderings of the Human Form
26: Search for Spoke: 8 Closed & Abandoned Bicycle Factories
25: Modular Urbanism: Coin-Operated System of Portable Street Furniture
24: The Big Bend: U-Shaped ‘World’s Longest Skyscraper’ is Intentionally Absurd
23: Times Lapse: Minute-Long Video Shows Every NYT Cover Printed Since 1852
22: World’s Sexiest Parking Garage Has a New Competitor For the Crown
22: Play On, LEGO Layer: 14 Complex & Creative Toy Brick-Inspired Projects
21: Urban Legend: Why Are European Cities so Much Denser than American Ones?
20: Abandoned Tobacco Factory Gets an Acid-Toned Makeover & New Purpose
20: Just Pull Some Strings: 8 Easy Transforming Furniture Designs for Lazy People
19: Fruitless: 10 Closed & Abandoned Apple Stores
18: Fearless Girl: Powerful Statue Faces Down Famous Charging Bull of Wall Street
17: Hovering Tiny Black House Haunts the Woods Under a Railway Bridge
16: Geotagger World Atlas: Most Scenic City Routes Mapped Using Photo Data
15: LEGO-Compatible Tape Lets You Build Gravity-Defying Inception-Style Models
15: Urban Off-Grid: 12 Creative Solutions For Self-Sustainability in the City
14: Simplified DIY: New Tool-Free IKEA Furniture Snaps Together in Minutes
13: Grime in 1:20 Scale: Gritty Dollhouse-Sized Urban Architectural Models
13: Green House: 17 Residential Designs Intertwined With Nature
12: Boom To Busted: Abandoned British Bomb Storage Depots
10: Drone Distortions: Manipulated Landscapes Warp and Bend Upon Themselves
09: Vibrant Hybrids: Architect Inspired by Local Traditions & Transformers Movies
08: The Cars of Mad Max: Fury Road, Photographed Filth-Free Before Filming
08: Not So Sci-Fi: 12 Real Tech Innovations That Are Actually Pretty Creepy
07: Urban Planet: How the Whole World Would Fit into a Single City or Structure
06: The Walled-Off Hotel: Banksy-Designed Rooms Overlook West Bank Barrier
06: Stealth Campers and DIY RVs: 15 Creatively Converted Vans
05: Lost Connection: 15 Closed & Abandoned Internet Cafés
04: Maximum Discomfort: Furniture-Free House Takes Minimalism to Extremes
03: Uninterrupted Views: Billboards Blended Into Their Natural Backdrops
02: Forest Cities: Tree-Covered Urban Architecture to Combat Smog in China
01: Street Kintsukuroi: Art Project Fills Cracks in Pavement with Gold
01: Better Than Before: 10 Unwanted Structures Transformed for New Uses

February 2017

28: Golden Ratio in Action: Coloring Book & Animations of Geometric Illustrations
27: Brutal East: New Scale Models of Brutalist Architecture Made of Paper
27: Extreme(ly Comfortable) Camping: 13 Rugged Off-Road Trailers
26: Amazon Calm: Rio's Deteriorating Olympic Games Venues
24: Disappearing Road: Cross Quickly, Before It’s Swallowed by the Sea Again
22: Inhabitable Nomadic Shelters: Designs Address LA’s Homelessness Crisis
22: Reclaiming Urban Food Production: 12 Smart Designs for Farms & Gardens
20: Desktop Jellyfish Tank: This Invertebrate Aquarium Sure Beats Goldfish
20: Two-Wheel Tech: 12 Innovative Motorcycle Designs Envision the Future
19: Druid Awakening: A Dozen Hard Rockin' Modern Stonehenges
18: Modern Babylon: Hanging Plants Serve as Green Walls & Window Shades
17: Teamlab Jungle: Step Inside a Massive Musical Instrument Made of Light
16: Build & Unbuild in 1 Day: Deconstructable Prefab House Moves with its Residents
15: The People’s Fridge: Free Excess Food for Anyone Who Needs It
15: Worlds Under Glass: 33 Miniature Cities & Architectural Sculptures
14: Absurdism: Artists Fight Over Use of World's "Blackest Black" & "Pinkest Pink"
13: Art History in Contemporary Life: Classical Figures in Modern Scenery
13: Sort of Subterranean: 15 Partially Underground Modern Home Designs
12: Ouroborus Buildings: Artist Loops Infinite Skyscrapers Back on Themselves
12: Last Dance: A Dozen Hustled & Bustled Abandoned Discos
11: Bike Over Traffic: World's Longest Elevated Cycling Path Opens in China
10: Architectural Fairy Tales: Unreal Structures Tell Strange Sci-Fi Tales
09: Handle with Care: 10 Years of Fragile Glass Boxes Broken by FedEx
08: Inner Space: 14 Modular All-in-One Living Cubes to Organize Interiors
07: Winter Carousels: Circular Spinning Ice Islands Carved with Chainsaws
06: Urine for a Beautiful Day: Street Gardens Double as Public Pissoirs
06: Pop-Up Car Tents: These 15 Rooftop Campers Are Like Portable Tree Houses
05: Let's Make A Dill: 11 Closed & Abandoned Pickle Factories
03: CloudFisher: Low-Tech Net Turns Fog into Drinking Water for Morocco
02: Invisible Graffiti: Uncanny 3D Overpass Art Simulates Transparency
01: Plant Patterns: Living Roots Manipulated Into Nature-Based Art
01: Robot Home Companion: 12 High-Tech Assistants Making Life Easier

January 2017

31: Proto-Pantone: 800-Page Color Palette Guide Book Hand-Drawn in 1600s
30: Telemetry: Tessellated Paper Sculptures Marry Art and Engineering
30: Stepping It Up: 15 Spectacularly Sculptural Modern Staircases
29: Makeup Not War: Soviet Army Monument's Many Makeovers
27: Recycling Genius: Shrunken Plastic Bottles Replace Furniture Joints
26: Clone Wars: How Star Architect Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired the Design of Naboo
25: Prison Reformed: Amsterdam Structure Now Hosts Refugee Center & Art Hub
25: Whatever You Need, On Demand: 10 Apps That Streamline Urban Life
24: Japanese Joinery: Captivating Gifs Reveal Ancient Secrets of Wood Assembly
23: Streets Illustrated: Colorful Interventions Make the City More Fun
23: Hovering Homes: 12 Cantilevered & Elevated Residences Maximize Views
22: See Wall: Graffiti Praising & Parodying Donald Trump
20: Guerrilla Guidance: DIY Street Signs Make Urban Life More Interesting
19: Waste Not: The Trash Can that Inspired the World's Tallest Condo Tower
18: Architectural Relics: When Demolition Leaves Behind Nonsensical Structures
18: Modern Mazes: 15 Labyrinths Made of Glass, Steel, Light and Salt
17: Public Wattway: France Activates World's First Solar-Paneled Roadway
16: Painting with Light on a Canvas of Night: Alien Blooms by Hannu Huhtamo
16: High-Elevation Dining: 12 Sky-Scraping Restaurants Around the World
15: Breaking Vlad: Street Art Takes On Vladimir Putin
13: Abandoned Montage: VFX Film Technique Adapted to Eerie Art Series
12: Inverted Roofs: Bowl-Shaped Rain Collectors Naturally Cool Desert Homes
11: Mobility Vision: Hyundai Concept Connects Smart Home to Driverless Car
11: Not Your Grandma’s Kitchen: 17 Modern Designs for the Discerning Cook
10: Electroads: Wireless Vehicle-Charging Roads Rolling Out in Tel Aviv
09: Street Light Art: Traffic Signals Emit Surreal Rainbow Streams in Hazy City
09: Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Art: 15 Designs That Come Alive At Night
08: Out Of Limits: 15 Retro-Futuristic Soviet Town Welcome Signs
06: Timelapse Tour: Watch How Global Cities Grow Between 1984 and 2016
05: Facial Reconstruction: Police Use Found DNA to Create Suspect Profiles
04: Vanishing Points: Simple Architectural Drawing Hack Puts Art in Perspective
04: Extreme Architecture: 15 Structures Built to Withstand the World’s Coldest Places
03: Baubotanik: German Botanical Architect Grows Buildings Out of Trees
02: Sci-Fi to Reality: Giant Manned Robot Method-2 Has Taken Its First Steps
02: Modern Markings: 42 Bold Black & White Tattoo Designs
01: Wash, Raise, Repeat: Vertical Top-Loading Dishwasher Saves Time & Space
01: Wars Star: Street Art & Graffiti Tributes to Princess Leia

December 2016

31: Flat-Pack Bicycle Helmet: Portable Paper Head Protection for Cyclists
30: Vertigo Wallpaper: Warped 3D Room Illusions Transform Flat Gallery Surfaces
29: East Coast Greenway: Longest Bike Trail in US to Span 2,900 Miles
28: Cargotecture Travel: Shipping Container Hostel Opens in Vietnam
28: Made for Introverts: 13 Furniture Designs & Wearables That Prioritize Privacy
27: Architectural Polychrome: Vintage Interactive Color Guidebook by Le Corbusier
26: Book and Bed Hostel: Your Dream to Sleep in a Library Came True
26: City of Ice: 20 Photos of China’s Amazing Annual Snow Sculptures
25: Google Sunroof: Search to Save Money With Home Solar Power
25: Strange Manger: The World's Weirdest Nativity Scenes
24: Urban Agrihood: Detroit Produce Project Feeds 2,000 Households for Free
23: MicroPAD: Tiny Mobile Units Aim to End Homelessness in San Francisco
22: Invisible Repairs: Artist Fixes Broken Wood Furniture Using Clear Infill
21: Daredevil Santa: Human Flying Drone Enables Sky-High Snowboarding Tricks
21: Angling for Warmth in Winter: 21 Ice Fishing Hut Designs
20: Google Sheep View: Creature-Mounted Cameras Map Rugged Faroe Islands
19: Gifts for Star Wars Geeks: Millenium Falcon Multi-Tool & Death Star Waffles
19: Turrets, Moats, Dungeons & All: 12 Real-Life Castles Currently for Sale
18: The Architect: New Film with All-Star Cast Features Egotistical Starchitect
18: On Thin Ice: 10 Abandoned & Defrosted Ice Skating Rinks
17: Trinity River Park: Huge New 10,000 Acre Urban Nature District for Dallas
16: Luminous Loops: Interactive Light Display Inspired by the Zoetrope
15: Mobile Remix: Cement Mixer Disco Ball Turns Streets into Night Clubs
14: AnonyMouse: Tiny Rodent-Sized Shops Installed Along Swedish Sidewalks
14: Architecture for the People: 10 Subversive and Imaginative Designs for China
13: Remixing Architecture: Building Collages Capture Spirit of Cities & Countries
12: Urban Camouflage: Nude Body-Painted Models Blend Into Built Environments
12: Future Cities: 13 Fresh New Visions for Residential Tower Design
11: Time Machines: Langdon Clay's Gritty Cars Of New York City
10: Threading Rainbows: Spectral String Art Looks Like Strands of Light
09: Art in the Shadows: Everyday Objects Cast Unexpected Shapes Onto Paper
08: Architecture of Surveillance: NSA Spy Outpost in Brutalist NYC Building
07: Transformers: 2 Beijing Houses Packed Full of Space-Maximizing Tricks
07: Urban Adventuring Apps: 13 Interactive Ways to Explore Your City
06: US Megaregions: Algorithm Redefines Boundaries of Metropolitan Areas
05: The ‘90s Are Calling: How to Hack a Payphone into a Boombox
05: Evil Architecture: 15 Ominous-Looking Buildings Fit for Scheming Villains
04: Capping Chernobyl: Nuclear Disaster Site Covered in Giant Protective Dome
04: Santa Claustrophobia: The World's Creepiest Santa Statues
03: Sprawl Trilogy Redesign: Fractal City Covers for Classic Gibson Novels
02: Hippie Bus for the 21st Century: DIY Solar Volkswagen Camper Van
01: Drawing Sculptures: 3D Architectural Art Styled After 2D Sketches

November 2016

30: Bike on the River: Cycle-Powered Gym Boat Glides Through Paris
30: Occupy Urban Spaces: 10 Guerrilla Modifications to City Infrastructure
29: Hidden Addition: Stealth NYC Penthouse is Invisible from Streets Below
28: Fantasy to Reality: Twisting Tree-Covered Callebaut Tower Taking Shape
28: How to Be Invisible: 15 Anti-Surveillance Gadgets & Wearables
27: Cantilevered Cabin: Dizzying Alpine Shelter Hangs Off the Edge of a Cliff
27: Kid Stuffed: 10 More Eerie Abandoned Orphanages
26: Cut Grass: Sutured Landscape Installation Stitches Open Lawn Back Together
25: The Red Line: Moody Neon Light Installations in Remote Places
24: Origami Spoon: Flat-Folding Kitchen Tool Adjusts to Measure Multiple Sizes
23: China’s Smog-Devouring Vacuum Tower Looks Crazy, But Actually Works
23: Against All Odd (Shapes): 12 Homes Tailored to Tiny & Difficult Plots
22: Sketch in 3D: Remarkable Drawing App Gives Doodles Depth & Dimension
21: Art Hacker: Famous Masterpieces Recreated with Painted Human Bodies
21: The City is a Canvas: 31 Murals Transforming Urban Spaces
20: Camouflaged Solar Panels: Tesla Roof Tiles Power Home Batteries & Electric Cars
20: Tee'd Off: A Dozen Abandoned Golf Driving Ranges
19: Urban Agritecture: Terraced Townhouse Supports Series of Green Roofs
18: Evolution of Decay: Watch American Buildings Fall Into Ruin Over 40+ Years
17: Chinsekikan: Japanese Museum of Found Stones that Look Like Human Faces
16: Scan to CAD: Software Turns Volumetric Snapshots into Usable 3D Models
16: Fashionable Facades: 15 Buildings That Put On An Artistic Face
15: Red Cross & IKEA Install Replica of Real Syrian Apartment in Flagship Store
14: Miniature Cities in Motion: Tiny Animated Metropolis Made of Paper
14: Navigating the Future: 12 Forward-Thinking Urban Transit Systems
13: Pairing Wine & Literature: Italian 'Book Bottles' Wrapped With Short Stories
13: Trumped Up: Stores & Businesses Trading On The Trump Name
12: Hutong Hostel: Modern Micro-Hotel Squeezes into Historic Chinese Context
11: The Crying Forest: Faces of Indigenous Brazilians Fill the Amazon Rainforest
10: LEGO at Large: Modern Block Vehicles Hit the Historic Streets of Rome
09: Excavated Sanctuaries: Building Beneath a Protected Valley in Jordan
08: Art of Camouflage: Flying Bird Silhouettes Blend into Broken Window Voids
07: Rugged Luxury: Take Your Queen Bed On the Road In This Modern Camper
07: Modern Home Makeovers: 15 Dramatic Before & After Transformations
06: Retail Micro-Farming: MIT & Target to Launch In-Store Vertical Farms
06: Spilt Milk: 12 Udderly Abandoned Dairies & Dairy Farms
05: Datascrapers: Infographic Skylines Overlay Income Inequality on City Grids
04: Virtual Reality Nature: Helmet Lets Humans See the Forest Like Animals Do
03: Monsters of New York: Creepy Critters Cuddle Strangers on City Subways
02: Now Complete, the Chicago Riverwalk Reclaims Disused Industrial Shore
02: Racing for Survival: 13 Extreme Vehicles for the End of the World
01: Split Level: Segmented Russian Rock Dwelling Bridges Lake & Cliff

October 2016

31: Earth from a New Perspective: ‘Overview’ Aerial Shots Reveal Hidden Beauty
31: Creative Currency: 33 Sculptural Works of Art Made From Coins
30: Garden of Whispers: Surreal Sand Dunes Fill 13th-Century Gothic Church
30: Scrubbed: 10 Unclean Abandoned Soap Factories
29: Furniture Chopping: Converted Grocery Cart Chair & Couch Pair
28: World’s First All-Electric Mobile Office Built Into a Nissan Van
27: Desert Farm Grows Food Without Groundwater, Soil, Fuel or Pesticides
26: Audi Ad Fakery: Hyperrealistic Photos Made with a Scale Model
26: Parasitic Art: 11 Installations Taking Over Buildings Like Organic Growths
25: Plastic Village: Tropical Housing Estate Built from 1MM Recycled Bottles
24: Beauty in Decay: Moody Murals Bring Human Faces Back to Abandoned Places
24: Architectural Interventions: 12 Radical Modern Changes to Historic Buildings
23: Bright Ideas for Dark Art: Murals by Skurk Play Tricks with Light & Night
23: Nothing Shocking: Abandoned & Derelict Battery Factories
22: Record Breaking: Magnetic Levitating Turntable Lets Vinyl Defy Gravity
21: Pretty in Pink: Trump’s Border Wall as Envisioned by Mexican Architects
20: Invisible Solar: Panels Camouflaged as Wood, Clay, Stone & Concrete
19: Attack of the Giant Spider! Watch This Optical Illusion Mural Come to Life
19: Paint it Black: 16 Mysterious Houses That Have Joined the Dark Side
18: Yoga Joes: G.I. Action Figures Posed in Complex Meditative Positions
17: Just a Reflector: Upside-Down Mural Looks Right in the Water Below
17: Well Wheeled: 12 Luxury Bike Accessories for the Discerning Cyclist
16: Reconnecting Atlanta: Elevated Park to Bridge a City Divided by Highways
16: Odd Glory: A Salute To Offbeat American Flag Art
15: Book-Shaped Pavilion in Korea Celebrates Historic Birthplace of Printing
14: Horror House: Real Estate Listing Instantly Infamous for ‘Terrifying’ Decor
13: Night Riding: Glowing Blue Bike Trail in Poland Powered by Solar Energy
12: Heavenly Vaults: Virtual Reality Ceiling Installation in a Gothic Cathedral
12: A Silver Lining: 14 Cloud-Shaped Homes, Furnishings & Decor Designs
11: Life After Death: Organic Burial Pods Turn Human Bodies into Living Trees
10: Zaha Hadid’s Legacy: Proposal for London by the Architect’s Final Students
10: The Power to Change: 12 Brilliantly Reclaimed Energy Stations
09: Rolling Landscape: Driverless Geodesic Garden Hits the Streets of London
09: Dear Dairy: 12 Delicious Displays Of Milk Crate Art & Design
08: Art of Deception: NYC Monument to Giant Octopus Attack Misdirects Tourists
07: Real Scale Revealed: Digital Mashups Show Off Oversized Wonders
06: Hybrid Graffiti: Black-and-White Stencils Bring Colorful Tags to Life
05: GeoOrbital Wheel: Tron-Inspired Add-On Makes Any Bike Electric
05: Totally Transparent: 14 See-Through Homes, Cars, Gadgets & Tech
04: Modular DIY Dome Kit: Flexible Connectors Join Geodesic Wood Structures
03: Las Pozas: Surreal Concrete Sculpture Garden in the Jungle of Mexico
03: Seeing Space in New Ways: 13 Creative Maps & Navigational Guides
02: Urban Food Park: Scandinavia is Growing a "Silicon Valley for Agriculture"
02: Park Places: 10 Creatively Paved, Painted & Personalized Driveways
01: Reading Coaster: NYC Public Library Installs Tiny Book Delivery Trains

September 2016

30: Crate Core: Shipping Container Tower Hidden Inside a Carriage House
29: World's First Non-Rectangular Soccer Fields Activate Asymmetrical Spaces
28: Wild & Scrappy: 3D Trash Sculptures of Animals Pop Up in Urban Spaces
28: Check Out These Books: 18 Home Libraries for Ravenous Readers
27: Blow-Up Party: Inflatable Black Plastic Dance Club & Bar
27: Still Standing Tall: 7 Monumental Statues of the Ancient World
26: Smart Body Art: MIT Temporary Tattoos Turn Your Arm into a Touchpad
26: Invisible Arts: Hydrophobic Games, Poetry & Pokémon Surface When Wet
25: Rebuilding Blocks: Mobile Factory Turns Disaster Debris into Modular Bricks
25: Wet Look: 12 (More) Cool Creative Water Tanks & Towers
24: Unnatural Wonders: Magical Surrealist Artwork Worthy of Dalí & Escher
23: True Colors: Sony Glitter-Bombs an Abandoned Romanian Casino
22: Small in Japan: Tokyo's Unique Museum of Miniature Architectural Models
21: Urban Rigger: Floating Student Housing Made of Shipping Containers
21: Design in Stitches: 45 Artistic Embroidered & Cross-Stitched Creations
20: 3Doodler Pro: New 3D-Printing Pen Works with Nylon, Wood & Copper
19: Brutalist Reality: Tower Blocks Can Be Dystopia For Real-Life Residents
19: Drone Design: 14 Autonomous Gadgets Taking Tech to New Heights
18: Creative Crosswalks: Artist Adds Color to Brighten Crossings for Students
18: Park Like a Girl: Women Frustrated with Pink "Ladies" Parking Places
17: Binational Megacity: Master Plan Designed to Span US-Mexico Border
16: Vessel: Climb This Sculptural NYC Landmark to Look Out Onto Hudson Yards
15: Art Exhibitionism: Neighbors Threaten Lawsuit Over Museum Voyeurs
14: Cats, Not Ads: Feline Photos Take Over London Tube System
14: Staggering Statues: 7 Monumental Wonders of the Former Soviet Union
13: The Lantern: Dementia Villages Replicate Small Towns Inside Big Boxes
12: Painting with Paper: Quilled Portraits Reveal the Expressiveness of Aging
12: 12 City Slides Turning Urban Settings Into Playgrounds for Adults
11: Science City: Futuristic Research Complex to Vitalize Egyptian Desert
11: Devoted: 12 Unusual Election Polling Places People Still Go to Vote
10: Codex Silenda: Solve Puzzles to Turn Pages in this Crafty Wooden Book
09: Wheels of Steel: Full-Sized Art Cars Made of Nothing But Scrap Metal
08: VW Doubleback: Hacked Camper Van Unfolds into Huge Mobile Home
07: Scratching the Surface: Expressive Portraits Chip Away at City Walls
07: Tactical Urbanism: 15 Low-Cost City Hacks for Fun & Functionality
06: Industrial Rehab: Ruins Provide Framework for Expansive Beach House
05: Forest of Resonating Lamps: Brilliant Interactive Illuminated Installation
05: Record Breakers: 12 Legitimately Sky-Scraping Tower Projects
04: Spellbinding Visuals: Magical Book Artwork Tells Surrealistic Stories
04: Buzz Off: 15 Smokin' Hot Mosquito Coil Holders
03: Black Rock City's Biggest Art Car: Converted 747 Lands at Burning Man
02: Invisible Buses: Photorealistic Prints Provide Moving Urban Camouflage
01: Spiraling Skyscrapers: Rounding Up the World's Tallest Twisting Towers

August 2016

31: Book City: Retail Space for Reading Mimics the Look of Urban Spaces
31: The City Is Your Living Room: 15 Modern Street Furniture Designs
30: Circular Reasoning: How Rounded Homes Resist Storms & Save Lives
29: Twisted History: Archival Photos Augmented with Surreal Animations
29: Prefab Office Pods: 14 Studios & Workspaces Made For Your Backyard
28: Solar-Powered Pipe to Desalinate 1.5 Billion Gallons for California
28: My Space: 15 Creatively Painted High School Parking Spots
27: Open-Air Hotel: Infinite-Star Accommodations on the Swiss Alps
26: LEGO Shadow Show: Masses of Toy Bricks Reveal Surprising Silhouettes
26: Spatial Bodies: Warped Architecture Bends & Twists Osaka Skyline
24: Architect Overboard: Rusted Ship Hull Flipped into Arts Pavilion
24: Declutter Your Desk in Style: 16 Modern Office Organizers
23: World's First Art Exhibition for Dogs Features Fountains, Fans & Cars
22: Toasteroid: Print Your Own Custom Toast Design With This App
22: Motor Magnificence: 11 New Supercar Joyrides for the Super Rich
21: Street Eats: Free Urban Refrigerators for Sharing Spare Food
21: Unfree Wheeling: Amusingly Surreal Vintage Soviet Auto Ads
20: Prismatic Graffiti: Bending Light into a Spectrum of Wall Murals
19: Light Art Comes to Life: Dancing Animated Gifs by Lucea Spinelli
18: LEGO-Like Architecture: ,000 Homes from Recycled Plastic Blocks
17: Dramatic ‘Elastica’ Residence: The House of the Future is Here
17: You Won’t Believe It’s Not Photoshop: 36 Fake-Looking Photos
16: Art of Protest: Student-Built Scale Model of Billion 'Bailout City'
15: Digital Dynamo: Massive Motion-Activated Media Wall Animates Office
15: Simply Creative Use of Space: 14 Modern Japanese House Designs
14: Urban Camo: Bus & Train Fabrics Turned into Wearable Textiles
14: I Don't Carioca: Awesome Abandonments Of Rio de Janeiro
13: Scan & Draw: Color-Mixing Pen Can Make 16 Million Hues & Shades
12: Amphibious Folding Motorcycle from Russia Fits in the Trunk of a Car
11: Legible Graffiti: Repainting Street Art for Digital-Age Audiences
10: Gold Medal Street Art: World Record Mural in Rio Stretches 600 Feet
10: Magical Monsters & Kid-Size Castles: 12 Epically Imaginative Playgrounds
09: Glitch Cities: Buildings Mysteriously Deleted from Chinese 'Street View'
08: Floating in Space: Milky Way Reflections on Mirror-Like Salt Flats
08: A Study in Architectural Contrasts: 12 Modern-Meets-Historic Additions
07: Vernacular Shantyscrapers: Reimagining Lagos as a Vertical City
07: Close Calls: 12 Breathtakingly Creative Garage Doors
06: Traffic-Proof Transit: Real Car-Straddling Bus Rolls Out in China
05: Liquid Shard: Fluttering Silver Cloud Hovers Over Los Angeles Square
04: Aerial Views of Apartheid: Drone Photos Show Rich vs Poor Divides
03: Go Big or Go Home: Athletes are Larger than Life in Rio Art Installation
03: Private Urban Paradise: 13 Dreamy Residential Rooftop Pools & Gardens
02: Broken Ground: Poignant Earthquake Memorial at Epicenter in China
01: Real Life LEGO Man: Fleshy Mini-Figure Cosplay Will Freak You Out
01: Warped Worlds: 30 Surreal Digitally Manipulated Landscapes

July 2016

31: Japan-ized Cities: Surrealistic "Worldwide Tokyo-lization Project"
31: Stripped: 12 Sleazy Abandoned Adult Movie Theaters
30: World's First Floating Underwater Tunnels to Span Fjords in Norway
29: Unfold Your Getaway: Canoe for City Dwellers Packs Down to a Suitcase
28: Literal Streetwear: 'Pirate Printer' Lifts Patterns from Urban Objects
28: Kaleidoscopic Carpet: Interactive Art Projection Unravels in Realtime
27: Straight Outta the Batcave: The BMW Titan Concept Motorcycle
27: Time for New Technology: 13 Modern Wristwatch Designs
26: Gold Infill: Japanese Pottery Repair Tradition Applied to Concrete
25: Glittering Wave-Shaped Concert Hall Placed Atop Old Warehouse Building
25: Beyond Chernobyl: 15 Design Concepts for a Post-Nuclear World
24: Tunnel of Books: Shelves Wrap Curved Bookstore Walls & Ceiling
24: Turn On: Backwards Glances From Famous Monuments
23: Artist Socks Series: Wear Pairs of Figures from Famous Paintings
22: Double-Helix Bridge Design for Beijing Based on Abstracted Olympic Symbol
21: Deconstructed: 25 Famous Floor Plans as Architectural Labyrinths
20: Tiny in Dubai: New Miniature Art Installations by Slinkachu
20: Tunnel Visions: 15 All-Encompassing Explorable Art Installations
19: Pokédrone Go: Micro-Drone Augments Reach for Pokémon Players
18: The Brave New World of Robotic Pizza Delivery is Almost Here
18: Abandoned Architecture as Art: 13 Radical Reclamation Projects
17: Dystopian Textile: Beirut Architect Builds Bulletproof Headscarf
17: Stopped Steps: 10 Declining Abandoned Escalators
16: Tag, You're It! Banksy Shows Softer Side, Makes Mural for Kids
15: Nemesis Machine: Cybernetic Cityscape Visualizes Surveillance Data
14: Junk Joinery: Heated Plastic Scraps Connect Notched Wooden Furniture
13: Crystal Universe: Digital Maze Invites You to Immerse Yourself in Light
13: Urban Dystopia: 11 Short Sci-Fi Films Set in Future Cities
12: Largest Mural in Paris: 15,000 Origami Birds Adorn Condemned Building
11: Bubble Buildings: 13 Structures You’ll Wish You Could Pop
10: Noah's Ark: Creationist Theme Park Opens Amidst Regional Flooding
10: Quacked Up: Cleveland's Legendary "Duck Factory"
09: Anti-Gravity Boots: London Shoe Artwork Defies Laws & Physics
08: Living Street Art: Contorted Human Bodies in Urban Spaces
07: Floating Greenhouse: Mobile Barge to Grow Food & Cruise Danube
06: Subterranean Singapore: Short Sci-Fi Film Envisions Dystopian Future
06: That’s a Wrap! 15 Building Facades Veiled in Plastic & Cloth
05: Cities of Bone: Organic Future Skyscrapers Free of Concrete & Steel
04: Paradise Found: Spend a Night Floating Above the Great Barrier Reef
04: Disappearing Architecture: 15 Mirrored Buildings Distort Perception
03: Nordic by Nature: Fanciful Models of Scandinavian Summer Homes
03: Blood Red: 30 Vintage Soviet Accident Prevention Posters
01: Living Light: Human Figures Dance Inside 3D-Printed Zoetrope

June 2016

30: Calligraffiti: Fresh Artistic Perspective on Cairo's 'Garbage City'
29: Beast of a Bicycle! Mechanical Modification With a Spider-Like Walk
29: Peruse Your Illusions: 21 Mind-Bending Urban Works of Art
28: Nolli App of Rome: Use a Classic Map as a Modern Travel Guide
27: Zig-Zagging Cantilevered Shipping Containers Create a Dynamic Pavilion
27: Reflecting on a Master Architect: 10 Water-Centric Works by Tadao Ando
26: Pencil + Sharpener: Redesign Solves 3 Classic Drawing Tool Problems
26: Silence Of The Lamps: 10 Abandoned Light Bulb Factories
25: Diagonal Crosswalk: Walk Any Way in LA's Safe Scramble Intersection
24: Shadow Graffiti: Typographic Sundial Transforms Building Facade
23: Bottomless Anti-Chair: Crafty Bentwood Form Frames Other Seats
22: Brain Food: Vending Machines Offer Books Instead of Snacks
22: Looking Beyond Land: 12 Floating Galleries, Schools & Cemeteries
21: Neglected Riverside Steps Revived with Form-Fitting Sunbed Seats
20: Build-A-Bug: Mini VW Beetle Model Made of LEGO Blocks
20: Slated for Greatness: 15 Innovative Modern Tile Designs
19: Walk on Water: Christo Unfurls 1 Million Square Feet of Golden Cloth
19: Scrubbed: 12 Washed Up & Washed Out Abandoned Bathhouses
18: Space Age 3D Furniture: Skyscrapers & Rockets Support Stellar Tables
17: Urban Fairytales: Hyperrealistic Paintings of Kids Exploring the City
16: Origami Footwear: Lightweight Lace-Free Shoes Wrap & Fit Any Feet
15: Figurative Furniture: 15 Designs With Life of Their Own
14: Pop Arch: Improbable Design Illustrations Made with Autocad
13: Tiny Apartment’s Rooftop Terrace Features Flat-Folding Deck Chairs
13: Walk on Water: 13 Interactive Aquatic Art Installations
12: IKEA Indoor Gardens Produce Food Year-Round for Homes & Restaurants
12: White Water Roofing: Wild Water Tanks Top Cool Punjabi Homes
11: Light Touch: Sensual Installation Lets Visitors Feel Luminescence
10: Please Touch the Art: Tactile 3D Portraits Let the Blind See Themselves
09: Design Copyright Debate: Cheap Replica Eames Chairs Sold for 90% Less
08: Versailles Transformed: Palace Artificially Obscured by Fog and Mist
08: Not Just a Facade: 15 Dynamic Modern Exterior Treatments
07: Colorful 24-Hour & 365-Day Clocks Tell Time in Hues & Seasons
06: Mobile Museums: French Train Cars Filled with Impressionist Art
06: Urban Human Habitats: 13 Compact Concepts for Growing Cities
05: World's Biggest Indoor Vertical Farm Near NYC to Use 95% Less Water
05: Cows Of A Different Color: The Moooving Art Project
04: Subtractive Art: Botanical Wall Graffiti Crafted by Cutting Vines
03: High Tech DIY Decor: 15 3D-Printed Home Accessories
02: Diverging Diamond: Novel Highway Design Eliminates Hazardous Left Turns
01: Armadillo Vault: Delicate Stone Canopy Held Together by Compression
01: Flat-Pack Wall Furniture Folds into its Own Isometric Projection

May 2016

31: Street Smart: Theft-Proof Bike Comes With Recovery Service Guarantee
31: Rainbow Connection: Huge Mural Spans 200 Houses on Hillside in Mexico
30: Terrapattern: Satellite Image Search Engine Matches Similar Places
30: Fresh & Modern Showcase: 15 Strikingly Beautiful Geometric Home Designs
29: Pier 55 Park: Undulating Landscape to Hover Over Hudson River in NYC
29: We Are Not Amused: 15 Creepy Abandoned Theme Parks
28: Lane-Spanning Airbus to Drive Right Over Car Traffic in China
27: Missing Pyramid: Louvre Installation Makes Iconic Monument Disappear
26: World's First 3D-Printed Office Building Unveiled in Dubai
26: Minimalist Tattoos: Elegant Body Art Drawn With Just One Line
25: Univers-Sel: Salt Labyrinths Swirl Inside 13th Century French Castle
25: Small Space Shape Shifters: 13 Transforming Furniture Designs
24: Painting in VR: Kingspray Graffiti Simulator & Google Tilt Brush
23: Minimal Luxury: Monumental Concrete Hotel by Tadao Ando
23: Holy Art! 13 Spectacular Secular Installations in Sacred Spaces
22: Off-Grid & Self-Sufficient: ReGen Villages with Vertical Farms
22: Souped Up: 12 Larger Than Life Campbell's Soup Cans
21: Inverted Umbrella: Drip-Free Design Turns Canopy Inside Out
20: METALmorphosis: Kinetic Sculpture by Controversial Czech Artist
19: Detroit Agate: Auto Factory Paints Accidentally Form 'Fordite'
18: Urban Superblocks: Barcelona Redesign to Reclaim Streets from Cars
18: Pipe Dreams: 15 Totally Tubular Scaffolding Creations
17: Drawn Together: The Evolution of Architectural Scale Figures
16: Unidentified Floating Object: Sea Vessel With Underwater Lookout
16: 4th Industrial Revolution: 12 Futuristic Carbon Fiber Creations
15: American Idle: 12 Weird & Wonderful Drive-Thru Businesses
14: Swing of Things: Framed Furniture Reveals Hidden Potential
13: Real Underground Art: Secret Sculptural Installations Below Paris
12: 'Blank Books' Project is Rebuilding Burned Library in Baghdad
11: A Mirage You Can Touch: Liquid Marble Installation Fools the Eye
11: Advanced Accessibility: 12 Futuristic Wheelchair Designs & Concepts
10: 1/4 World Trade Center: Tulsa’s Half-Sized, Untwinned Tower
09: Pigeons on Patrol: Birds with Backpacks Monitor London Air Pollution
09: Living with the Dead: 12 Cemeteries with Surprising Alternate Uses
08: Street Smokers: Cabin Sits & Steams Over NYC Manhole Covers
08: Oh Snap! 15 Abandoned & Shuttered Fotomat Film Kiosks
07: Modest Modernism: Concrete Block House in Brazil Wins Award
06: Play-Doh People: Manipulated Portraits Mimic Old School Horror Movies
05: Forage-Friendly Barge Brings Fresh & Free Produce to NYC Docks
04: Metallic Life Forms: Kinetic Sculptures Undulate in the Wind
04: Dynamic Architecture: 13 Buildings with Moving Parts
03: Gritty Cities: Oil Painter Captures Cityscapes at Dusk & Dawn
02: Street Origami: Vivid Urban Art Installations in Folded Paper
02: A New View: 65+ Illuminating Larger-Than-Life Macro Images
01: VR Journalism: Experience a Solitary Cell in Prison with '6x9'
01: Silk & Sadden: 15 Closed & Abandoned Lingerie Shops

April 2016

30: IKEA VR: Explore Interior Layouts in New Virtual Reality App
29: World’s Longest Tunnel Slide Opening at Sculptural London Monument
28: Germany Puts Stoplights in Sidewalks for Distracted Pedestrians
27: Paper Westeros: Game of Thrones Intro Recreated in Moleskine Notebooks
27: Walk on the Wild Side: 13 Crosswalk Illusions & Interventions
26: Shazam for Art: Phone App Identifies, Prices & Compares Artwork
25: Depth-Defying Art: 3D Chalk Characters Blend into City Streets
25: Wood Could: 12 Unlikely Timber-Based Transportation Designs
24: Shunned Shine State: 10 More Abandoned Wonders Of Florida
23: Sladda: IKEA to Sell New Flat-Pack Bicycle for Urban Cyclists
22: Horror at the Met: Psycho House Replica on Museum Rooftop
21: Stronger than Concrete: New Glass Bricks Support Dutch Facade
21: Behind the Scenes: Hidden Collections Storage at the Smithsonian
20: When Art Attacks! Giant Spherical Sculpture Escapes Museum
20: No Place (to Work) Like Home: 15 Extraordinary Office Designs
19: Blue Light Special: Colored Streetlamps Precede Decline in Crime
18: House of Eternal Return: Trippy Exhibit Owned by George RR Martin
18: Buildings in Motion: 15 Most Mesmerizing Architecture Gifs
17: Scaffolding Staircase: Huge Steps to Rise from Rotterdam Plaza
17: Le Corbusier Murals Applied as Graffiti to Notre Dame du Haut
17: Fruitless: 10 Abandoned Roadside Fruit & Produce Stands
16: Secret Rooms Installed in Deserted Sewers & Maintenance Shafts
15: Time Travel in China: Photos Reveal A Century of Dramatic Growth
14: World's Tallest Wood-Framed Skyscraper Proposed for London
14: Rainbow Nests: What Wasps Build with Colored Construction Paper
13: World’s Tallest Tower: Dubai Superstructure by Santiago Calatrava
13: Bird Biomimicry in Action: 12 Avian-Inspired Jets, Drones & Cars
12: Expanding the ISS: Inflatable Space Hotel Room Sent into Orbit
12: Machine 3D-Paints 'New' Rembrandt After Studying the Master
11: Impossible Photography: 15 Reality-Bending Images Defy Logic
11: Mid-Century Modern America: 10 Classic Houses for the Ages
10: Pinned Down: 10 More Abandoned Bowling Alleys
09: Signal-Free Intersections: Future Streets for Self-Driving Cars
08: Dr. Seuss Tower: Get a Look Inside Precariously Stacked Cabins
07: Urban Jungle: Dizzying Drone Photos of Hong Kong from Above
06: Birth of AI: Robots Reproducing in a Car Factory Spell Doom
06: Modern Hobbit Houses: 12 Works of Earth-Sheltered Architecture
05: First Time in 100 Years: Forbidden City's Secret Garden to Open
04: Madcap Murals: Playful Urban Paintings Interact with 3D Elements
04: Ghosts of Architecture Past: 14 Fossils of Fallen Buildings
03: Potential Greenery: Topsoil & Time Shape 'Empty Lot' Artwork
03: Talking Points: 12 Odd Japanese Safety & Traffic Cones
02: Get Booked: 'A Burglar's Guide to the City' by Geoff Manaugh
01: Honoring Zaha Hadid: 5 of the Starchitect’s Greatest Projects

March 2016

31: Vertical Micro-Farms: Fresh Produce Grown in Berlin Groceries
30: Cairo’s Trash Capital Gets Colorful with Massive Anamorphic Mural
30: Sleep with Sharks: 10 of the World's Most Extreme AirBNBs
29: Famous Figures: How 21 Different Architects Draw Scale Humans
28: Marine Miracle: Walk on Water at This Sunken Seaside Pavilion
28: Future NYC: 12 Design Proposals to Reshape the Big Apple
27: Sunken Central Park: 'Sidescraper' Wraps Excavated Landscape
27: Impactful: 12 Creative Works of Crash Test Dummy Art
26: Nothing to Hide: Open Glass Islamic Culture Center for NYC
25: Presidential Graveyard: 43 Colossal Statues Crumble in a Field
24: Cantone: Color-Labeled Beers Let You See What's in the Can
23: Shanghai Tower Timelapse Film Captures 4 Years of Construction
23: Power of Plywood: 15 Beautiful & Affordable Interior Applications
22: Ghost Loos: Visible Remains of London's Underground Bathrooms
21: 80,000 Tiles Tell Story of Amsterdam’s Growth in New Bike Tunnel
21: Mini Modernists: 15 Designer Toys for Young Architecture Fans
20: Roadside Renaissance: Art Of The Painted Desert Project
19: Spherical Tires: Magnetic Levitation for Driverless Vehicles
18: Beyond the Glass Ceiling: 14 Houses & Hotels Made for Stargazing
17: Fractal Architecture: 14 Intricate Ceilings of Historic Iran
16: Midcentury Grain Silo to Modern Home: Incredibly Cozy Conversion
15: Ribbon of Light: Replacing LA's Most Iconic Historical Bridge
15: Aperture Art: 360 Doors & Windows of the World Sorted by Country
14: In Praise of Art: Abandoned Church Colorfully Transformed by Okuda
14: Radical Aquatic Recreation: 10 Extreme Designs for Water Sports
13: Geographical Profiling Points to Artist Banksy's Secret Identity
13: H2O Yeah! The Water Tank Project Makes NYC Cooler
12: Nesting Architecture: Folding Models of Eastern Bloc Buildings
11: Secrets Beneath Cities: Sculptures Inspired by Nintendo Games
10: Appeals to Authorities: 16 Shots of a Year-Long Graffiti Sequence
09: 400 Years of London’s Skyline: Watch it Evolve in Seconds
09: Designing for Disaster: 15 Ideas for Preparedness & Response
08: Anxious Anticipation: Photos Made to Pump Up Your Adrenaline
08: Laser Precision: 3D Site Scan Enables Architectural Intervention
07: Cliffside Dangler: Glass-Floored Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar
07: Amazing Apartment Makeovers: 15 Brilliant & Beautiful Remodels
06: Sky Slide: L.A. Tower Adds Exterior Glass Chute 1,000 Feet Up
06: Outside The Blocks: 12 Coldly Abandoned Ice Factories
04: LED Buddha Vaults & Smart Card Entry: High-Tech Cemetery in Tokyo
03: Virtual Heist: 2 Artists Secretly 3D-Scan an Ancient Artifact
03: Mosaic Murals: Tile Patterns Spray-Painted in Deserted Spaces
02: Masterpiece Mashups: Classic Art Gets the GIF Treatment
02: Mobile Cabins: Go Off Grid in These 12 Rustic Modern Designs
01: Oil-Painted Van Gogh Film Features 12 Paintings Per Second
01: Modular Skyline: Pixelated Skyscraper Takes Shape in Bangkok

February 2016

29: Nazi Playground: Cult Compound Now a Twisted Tourist Trap
29: Mad for Vintage Motorcycles: 14 Vespa-Inspired Designs
28: First "Drawn in Place" Architecture Made with a 3D-Printing Pen
28: Out Cold: 12 Closed & Abandoned Dairy Queen Stores
27: Lightweight & Portable Egg-Shaped Drone Folds Up Into Shell
26: Smart Move: Domino Loft Maximizes Space in Micro Apartments
25: Using Bullet Holes in Beirut's Brutalist 'Egg' as Camera Obscuras
24: Graffiti to Go: Vibrant Murals on a Fleet of Freighters
24: Intelligent Design? 14 Strikingly Modern Places of Worship
23: Underline: 10-Mile Park to Trace Path of Elevated Rail in Miami
22: Urban Microscape: Build Your Own Miniature Metropolis
22: Hiding in Plain Sight: 17 Secret Spaces from Safes to Pubs
21: Takeout Shakeout: 10 Abandoned Chinese Food Restaurants
20: Air Bonsai: Magnetic Levitation Kit Lets You Float Little Trees
19: Modern Masters: 10 Installations by Artist & Activist Ai Weiwei
18: 14,000 Refugee Life Jackets Wrap Berlin Konzerthaus Entrance
18: Pigment Library: Harvard's Collection of 2,500 Global Colors
17: Top Secret City: Oak Ridge, Birthplace of the Atomic Bomb
16: Van Gogh’s Iconic Bedroom Brought to Life & Available to Rent
16: Mattel ThingMaker: New Device Lets Kids 3D-Print Their Own Toys
15: Augmented Reality: Aerial Footage of Distorted Alien Landscapes
15: Amazing Animal Art: 50+ Creature-Inspired Creations
14: 3D Four Letter Words: Robert Indiana's LOVE Sculptures
13: Rugged Landscapes: 3D Art Carpets Transform Indoor Environments
12: Never Grow Up: Man Quits Job, Builds Dream Treehouse Dwelling
11: Saving Face: 'Ghost Facade' Preservation Worse Than Demolition?
10: Architectural Cultures Condensed: Vernacular Dwelling Collages
10: The Modern Cyclist: 14 Bold Bike Ideas & Innovations
09: Grid Corrections: Rural Detours Reflect Curvature of the Earth
08: Roller Coaster for Cars: Steep Bridge in Japan is Almost Vertical
08: Modern Japanese Architecture: Sunny Minimalism by Tomohiro Hata
07: Suspended: 13 Hung-Out-To-Dry Abandoned Cable Cars
06: Slalom House: The World's First Residential Rooftop Ski Slope
05: Parasite Houses of Paris: Rooftop Prefabs Cling to Buildings
04: Wearable Skylines: Architectural Rings Wrap Up Global Cities
03: Mystery Oreo Vault in NYC Takes You on a Weird Tasty Trip
03: Popping Off the Page: 15 Sculptural 3D Paper Art Creations
02: Veggie Factory: World's First Vertical Farm Run Entirely By Robots
01: McSki: Lovin’ It at a Ski-Through McDonalds in Sweden
01: Time Capsule Apartments: 10 Perfectly Preserved Interiors

January 2016

31: Art of Photography: NYC Blizzard Photo Looks Like a Painting
31: Long Term Angle Parking: 12 Cool Cadillac Ranch Copies
30: Cyberpunk Sunset: Artificial Sun Lights Up Warsaw Skyscraper
29: Bloomframe: Window Morphs Into a Balcony in Seconds
28: Smog-Sucking Tower Cleans 30,000 Cubic Meters of Air Per Hour
27: Cyclist-Centric Decor: Furniture with Built-in Bike Racks
27: Magnetically Attractive Furniture & Decor: 14 Floating Designs
26: Last Stop: Japan Keeps Old Train Station Open for Lone Passenger
25: America’s Oldest Mall Now Houses Affordable Micro Apartments
25: Cannabis to Grand Pianos: 14 Radical Modern Retail Designs
24: Uncanny Volley: 15 Abandoned Tennis Courts & Clubs
23: Trail Blazing: 'Freezeway' Path for Ice Skaters Opens in Canada
22: Halfway House: Townhouse Duplex Split Straight Down the Middle
21: Dyslexic Designer Creates Custom Typeface Addressing Disorder
20: Masterpiece Mashup: Genre-Crossing Digital Art Compositions
20: The Droids You’re Looking For? 10 Amazing DARPA Robots
19: Full of Hot Air: Clever Urban Monuments Conceal Exhaust Shafts
18: Super-Deluxe Swim Platform: Rent This DIY Floating Sauna
18: Architecture as Art: 13 Unusually Sculptural Buildings
17: Pavement Bowie: 20 Street Art Tributes to David Bowie
16: Architectural Geodes: Subtractive Sculptor Carves Ornate Spaces
15: Pay Phones to Free Wi-Fi Hubs: NYC to Replace Outdated Booths
14: Cinematography of Snow: Watch a Film Projected Onto a Blizzard
13: World’s Only Light Art Museum is in an Underground Brewery
13: Architecture with Nothing to Hide: 13 Glass Box Buildings
12: Under Cover: Secret Swiss Military Bunkers Hide in Plain Sight
11: Crazy Combo Compositions: Photo Series Contrasts the Unexpected
11: Driving on Auto-Pilot: 13 Future Visions of Cars & Commuting
10: Brazil Nots: Abandoned Buildings Of Utopian Brasilia
09: Layer Chair: Mod Slots Let You Swap Out Panelized Acrylic Decor
08: DIY Loft Kits Bridge the Gap Between Furniture & Architecture
07: Grave Footings: Modern Bridge Built on Thousands of Headstones
06: Bike Autobahn: Germany’s 60-Mile Highway for Cyclists Only
06: Feline Good: 15 Modern Cat Perches, Houses & Scratchers
05: All Roads Really Lead to Rome: City-Centric Arterial Renderings
04: Seascraper: Lush 3D-Printed Self-Sustaining Floating Cities
04: Brutalist Wonders or Blunders? Architecture by Marcel Breuer
03: May The Art Be With You: Star Wars Stormtrooper Graffiti
02: Buildings in Bottles: Crafty Test-Tube Architectural Models
01: Ghostly Floating Farms: Abandoned Rural Buildings of Russia

December 2015

31: Mountaintop Viewing Walkway Culminates in 300-Foot-Long Slide
30: Wearable RIP: Coffin Hood Helps You Relax Among City Chaos
30: Caviar Warehouse to Modern Home: 14 Converted Residences
29: Et tu, Brutalism? 'Experimental Home' Now a Modern Roman Ruin
28: Light Balance: Illuminated Seesaws in a Montreal Plaza
28: Neat Seats: 14 Crazy Creative Modern Chair Designs
27: So Long, Suckers: 11 Closed & Abandoned Candy Stores
25: Not Your Average Model Train: Self-Propelled Mechanical Toys
24: Prefab Hobbit Homes: Build Your Own Shire Dwelling in Just 3 Days
23: Lighting Up the Dark Side: Star Wars Shadow Art Portraits
23: Museums of Tomorrow: 13 Out of This World Institution Designs
22: Skywalking Stockholm: Bridged Green-Roof Parks to Span Downtown
21: Holy Skate: Century-Old Church Converted to Colorful Park
21: Car-Free Cities: 12 Pedestrian-Only Places from Venice to NYC
20: Save Ferris! 12 Abandoned & Overgrown Ferris Wheels
18: Tetris House: Modular Structures are Made to be Stacked
17: Lego Landmarks: Elegant New 'Architecture Skyline' Collection
17: Disused 15-Mile Railway to Become Country-Wide Park in Singapore
16: Origami Apartment: Instantly Shape-Shifting Micro Interiors
16: World’s Most Soothing Soaks: 10 Otherworldly Hot Springs
15: World's Brightest Flashlight: Brilliant 1000-Watt DIY Lantern
15: Scarchitecture: Aerial Photos Reveal Vanished 'Ghost Streets'
14: Taboo Town: Architecture Designed to Make You Uncomfortable
14: Classic Modern Mix: 13 Striking Additions to Historical Houses
13: Art Of Power: 12 Visually Shocking Electric Utility Boxes
12: Geometry + Humanity: Beirut Shutterbug Abstracts Everyday Life
11: Form Follows Treehouse: Tiny Green Canopy Home Tops Wood Trunk
10: Sculptural Skyscraper: Ornate NYC Design Redefines Tower Decor
10: Brandalism: 600 Fake Ads Call Out Climate Conference Sponsors
09: Painstaking Paper Plane: Model Made from 100 Manila Folders
09: Sci-Fi Skyscrapers: 14 Futuristic Visions for Vertical Cities
08: Bookshop B&B: Novel Vacation Loft Lets You Run Storefront Below
08: Social Climbers: 7 Vertical Trailer Parks for Mobile Urbanites
07: Cardboard That Shreds: Working Corrugated Fender Stratocaster
07: Urban Rainbows: 14 Colorful Art Installations in the City
06: Out of Surface Space, Island of Singapore Expands Underground
06: Butcher Chopped: 15 Bloody Unusual Meat Markets
05: Small Footprints: London's First Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridges
04: Muji Huts: Affordable Pop-Up Modern Homes Made for Japan
03: Mild Max: Perth Police Put a Stop to Motorized Picnic Tables
03: Last Stop: 2,800 Drowned NYC Subway Cars Turned Marine Habitats
02: Sound Sculptures: Music Translated Into Transforming Objects
02: Knit Wit: 17 Fantastically Weird Fiber Art Creations
01: Night House: Artist Cloaks Suburban Home Facade in Starry Skies
01: Cities of Tomorrow: Refugee Camps Require Longer-Term Thinking

November 2015

30: Magic Circle: Laser-Cut Paper Sculptures Inspired by Nature
30: Work Perks: These 13 Offices Are Way More Fun Than Yours
29: Bio-Wearables: Tech Tattoos Put Working Circuits on Your Skin
29: Blue Lights Out: 10 Closed & Abandoned Kmart Stores
28: Lookout Below: 1-Mile Toronto Park to Run Under Elevated Highway
27: Impossible Landscapes: Distorted Scenes Disrupt Reality
26: Water Bed: Tow an Amphibious Mobile Shelter Behind Your Bike
26: Building Up Iraq: World's Tallest Skyscraper Planned for Basra
25: Star Wars x Starchitects: Lightsabers Meet Modern Design
25: Luminous Illusions: 14 Interactive Spaces Made of Light
24: Hypercolor Architecture: Paints React to Light, Heat & Touch
24: Dubai Commissions Fleet of Jetpacks to Fight Skyscraper Fires
23: Eff You: Sleek & Superior Bicycle Defies Global Racing Rules
23: Gadget Gifts: 15 Slick Smartphone Add-Ons & Accessories
22: Power Plants: Scientists Grow Conductive Wires in Living Roses
22: Suckers! Japan's Ubiquitous Octopus Playground Slides
21: Meal of Worms: Kitchen Farm for Growing Edible Insects at Home
20: Sea Organ: Concrete Jetty Makes Music with Crashing Waves
19: Hobart Rivulet: Doll Heads Adorn Pillars in Tasmanian Tunnels
19: Robotic Delivery: 6-Wheeled Drones Set to Roll Out in London
18: Arc Kit: Design and Build Your Own Miniature Architecture
18: Unknown NYC: 12 Hidden Sights in America’s Cultural Hub
17: Fast Track: New High-Speed Pedestrian Lanes Live in Liverpool
17: Best from Above: Drone Views of 6 Philadelphia Abandonments
16: The Warning: Murals Painted On Fragments of a Melting Glacier
16: Cruelty of Concrete: Harsh Architecture in Berlin & Beyond
15: Color Me Patriotic: Ukraine's Protestor-Painted Lenin Statues
14: Urban Ant Farm: Colony Encouraged to Hack City of Glass & Sand
13: A Chapel in Space: Images Projected onto King’s College Ceiling
12: Playable Landscapes: Custom Concrete 3D Puzzles of Cityscapes
12: Puphaus & Meyou: 2 Designer Dog & Cat Houses for Modern Pets
11: Stark Suburbs of Paris: Scenes from a Former Utopia
11: Wearable Architecture: 29 Structural Silhouettes in Fashion
10: Subway Angels: Painted Figures Spliced into Contemporary Cities
10: Muji Huts: 3 Minimalist Prefab Dwellings Starting at ,000
09: Zig-Zagging Wooden Stairway Leads to Book-Shaped Building
09: Timber Transformations: 13 Space-Expanding Interior Wood Inserts
08: Story Dispensers: Street Printers Vend Free Short Stories
08: Sick Transit: 10 of The World's Germiest Tourist Attractions
07: Magnetic Notebook: Add, Remove & Reorganize All Kinds of Pages
06: Drawing with Wire: Scribbled Sculptures Make Sketches 3D
05: Liquid Stop Sign: Emergency Laser Projection on Sheet of Water
05: Fortified Farms: In the Svanti Mountains Every Home is a Castle
04: Your Own Slice of Sky: Pop-Out Windows for Urban Apartments
04: Classic Art in a Modern World: 35 Masterpieces Reimagined
03: Got Your Goat: Portable Drinking Horn Coffee Mug is Good to Go
03: Sunken Ruins of Alexandria to be World's First Underwater Museum
02: Blooming Street Lights: Giant Flowers Interact with the City
02: Ugly Architecture: 15 of the World’s Most Hideous Buildings
01: New Spin: Rotating & Sliding Walls Turn 1-BR Apartment into 3
01: Cut It Art! Paper Cut-Outs Cut Landmarks Down To Size

October 2015

31: Phonetikana: Embedding English into Japanese Characters
30: Beach Read: Monumental Concrete Library on the Edge of a Bay
29: Animating Tattoos: Colored Ink Mapping Brings Body Art to Life
29: Neolithic Modernism: History Museum Appears Carved from Stone
28: Floating Forest: Trees Rise From Corpse of Abandoned Ship
28: The Language of Death: 15 Gravestone Symbols Explained
27: Doom & Bloom: 36,000 Flowers Adorn Condemned Detroit Duplex
27: Plug & Play Homes: Mobile Modules Slot into Urban Frameworks
26: Ruins to Art: Timber Addition Transforms Abandoned Building
26: Concrete Wonders: 13 Brutalist Buildings in the USA & Britain
25: Audiovisual Trikes: Portable Projections Animate City Streets
25: Baker's Doesn't: 13 Sweet Abandoned Donut Shops
24: Space Architecture: Astronomers Sight Alien 'Megastructures'
23: Light House: Translucent Dwellings in an Abandoned Parking Garage
22: Reading Railroad: Chicago Rolls Out Mobile Train Car Libraries
22: Guerrilla Grafting: Public Trees Spliced to Bear Edible Fruit
21: Pimp My Cardboard: Strangers’ Cars Customized Overnight
21: Bibliophile’s Dream: 13 of the World’s Most Beautiful Bookstores
20: Self-Censoring Font Automatically Redacts Fed Watchlist Words
20: Holloway Roads: Tunnels Eroded by Passage of People Over Time
19: Phantom City: Thousands Spot Towers Floating in the Clouds
19: Brutalist but Beautiful: 12 Spacey Sci-Fi Soviet Structures
18: Crash Pads: Sleeper Vans Let You Stay in NYC for a Night
18: Taped Shut: 15 More Closed & Abandoned Video Stores
17: Volcanic Architecture: World's Largest 3D-Printed Structure
16: Shocking Aftermath: Nature Reclaims Post-Disaster Fukushima
15: Built of Bombs: Unexploded Ordnance Turned Into Boats & Homes
15: Temporary Retrofit: Micro-Dwellings for Unoccupied Buildings
14: Bold Border Checkpoint: Cantilevered Curves Welcome Visitors
14: Freaky Florida: 12 of a Weird State’s Weirdest Attractions
13: Divisible Design: Modular House Anticipates Partial Demolition
12: Tasty Toilet: Cake-Shaped Bathroom for Public Restroom Festival
12: Nesting Instinct: 15 Super-Stackable & Space-Saving Designs
11: Geometric Monsters: Download, Print & Make DIY Halloween Masks
11: Pizza Hurt: 12 Stale & Crusty Abandoned Pizza Hut Stores
10: Reversible Concrete: 3D Printing for Easy Deconstruction & Reuse
09: Facade Lift: Abandoned Commercial Building Reborn as Mixed-Use
08: Grinding Light: First Glow-in-the-Dark Skateboard Park in UK
08: Banksy's Dismaland to be Reused as Refugee Housing in France
07: Fist-Bump This Crosswalk Signal to Get a Green Light
07: NYC Secrets: 10 Hidden Sights in The City That Never Sleeps
06: Chinese Skywalk: World's Longest Glass Bridge Spans Two Cliffs
06: Farm-to-Desk: Vertical Urban Farm Shares Tokyo Office Space
05: Fast-Flipping Flybike Folds for Easy Transport in Seconds
05: Lounge in an Alcove: 14 Nooks for Napping & Relaxing
04: Nameless Paints: Cleverly Coded Tubes Show Color Composition
04: RV There Yet? Abandoned Trailers Of The Salton Sea Shore
03: Underwater Homes: Deserted Basements as Stormwater Cisterns
02: Star Wars Speakers: May the Force (of Sound) Be With You
01: Super Pier: Green-Roofed Modular Cargo Container Mall for NYC

September 2015

30: Subterranean Secrets: The Mystery of Liverpool’s Tunnels
30: Permanent Markings: 13 Tattoo Artists with Bold Black Style
30: Wall on Wheels: Sliding Facade Swaps Indoor for Outdoor Space
29: Drawn Up: Architecture Firm Uses Tape for Full-Scale Floor Plans
29: Frontier Finalists: 30 NASA 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Candidates
28: Polyphonic Playground: Making Music with Fun Movement
28: Strange Sights of France: 12 Offbeat Travel Destinations
27: Floating Farms: Agricultural Barges to Yield 10 Tons Per Year
27: Don't Lets Tart: 10 Odd & Unusual Pop-Tart Flavors
26: Wayfinding in Subways: 3D Blueprints Show NYC Tunnel Systems
25: Miniature Museum: Scaled Scenes with Jaw-Dropping Details
24: Tone Tunnels: Huge Forest Megaphones Amplify Sounds of Nature
24: Droneport: New UAV Hub to Ship Medical Supplies Across Rwanda
23: Soviet Bus Stops: Surreal Architectural Roadside Wonders
23: Hot Pop-Up Shops: 14 Imaginatively Risky Retail Designs
22: Floating Blue: Bold Plan to Expand Dense Cities into Open Seas
22: Dirt Cheap: World's Largest 3D Mud Printer Makes Green Homes
21: Abandoned Ship: Artist Paints Figure Onto Floating Ruins
21: Blowing Up: 16 Impressive Inflatable Works of Balloon Art
20: Sweet Transit: Japan's Cute Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops
19: Marble Earth: 7-Mile Scale Model Timelapse of Our Solar System
18: Fictional Libraries: Images Make Information Inaccessible
17: 40-Foot Cargo Container Turned into World's Tallest Periscope
17: Abandoned Ship: Spacecraft Discovered in Huge Derelict Hangar
16: Paris Safari: Projected Wildlife Gets Chic in the City
16: Modern Wooden Architecture: 16 Fresh Takes on Timber
15: Silicon Greenery: World's Largest Green Roof to Span City Blocks
14: Dark Water: Take a Boat Ride Through a Flooded Museum
14: Blurring Boundaries: 14 Modern Houses That Open to the Air
13: Vegan Antlers: Mount Wall Trophy Plants Instead of Animals
13: Taking Their Lumps: 12 Bitter Sweet Abandoned Sugar Mills
12: Stacked Ceramics: Shop Floor Made from 25,000 Pieces of Pottery
11: Ghost Church: Creepy Statues Invade Abandoned Czech Chapel
10: Telescoping Trailer: Expanding Teardrop Camper Triples in Size
10: Hello World: Precise Aerial Art Drawn by Light-Painting Drones
09: Climbing Cocoon: Ascend a Gallery Atrium Through a Net Tube
09: Zenith of Zen: 13 Nontraditional Takes on Japanese Gardens
08: Tube Travelators: Replacing London Trains with Moving Walkways
08: Animal Overpass: LA Wildlife Crossing to Be Largest in US
07: Rooftop View: World’s Largest Mural Takes Up Entire Building
07: Eerily Altered Faces & Spaces: 14 Projection-Mapping Projects
06: Home-Free Living: German Woman Trades in Rent for Train Ticket
06: Fender Bender Menders: 15 Abandoned Auto Body Shops
05: Modular Camping: Flexible Pod Tents Connect & Subdivide
04: Colorful Cabs: Taxi Fabric Project is a New Form of Urban Art
03: Squeeze to Zoom: No Need to Fold this Egg-Shaped Analog Map
03: Hive Habitats: Modular Floating Survival Shelters Band Together
02: Bye Bye Big Brother: Airplane Mode House Severs Signals
02: Room to Read in a Digital World: 14 Modern Library Designs
01: Fragile Cloud: 100,000 Illuminated Balloons Fill Indoor Market
01: Open Competition: Redesign the World's Largest Temporary City

August 2015

31: Chalk it Up to Illusion: Hyperrealistic 3D Sidewalk Murals
31: Smart Style for Small Spaces: 12 Compact Sets & Modules
30: Car-Free Paris: French Capital Bans Motor Vehicles for 1 Day
30: Dry Doc: 10 Abandoned Walk-in Public Health Clinics
29: Lights Out: Hong Kong Bans Iconic Neon Signs from City Streets
28: Pink Marble Public Pissoir: Open-Air Urinal in Urban Zurich
27: Future of Fenestration: Every Window Will Generate Solar Power
27: City Lab: World's Largest Urban Simulator Spans 26 Square Miles
26: Kiss Lid: Do You Love Coffee Enough to Make Out With It?
26: Crossing the Divide: 10 Totally Atypical Bridge Designs
25: Wave-Free Surfing: Electric Boards Power Through Calm Waters
25: Sky Swimming: Transparent Pool Bridges Two 10-Story Buildings
24: Alien Architecture: Surreal Cities for Future Worlds
24: Reflection Perception: 12 More Mirrored Art Installations
23: Escape Artist: Giant Ball Rolls Down Streets, 'Round Corners
23: Fresh Faces: Clever Artist Gives Russian Buildings a New Look
22: World's Littlest Skyscraper Scam: Con Man Used Inches, Not Feet
21: Welcome to Dismaland: Banksy’s Dystopian Bemusement Park
20: Liberty City: Inside an Urban Governmental Drone Test Complex
19: Skate Park To Go: Duo Designs Mobile Modular Setup
19: Twisting History: 40+ Surreal Altered Vintage Photographs
18: City Museum: Abandoned Warehouse Full of Caves, Rides & Slides
17: Synth Series: Yarn Installation Represents Music in 3D
17: Livin’ in a Lair: 12 Villainous-Looking Futuristic Houses
16: Slide & Hide: Stealth Staircases Save Space in Micro-Suites
16: Gone Fur Good: 10 Abandoned Petting Zoos & Game Parks
15: McBike: Meal Tote Helps Cyclists Carry Burger, Fries & Drink
14: Lego Limb: Bionic Arm for Kids Makes Prosthetics Playful
13: Eco Capsule: Mobile Grid-Free Home Harnesses Sun, Wind & Rain
12: Church for Crabs: Architectural 3D-Printed Hermit Shell
12: Do Look Up: 14 Dazzling Modern Ceiling Designs
11: X-Ray Urbanism: Laser Scans Record & Reveal Sub-City Spaces
10: Sweet Dreams: Nightmare Robots Replace Hotel Employees
10: Visionary Inventions: 13 Bold Designs for the Blind
09: Density Sensor: Real-Time Data Shows Which Places are Packed
09: Commuter Glitch: 15 Abandoned Bus Stops & Shelters
08: Soylent 3.0: 100K Sq Ft Warehouse Could Feed 4 Million People
07: Absolut Brilliance: Vodka Shipping Containers to Workspaces
06: Back From the Future: Working Hoverboard Surfs Water & Rails
06: Snow Cover: Subterranean Museum Pierces Alpine Mountain Peak
05: Amazing Modern Maze: Dystopian Steel Labyrinth Installation
05: Flip, Stack, Connect: 13 Highly Customizable Furniture Designs
04: Chicken Church: Fowl-Shaped Abandonment Found Deep in Forest
04: Tree of 40 Fruit: Fresh Interview with Nature's Master Grafter
03: Amazing Aerial Photos of LA and NYC Reveal Urban Geometry
03: Tools That Rule: 13 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder
02: BIG Plans to Turn 4 London Power Plant Chimneys into Tesla Coils
02: Putt Hurt: 12 More Abandoned Miniature Golf Courses
01: Guerrilla Grammarians Fix Street Graffiti Spelling & Punctuation

July 2015

31: Paint the Town: Massive Mural Transforms Mexican Neighborhood
30: Rainbow Rail: 5,000 Neon Lights to Line Underside of Chicago "L"
30: Creature Comforts: ARK Luxury Terminal for Animal Passengers
29: Lead Finger: Incredible Miniatures Carved Out of Pencil Tips
29: Extreme Camping: 16 Out-There & Open-Air Accommodations
28: Modular Record: 3D-Printed Chinese Villa Assembled in 3 Hours
28: 'Death Ray' Skyscraper Stands Accused of Blowing People Over
27: Past Preserved in Paper: Miniatures Document Gentrification
27: Inflatable Installations: 18 Fun Projects Full of Hot Air
26: Salt-Powered Lamp: 8 Hours of Light from 1 Glass of Saltwater
26: Mustard's Last Stand: 10 Abandoned Hot Dog Kiosks
25: Junked Ship: Japan Ditches Hadid's 2020 Olympic Stadium Design
24: Paper People: Hand-Cut Zig-Zag Photorealistic Portraits
23: Baroque and Broken: Eerie Paintings in Abandoned Places
23: Red Ink: 10 Closed & Abandoned Tattoo Parlors, Studios & Shops
22: Robot City: Entire Fake Town Built to Test Driverless Vehicles
22: Picturesque Pavilions: 12 Experimental Temporary Structures
21: Foundation for World's Tallest Building Converted to Fish Farm
21: Art of Interaction: 300 Reasons to Attend INSTINT 2015 in MN
20: Road Blocks: LEGO-Like Modular Roads & Paths Snap Into Place
20: Arboreal Architecture: 14 Houses Built Around & Within Trees
19: Floatel: Modular Floating Hotel Rooms Provide Portable Privacy
19: Traffic Chop: 8 Creative Stencils for Dedicated Traffic Lanes
18: Tree Church: Organic Arbortecture Grown from Living Branches
17: Painted Praise: Street Art Honors Asia with Iconic Imagery
16: Hydro Hammock: Traveling Hot Tub Can Be Hung Up or Buried Below
16: Raised Runways: Airplane Paths Lifted Above Downtown Streets
15: Tiny in Tokyo: Ultra-Narrow House Slotted into an Alley
15: Art Made Flesh: 35 Sculptures Rendered in Human Skin & Hair
14: Hearables: Sound-Controlling Earbuds Hack Everyday Acoustics
14: Open Swim in MN: Nation's First Naturally Filtered Public Pool
13: Abandoned McBarge: Floating Fast Food Restaurant in Ruins
13: Architecturally Alive: 16 Transforming & Kinetic Buildings
12: Worlds on End: Geometrically-Rotated Photos Twist Landscapes
12: Multimodal Micro-Homes: Tiny Dwellings Travel by Truck & Rail
11: Course Correction: Deserted Golf Greens into Solar Power Plants
10: Architecture of Your Dreams: 11 More Surreal Fantasy Structures
09: Fault Creep: Tectonic Motion is Slowly Tearing this Town in Two
08: Scary Skylodge: Geometric Glass Hotel Pod Clings to a Cliff
08: Snarkitecture: 9 Fun Installations & Pop Up Shop Designs
07: Hide-a-Room: Flip-Out Wall Furniture Puts 3 Rooms in 1 Space
07: Curvaceous Skyscraper: Beyoncé Inspires High-Rise Down Under
06: Cliff Diving: Dramatic Concrete Home & Pool Cut into Precipice
06: Surprises in Storage: 14 Clever Compartments & Organizers
05: Baked In: Laser-Etched Rolling Pins Imprint Edible Patterns
05: Unread: 12 Abandoned Inner City Newsstands
04: Malls of America: The Death & Life of Indoor Shopping Centers
03: Light Lines: Stunning String Installation Inside Abandoned Church
02: Triangle Tower Approved: First New Paris Skyscraper in 42 Years
02: Portable & Potable: Water-Purifying Sculpture Cleans East River
01: Mind Mining: Subterranean Library Descends Into Darkness
01: Fairytale Photography: 50 Images With a Moody Narrative Style

June 2015

30: Branch Up: Modular Spiral Staircase Wraps Trees for Climbing
30: Mole Delivery: Automated Pipelines to Ship Goods Underground
29: Weird Wooden Room: See the Sea From A New Perspective
29: Urban Playscapes: 14 Interactive Installations in NYC
28: Instant Cities: 3D-Print Your Favorite NYC Blocks on Demand
28: Imploded: 8 Burned Out & Abandoned Fireworks Factories
26: Hilltop Village: Mini Neighborhood Tops a Green-Walled Store
25: Room in a Box: Portable Tool-Free Bedroom Set in 30 Minutes
25: Subterranean Solar: 0K Raised for Daylit Underground Park
24: Android Dreams: Google’s Neural Network Reveals AI Art
24: Enter the Void: 14 Creatively Concave & Sliced-Out Structures
23: Grimm Abandonment: Derelict Australian Fairy Tale Park for Sale
23: Two World Trade Center: BIG Redesign Deconstructs Skyscraper
22: Tesla Thunderstorms: Miniature Bolts of Man-Made Lightning
22: Modern Motorcycles: 15 Super-Sleek Custom Rides
21: Climactic Table: Zero-Energy Furniture Regulates Temperature
21: Photo Finished: 12 Closed & Abandoned Camera Stores
20: Gone Green: Vacant 50 Years, Chinese Village Conquered by Ivy
19: The Hand of Man: Bonsai Hangs Inside Abandoned Power Plant
18: Retired Buses to Become Mobile Homeless Shelters & Showers
18: Free Little Libraries: 25 Contextual Designs & Creative Reuses
17: Vertical Cities: 12 Towers Take Urban Density to the Skies
16: 2 Tons of LEGO: 10 Architects Construct Interactive Micro-City
16: Cast-in-Place Steel: Robots to 3D-Print Metal Bridge in Holland
15: Brutalist Playgrounds: Sharp Surfaces + Unforgiving Drops
15: A Step Above The Rest: 15 Spectacular Modern Staircases
14: Hoverboard Creators Patent Hovering Homes for Disaster Zones
14: Inner City Visions: 12 Eye-Opening Urban Eye Charts
13: Future of Wayfinding: Augmented Reality for Urban Bicyclists
11: Like a Ninja: Layered Tokyo Apartment is Only for the Nimble
11: Blind Ambitions: 11 Assistive Ideas for the Visually Impaired
10: Art Lies: Air Collages Superimpose Paintings Onto Reality
10: Great Crates: 10 Beautiful Shipping Container Conversions
09: Growing Up: NYC Rooftop Farm Supports 1,200,000 Pounds of Soil
09: Black Gold: Turning Oil Tankers into Giant Land Architecture
08: Church 'Champing': Spend a Night in a Historic British Chapel
08: Drawing Machines: 13 Rivetingly Creative Art-Making Robots
07: High Art Hits Streets: Classical Paintings in Modern Settings
07: No Perking: 15 Drained Dry Abandoned Coffee Shops
06: Travelbox: Pop-Up Furniture Set Fits in 1 Cubic-Meter Trunk
05: Modernized Monument: Crumbling Medieval Tower Turned Library
04: Public Jewelry: Rugged Urban Art Inspired by Delicate Lace
04: Relentless Residents: 10 More Households That Refuse to Move
03: Split Personality: Chaos vs Calm in Half-Painted Hotel Room
03: Mobile, Modern & Modular: 15 Capsules for Off-Grid Living
02: Converted Cockpit: Cockfighting Arena Turned into Sunken Garden
02: Urban Melodies: Multiple-Exposure Street Scenes Remix Cities
01: Printable Electronics Make These Headphones Just 1mm Thick
01: The Modern Cyclist: 17 Minimalist Designer Bike Accessories

May 2015

31: Photosynthetic Furniture: Living Fixtures Produce Light & Heat
31: Done Deals, New & Used: 12 (More) Abandoned Car Dealerships
30: Senior Citizen Street Art: Young Graffiti Artists Teach Elders
29: Vortex: Black Whirlpool Spins Endlessly in a Movie Theater
28: Oh Snap: Clamping Steel Legs Turn Found Objects into Furniture
28: Rotating Condo Tower: Units Take Turns as the Penthouse Suite
27: Architectural Camouflage: Garments Printed with Tile & Marble
27: Function Follows Form: 18 Sculptural Home Furnishings
26: Interactive Museum: Play in Paintings, Become Part of the Art
26: ARCKIT: Reusable Model-Making Blocks Built By & For Architects
25: Anti-Gravity Hotel: Sleep Suspended in Levitating Space Suit
25: Coolest Pools: 15 Enviable Modern Swimming Spots
24: Ramping Up: World's First Multi-Story Skateboard Park in UK
24: Smell Ya Later! 12 Abandoned Fish & Seafood Canneries
23: Rural Retrofuturism: Dystopian Visions of Swedish Countrysides
22: Balancing Act: Artist Paints Seaside Murals from a Surfboard
21: Life After Apocalypse: 8 Seed Banks Saving Up for the Future
20: Mad for Max: 17 Cars, Clothes & Designs Inspired by the Series
19: Fresh Biocement: World's First Self-Healing Concrete Building
19: Cargo Spotting: Field Guide to 20MM Global Shipping Containers
18: Fractal Formations: The Fascinating Future of Urban Growth
18: Flip for This: 12 Crazy and Creative Skate Ramps & Parks
17: VRchitecture: Interactive Virtual Reality House Feels 90% Real
17: Well, Done: 10 Abandoned Steakhouses Past Their Prime
16: Floating Island: Self-Sufficient Home Produces Food & Power
15: Seoul Sky Garden: Elevated Urban Park on an Abandoned Highway
14: Natural Luxury: Iceland's Eco-Friendly Northern Lights Hotel
14: Secret Speakeasies: 6 Bars & Clubs Hidden in Plain Sight
13: The Void: World’s First Virtual Reality Theme Park Coming Soon
13: Off the Block: 13 Out-There Apartment Designs in Japan
12: Space Hacking: Modular Joints Connect IKEA & Everything Else
12: Mobile Village: Seattle Teens Build Micro-Homes for Homeless
11: Designer Sci-Fi: Ferrari Spaceship Takes Luxury Sky-High
11: Waffle Walls and Brains Made of Bread: 24 Edible Creations
10: Urban Algae Canopy Produces a Forest's Worth of Oxygen Daily
10: Buzzkill: 10 Sweet Abandoned Apiaries & Busted Beehives
09: Big Free Library: Public Pavilion Built of 50,000 Stacked Books
08: NYC Comes Alive Around Massive Mural in Time Lapse Video
07: For Shame! Anti-Littering Campaign Uses Sly DNA Collection
07: Retrofuturistic Urbanism: 6 Cities as they Could Have Become
06: Cardboard Contradictions: 13 Clever Corrugated Creations
05: Rise of Robotic Graffiti: Drone Vandal Sprays Paint in Midair
05: High-Tech Hobos: Train-Hopping Vagabonds of the Digital Age
04: Pure Gold: 24-Karat Art Center Highlights ‘Haunted House’
04: Street Art Lives: 13 Installations that Interact with Nature
03: Fifth Wall: Artist Uses Aerial Urban Voids as Blank Backdrops
03: Hole In None: 12 Abandoned Miniature Golf Courses
02: Secret Skies: See Starry Nights Normally Hidden by City Lights
01: Lending a Hand: Selfie Arm Lets You Fake Your Friends

April 2015

30: No Exit: Bricked Train Door Blocks German Subway Commuters
30: Nocturnal Field Trips: 7 World Wonders Best Explored at Night
29: Lockheed Lounge: Meet The World’s Most Expensive Object
29: Electronic Autopsy: 24 Sculptures Made of Computer Parts
28: Wanksy: Phallus Graffiti Draws Attention to Dangerous Potholes
28: IKEA 2025: Futuristic Modular Kitchen Caters to Food Drones
27: Stellar Caves: Illuminated Underground String Installation
27: Look Out! 12 Outstanding Observation Towers Worth Climbing
26: 3D Farming: Trees Grown into Fully Shaped & Formed Furniture
26: Deserted Aisles: 11 More Creepy Abandoned Supermarkets
25: Landskating: Giant Chinese Landscapes Drawn with Roller Blades
24: Playing with Perspective in Paris: New Optical Illusion Art
23: Adult Erector Sets: Toymaker Now Sells DIY Furniture Part Kits
23: Griddy Cities: Aerial Cyberpunk Cityscapes Shot from 7,500 Feet
22: R2-D2 Express: Take a Ride on a Real Star Wars-Themed Plane
22: Stealth Structures: 10 Buildings That Aren’t What They Seem
21: 3D NYC Timelapse: 500 Years of History in 1 WTC Elevator Ride
21: Old New Jersey Factory to House Earth's Largest Vertical Farm
20: Ephemeral Architecture: 27 Paper Buildings & Pavilions
19: Touching Art: Raised Prints of Famous Paintings for the Blind
19: Dumpster Divine: 12 Flashy Trashy Artistic Dumpsters
18: Fantastic Cities: 48-Page Urban Coloring Book Made for Adults
17: Scaffolding Skyscraper: Very Public Urban Artist-in-Residence
16: Luxury Retrofit: New 440-Square-Foot Condo Hidden in Old Garage
15: Street Re-View: Hacking Google with Theatrical Performances
15: Tiny Apartment Tricks: 13 Ideas for Ultra-Compact Spaces
14: Fashionably Architectural: 5 Designers Debut 3D-Printed Shoes
14: Devil's Slide: Deserted Bay Area WWII Bunker Hovers in Midair
13: Mesmerizing Motion Capture: Dance as Point Cloud Data
13: Wired Wood: 13 Handmade Versions of Electronic Gadgets
12: Commuter Olympics: Indoor Running Tracks Link Japanese Airport
12: Wrap It Up! 10 Creative Building Scrims & Scaffolds
11: IKEA to Produce & Ship 10,000 Flat-Pack Emergency Shelters
10: Jungle in the City: Wild Urban Biome Skyscraper Design
09: Assembled in 3 Days: Biggest Cargo Container Restaurant in US
09: Collaborative Construction: Aerial Drone-Built Architecture
08: 8-Bit Fashion: 12 Gamer Geek Wearables & Decor Designs
07: Settlers of Chernobyl: Self-Contained, Fallout-Absorbing City
06: Beautiful Bacteria: Infectiously Intricate Paper Cut Art
06: Portrait of a City: 31 Photographic Urban Street Art Murals
05: Boxed Water is Better: Paper Packaging Beats Plastic Bottles
05: Played Out: 10 Cheerless Abandoned Toy Factories
04: Unboxing: Angled Metal-Clad Canopy Hints at Surprises in Store
03: Dr. Seuss Tower House: Storybook Structure Grew with the Trees
02: PlantLab: Urban Farms 40 Times More Productive than Open Fields
02: Sim TV: Interactive 3D Models of Television Show Floor Plans
01: Point & Shoot: 8-Bit Gameboy Gun Takes and Prints Pictures
01: Oil Rigs Reclaimed: 7 Ways to Reuse Obsolete Platforms

March 2015

31: 2,300 Floating Flowers: Interactive Garden Makes Way as You Walk
31: Hole in the Ground: 5 Ideas to Fill Downtown Chicago Spire Void
30: Sound & Fury: Motorcycle & Instrument Designers Switch Roles
30: For the Record: 13 Modern & Conceptual Turntable Designs
29: Mushroom Materials: DIY Kit Grows Custom Compostable Products
29: Urban Spock: 20 Fascinating Leonard Nimoy Graffiti Tributes
28: Mini Sky City: 57-Story Chinese Skyscraper Built in 19 Days
27: Light Footed: Smart Shoes Paint with Light As You Dance
26: Rainworks: Water-Activated Street Art & Games in Rainy Seattle
26: Invisible Bicycles: Tokyo's High-Tech Underground Bike Parking
25: Ghost Rider: Disappearing Audi Billboard Made of Water Vapor
25: Drawing with Darkness: 24 Incredible Works of Shadow Art
24: Figures & Ground: Crafty Wood Miniatures Create Urban Vignettes
24: The Dryline: BIG Plan Fights NYC Floods with Waterfront Park
23: The Beauty Beneath: Ceramic Tile Illusion on Electric Box
23: Architectural Fiction: 35 Impossibly Surreal Structures
22: Sans Ads: See Tokyo Scrubbed Clean of Signs & Advertisements
22: Mufflers: 10 Artistic Acoustic Highway Noise Barriers
21: Table for Two: Window as Bridge & Barrier Between Shared Seat
19: The Capital: Egypt Plans Largest From-Scratch City in History
19: Rapid Resin: Liquid 3D Printing Looks Like Morphing T2 Metal
18: Silent Slaughterhouse: Pool Produces Infinite Reflections
18: Sustainable Food in the City: 10 Smart Urban Farm Designs
17: Deceptive Dimensions: Illusion Street Art Creates 3D Portals
17: Altopias: Speculative Art Explores Both Dark & Light Futures
16: Sunny Disposition: Computer-Aided Skyscraper Casts No Shadow
16: 16 Fun Kids Room Ideas Will Make You Want to Shrink Yourself
15: Cantilevered Conversion: Sleek Modern Cargo Container Office
15: Stopping Shopping: Eleven Eerie Abandoned Supermarkets
14: UP for Auction: Bids Fail to Save World-Famous Holdout House
13: Ski Jump Penthouse: Win a Night at Cool Sky-High B&B Chalet
12: Megablock Microclimate: Urban Treehouse Apartment Complex
12: Forgotten Heritage: Exploring Europe's Largest Deserted Places
11: Put a Miniature Diorama On It: Amazing Tiny Ring Box Art
11: Adaptive Architecture: 12 Transforming & Convertible Buildings
10: Flooded Sky: Faux 'Northern Lights' Effect Floats Waves in Air
09: Compliment Shower: Kind Words Rain Down from Giant Spigot
09: Mobile Pop-Up Libraries: 12 Temporary & Traveling Book Lenders
08: Social Media + Street Graffiti = Stenciled Signs of Our Times
08: Terminal Velocity: 10 Abandoned Intercity Bus Stations
07: Brutal but Beautiful: Book of 88 WWII Coastal Military Ruins
06: Hovering Home: Near-Invisible Mirrored Forest Residence
05: Backsplash: Deflective "Peeback" Walls Fight Public Urination
05: Unconstructed: 25 Visionary Works by World-Famous Architects
04: London Bridge: 12 Contenders Including 'Flaming Mouth of Hades'
04: Aerodynamic Avian Architecture: 12 Bird-Inspired Buildings
03: Augmented Showroom: Projections Compliment Physical Products
03: Cyberpunk City: Reframing Tokyo as a Futuristic Wonderland
02: Geodesic Housing for the Homeless: Dome Made of Umbrellas
02: Smart Space Solutions: 14 Innovative Japanese Home Interiors
01: Snow Calligraphy: Reverse Graffiti Artist Tags Parked Vehicles
01: Shafted: 10 Eerie Unused & Abandoned Mine Winding Towers

February 2015

28: Gaza Strip Graffiti: Artist Banksy Tunnels Back Into Palestine
27: Radically Surreal: A Strange World of Mind-Bending Illusions
26: 10K Timelapse: 80-Megapixel Camera Captures Urban Rio in Motion
26: Glacier City: Icelandic Ice Cap Carved Out for Year-Round Use
25: Secret Lives of Superheroes: Realistically Posed Action Figures
25: The High Life: 12 Incredible Residential Tree House Designs
24: (Not) for Sale: Get Paid K to Haul Away 'Skyway to Nowhere'
24: CastAR 3D: See the Future of Work & Play in Augmented Reality
23: Road A-Peel: Upside-Down Car Clings to Curling Street
23: Rooftop Recreation: 12 Vertigo-Inducing Sky-High Hangouts
22: Inevitably Graffitied: White Canvas-Like SoHo Facade Defaced
22: Checked Out: Ten Permanently Vacant Abandoned Motels
21: Up in Flames: Dubai 'Torch' Tower Catches Fire, Extinguished
20: Playful in Paris: Life-Sized Interactive Street Art
19: Sunken Sky: Courtyard Light Well Suspended in Warehouse Loft
19: Converted Crane: 150-Foot-Tall Dutch Hotel Spins in the Wind
18: Banknote Bombing: Hacked Currency Spotlights Instability
18: Compressed Motion: 14 Hypnotizing Time-Lapse Videos & Images
17: New Artificial Lighting Tricks Human Brain into Seeing Sunlight
17: Pop-Up Office: 14 Modern Mobile Studios for Creatives
16: Home Room: Plug-and-Play Modules Make Instant Living Spaces
16: Aerial Urbex: 7 Difficult Deserted Places Filmed with Drones
15: Commercial Break: 8 Abandoned TV Stations & Studios
14: Itty City Blocks: Build Your Own 3D-Printed Physical SimCity
13: Brutal London: Paper Miniatures of Concrete Architecture
12: Civic Camouflage: Hiding a Huge Urban Stadium in Plain Sight
12: Networks of New York: Field Guide to Internet Infrastructure
11: Jenga-Like Twisting Tower Won't Leave Neighbors in the Shade
11: Rocky Ruins Reclaimed: 12 Mining Facilities Transformed
10: Abandoned Mine is Now World's Largest Indoor BMX Bike Park
10: Commuter Freezeways: Bike Paths as Winter Ice Skating Corridors
09: Invasions: Clouds of White Balloons Take Over Public Spaces
09: Curious Collections: 15 of the World's Weirdest Museums
08: New Frank Gehry Building So Ugly it Has to Wear a Paper Bag
08: Scratched Out: Nine Nifty Closed & Abandoned Nail Salons
07: The Under Line: Derelict London Tube Tunnels as Public Paths
06: Dead Drops: Hidden USB Sticks Offer Anonymous File Sharing
05: Faceted Facade: Crystaline Hotel Shaped Like Amethyst Geode
05: World's First Public Streetlight Network Powered by Sun & Wind
04: Rustic Swiss Structure Hides Modern Underground Home
04: Classical Art in Modern Contexts: 25 Clever Artistic Remixes
03: Exocomet Express: How to Hitch Intersellar Rides on Comets
03: London Approves Europe's First City-Spanning Bike Superhighway
02: Kinetic Desk Rises to Nudge You Into a Standing Position
02: See Through Stone: 13 Aging Structures with Glass Extensions
01: Groundscrapers: Survivalist Condos in Converted Missile Silos
01: Chapter 11 File: Eleven Eerie Closed & Abandoned Libraries

January 2015

30: Run Bell: Warn Slow Pedestrians to Get Out of Your Way
29: Desert Cities: Modular Nodal Network Idea for the Middle East
29: Food Futures: Arctic Seed Vault Adds 100,000 New Varieties
28: Skinny Portable House for Singles Takes Just 1 Day to Build
28: Candy Carpets and Chocolate Skulls: 13 Edible Designs
27: Fished to Freedom: Deserted Mall Full of Fish to be Demolished
27: Recycled Skylines: 8 Green Urban Tower Typologies for 2050
26: Dream Rooms: 14 Unreal-Feeling Art Gallery Transformations
25: Afterglow: Luma Tower, Glasgow's Shining Art Deco Icon
24: Pixel Performers: Digital Projection Mapping on Live Dancers
23: Your Neighbor Darth Vader: Doorbells for Fictional Characters
22: Lost & Found: Underwater Ghost Town Resurfaces 30 Years Later
21: Face Hacking: Transformations via 3D Projection Mapping
21: Seaside Stunners: 14 Cliff-Clinging Houses with Crazy Views
20: Made in China: World's First 3D-Printed Apartment Complex
20: Open Source Homes: 6 Free Plans Put High-End Design in Reach
19: Textscape: 3D-Printed Typography Stretches Up Like City Blocks
19: Retro-Style Tech: 10 Modern Gadgets with a Nostalgic Look
18: Power Grows on Trees: Wind Energy via Leafy Green Turbines
18: Prism Break: China's Eye-Soothing Rainbow Road Tunnel
17: Cool as Ice: 10 Years of Artist-Made Shanties on Frozen Lakes
16: Coke Machine Acts as a Secret Portal to Hidden Speakeasy
15: Celestial Cityscapes: Photographing Dubai from Above the Fog
15: Non-Stop Rail: 2 Future Trains Pick Up Passengers in Motion
14: Smart Bikes: Connected Parts Use GPS to Prevent Theft
14: Wearable Cities: 15 Urban-Patterned Outfits & Accessories
13: Driverless Living Space: Future Car Envisioned as Mobile Room
13: Town in a Tower: 14-Floor High-Rise Houses Whole Alaskan Hamlet
12: Dreamscapes: Handmade Fantasy Environments by JeeYoung Lee
12: Transforming Tables: 16 Smart Space-Saving Surface Designs
11: World's Largest Indoor Farm is 100 Times More Productive
11: That's No Moon: Artists Launch Huge Human Head Balloon
10: Beware of Colour: Activists Highlight Decay with Pink Paint
09: Hut Above the Rest: Elevated Cabin for the Athens Skyline
08: Exo-Prosthetics: Light, Cheap & Custom 3D-Printed Body Parts
08: 10 Vintage London Paintings Superimposed on Street View Images
07: Caricature as Furniture: Pop Culture in Functional 3D Form
07: Art in Abandoned Places: 15 Unexpected Urban Installations
06: Flowerworks: Pictures Capture Plants Exploding Like Fireworks
06: Waste-Free Future: 5 Package Redesigns for Everyday Products
05: Don't Throw Stones: Modern Glass House is Super Sharp
05: More Map Art: 27 Cool Cartographic Sculptures & Drawings
04: Trashed Resort: Japan's Abandoned New Muroto Sky Rest
03: Casa Cargo: Containers Frame Photographer's Sustainable Home
02: Darth Vader Goes Fishing: Unwanted Paintings, Reimagined
01: Form Follows Footprint: Forest Retreat Just Fits Local Codes

December 2014

31: Star Gore: Simpsons vs. Star Wars Stop-Motion LEGO Battle
31: Holdout Houses: 10 Stubborn Structures That Won't Make Way
30: Fictional Bridges from Euro Banknotes Now Built in Real Life
29: Parasitic City: Micro-Metropolis Attaches Itself to a Bridge
29: Spines of Steel: 12 Super Strong Exoskeleton-Inspired Designs
28: Meltdown: 12 Dripped, Dropped & Abandoned Ice Cream Trucks
27: Project Sprawl: Mesmerizing Algo-Generated Game Architecture
26: Towers Transformed: Massive Geometric Mural Collaboration
25: Long Now: Future-Proof 10,000 Year Clock Built into Mountain
24: 3D-Printed Spider Dress Attacks When Anyone Comes Too Close
24: Light Art Looms Large: 10 Artists Project Illuminated Images
23: From the Dead: Businessman Resurrecting Canadian Ghost Town
23: 1 Building Per Day: Crafting Paperholm, a Working Micro-City
22: Airball with a View: Play in the World's Sexiest Car Park
22: Architectural Gems: 13 Blinged-Out Buildings Cut Like Stones
21: Snoozeboxes: Mobile Container Hotels Travel by Truck & Rail
21: Classy: Abandoned Saint Frances de Sales Catholic School
20: Iceberg Homes: London Boroughs Curb Luxury 'Super-Basements'
19: Ruins of Crumbling Church Salvaged with Geometric Addition
18: Illegal Skyway: Chinese Homeowner Bridges 2 Highrise Condos
18: Hand-Grown Murals: Watch as Plant Paintings Take Over Walls
17: Residential Rollercoaster: Buyers Ride Through House for Sale
17: Deceptively Reflective: 12 Mirrored Buildings Trick the Eye
16: Radiocative Chernobyl: New Aerial Drone Footage of 'The Zone'
16: Photoluminescent Furniture: Filled Wooden Voids Glow in Dark
15: Brilliant Brick Creations: 13 Amazing LEGO Gadgets & Artworks
14: Fungi Farm Prototype Turns Waste Plastic into Edible Treats
14: Racked: 10 Abandoned Pool, Billiard & Snooker Parlors
13: Blacking Out BLU: World-Famous Berlin Mural Erased in Protest
12: Shop in a Swimming Pool: Neglected Space Turned into a Store
11: Last Stop: Photo Book Documents 150 Vanishing US Rest Stops
11: Vertical City Farming: Undulating Mixed-Use Urban Community
10: Future Materials: Lightweight Carbon Fiber Architecture
10: Grottos to Game of Thrones: 16 Jaw-Dropping Restaurants
09: Making Faces: Huge Military Warehouse Mural Spans 48 Windows
09: 4D Printing: Programmable Robotic Self-Assembling Materials
08: Street Pong: Play with Fellow Pedestrians at Traffic Lights
08: Built for Bond: 10 Impossibly Luxurious Spy-Inspired Designs
07: Lowline for NYC: World's First Underground Park in Manhattan
07: Automotive Acid Trip: The Graphic 3D Art Of Chris LaBrooy
06: Urban Transformer: Bus Unfolds into Mobile Fresh Food Market
05: Yarn Bomb Bus: Knitted Double Decker Cruises Around London
04: Street Style: Apparel Custom-Printed with Scalable City Maps
04: Outcast Checkpoints: 8 Abandoned Border Crossings of Europe
03: Motion Exposure: Light Art Captures the Movement of Kayaks
03: Odd Offices: 13 Wacky Outside-the-Box Workspace Designs
02: Wall is Over: Art Students Whitewash Historical Street Murals
02: Omnidirectional Elevators: Maglev Tech to Reshape Skylines
01: Galactic Booze: Interstellar Landscapes Drawn in Scotch
01: Horror Islands: 7 Legendary Haunted & Contaminated Wonders

November 2014

30: Seabed City: Japanese Company Designs Underwater Ocean Spiral
30: Wax On, Wax Off: 12 Closed & Deserted Drive-Thru Car Washes
29: Under Construction: World's First Concrete-Printing Robot
28: Herringbone House: Tiny Tokyo Residence Split into 7 Levels
27: Iconic Camouflage: Painted People Disappear into Cityscapes
26: The 6th Borough: 9 River-Based Proposals for New York City
25: Ghost Creeks: Resurfacing Vanished Waterways on City Streets
25: Modular Micro-Pad: 85 Sq Ft Loft Full of Slide-Out Surprises
24: Tape Tunnels: Crawl Inside a Human-Sized Spiderweb in Paris
24: Forbidden Islands: 7 Abandoned & Isolated World Wonders
23: Vehicular Hives: Envisioning Urban Commutes in Compound Cars
23: Print Charming: Safe, Simple 3D-Printing Comes Home To Play
22: Architectural Magic: Big Stone Building Breaks Free & Floats
21: Vacant Buddha: Intricate Paper Sculptures Seem to Disappear
20: Deserted Space: Photos Document NASA's Abandoned Launch Pads
19: So Metal: Intricate Sculptures Made of Nothing but Nails
19: Evil Espresso: 13 Amazing Artistic & Unusual Coffee Machines
18: Tiny Japanese Flip Books Filled with Secret Slots & Negative Spaces
18: Gravesend: Fake Town for Simulating Crimes, Riots & Terrorism
17: Haunted Half-Pipe: Skateboarding in an Abandoned Psych Ward
17: 14 Futuristic Bicycles: From Flying Bikes to Pedaling Robots
16: H2O to Go: Bike Bottle Makes Water from Thin Air as You Cycle
16: Dirty Camp 30: Canadian POW Camp Battles Neglect & Decay
15: Bracket All the Things: Reclaimed-Surface Tables & Shelves
14: Bike in a Backpack Folds Up Tiny & Weighs Just 11 Pounds
13: Starry Night: Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Path Inspired by Van Gogh
13: Well Rounded: 7 Animal Murals on Abandoned Buildings in Africa
12: Scalpel Cities: Urban Landscapes Made of Surgical Tools
12: Next-Level Pop-Ups: 15 Creative Sidewalk Shops & Services
11: Split & Slide: Modular Dividers Make 3 Rooms in Single Space
11: Arcatecture: 12 Cat Homes Created by Architects for Charity
10: Balance Lamp Forces You to Sacrifice Your Phone for Light
10: 12 Scientific Sculptures: Intangible Data in Physical Form
09: Secret Engagement: Flat Ring Case Enables Surprise Proposals
09: Blocked Out: 10 Closed & Abandoned Hat-Making Factories
08: Drawn & Quartered: Architect-Designed Log Wedge Birdhouses
07: Outings: Bring Classic Art to the Streets with Your Phone
06: Urban Dog Tags: Wear City Grids Around Your Neck & The World
06: Concrete Retreat: 100 Sq Ft Home in WWII Dutch Defense Bunker
05: Workout Computer: Get Fit with a Punching Bag Keyboard
05: Fold-Out Life: 13 Space-Saving & Expanding Room Elements
04: Flowering Potholes: Lovely Tile Plants Fill Ugly Street Voids
04: Guerrilla Signage: Designer Fixes Street Parking Sign Stacks
03: Magic Carpets: Kaleidoscopic Medieval Castle Transformation
03: Most Massive Murals: 14 Large-Scale Works of Urban Art
02: Mobile 3D Clay Printer: Whole Houses from Local Mud & Fiber
02: Yellow Brick Ode: The Mainly Abandoned Land Of Oz Theme Park
01: Modular Minimalism: 5-Part Kit to Create Infinite Furniture

October 2014

31: Forgotten Gardens: Crumbling Complex Has a Sinister History
30: Zombie-Powered Vertical Farm: Post-Apocalyptic Safe House
30: Ghosts of the Berlin Wall: 8,000 Glowing Orbs Span 10 Miles
29: Not Photoshopped: Distorted Images are Actually 3D Objects
29: Touchable Memories: 12 3D-Printed Aids for the Disabled
28: Variations on Normal: Book of Absurdly Brilliant Inventions
28: Transparent Home: Glass Dwelling Puts Urban Life on Display
27: Eye on the City: Visitors Dangle from Urban Art Installation
27: Apps for Architects: 12 Handy Digital Tools for Home Design
26: Micro Metros: Abstract City Models Carved from Wooden Scraps
26: Looking Grave: 12 Spooky & Scary Abandoned Funeral Homes
24: Hoverboards are Here! Design Floats Above Metal Surfaces
23: Chinese President Calls for End to "Weird Architecture" Trend
23: Banksy Not Arrested: How 1 Man's Viral Hoax Duped Millions
22: Set Sail on Rail: Quirky Vehicles Explore Abandoned Tracks
22: Subtle Street Art: 27 Easy-to-Overlook Urban Enhancements
21: 35 Years in 60 Seconds: Evolution of Modern Computer Desks
20: Adapting Aging Architecture: Modern Plug-Ins for Beijing
20: Amphibious Architecture: 12 Flood-Proof Home Designs
19: 3D-Printed Columns Use Ancient Technique Against Earthquakes
19: Lost Soles: 10 Abandoned & De-Feeted Shoe Repair Stores
18: Transformer Hotel: Tiny Room Showcases Convertible Furniture
17: Capital Idea: Bridge to Elevated Park for Washington D.C.
16: Refold Workstation: Mobile Flat-Pack Cardboard Standing Desk
16: 7,000 LEDs to Cast Sistine Chapel Ceiling in Bright New Light
15: Radiotopia Fundraiser: Support 7 Story-Centric PRX Podcasts
15: Ultra-Compact Stairs: 12 Next-Level Space-Saving Designs
14: Rounded Market Hall: Huge Digital Mural Wraps 118,000 Sq Ft
13: City Cyclists Wear Car Skeletons to Show How Bikes Save Space
13: Juice to Go: 13 Ultra-Portable Phone Charger Designs
12: View Forward: Driverless London Train Cars Arriving in 2020
12: Punched Cards: 12 Abandoned, Closed & Boarded-Up Bingo Halls
11: Schematic of Structures: 90 Buildings, Prehistory to Present
10: Solar-Powered Art Etched with a Magnifying Glass & the Sun
09: Shape-Shifting Architecture: Material Morphs with Heat & Air
09: Deserted for Decades: Derelict Old Building Houses New School
08: Looking Sharp: Blade-Like Bridge Slices Through the Air
08: Urban Subversion: 13 Radical Examples of Guerrilla Housing
07: Real Holodeck: 360-Degree Immersive Home Gaming Environment
07: City Cinemagraphy: Animated Photographs of Urban Motion
06: Surfing Without Waves: Electric Wakeboard Powers Itself
06: Balancing Buildings: 14 Structures that Seem to Defy Gravity
05: Aerial Rugs: Images from Above Converted to Carpet Patterns
05: Empty Chambers: 10 Closed & Abandoned Gun Stores & Shops
04: Anti-Object: A Public Bench Designed to be Everything-Proof
03: 365 Postcards for Ants: Impossibly Tiny Daily Illustrations
02: Space-Saving Sleepers: Sofas Convert to Bunk Beds in Seconds
01: Insane Yacht's Floating Garage Doubles as an Indoor Pool
01: Transforming Transit: 13 Compact Scooters, Skates & More

September 2014

30: IKEA Flips Condo Sideways to Create Furniture Climbing Wall
30: Guerrilla Moss Graffiti: 8-Step DIY Guide to Green Wall Art
29: Street Sign Sports: Urban Alterations for Physical Fitness
29: Future Typing: 15 Creative Keyboard Designs & Concepts
28: Sewer Pipe Sofa: Rusted NYC Tubes Recycled as Urban Seating
28: Posts With The Most: 12 Cool & Creative Traffic Bollards
27: Paint Me White Again: Tunnel Type Graffiti Taunts Authorities
26: NO AD Augmented Reality App Replaces Billboards with Art
25: Dress Down: Wild Women's Dresses Made of Trash, Trees & More
25: Aerial Urbanism: Hyper-Dense 'Cloud City' Redefines Skylines
24: Waltz on the Walls: Dancers Perform Daring Vertical Stunts
24: Park(ing) Day 2014: Citizens Reclaim the Streets for Fun
23: Color-Changing Hammocks: Swing on 20 LED-Lit Circular Chairs
23: Rebel Architecture: 6-Part Series on Global Guerilla Urbanism
22: Phantom Monuments: Haunting Works of Light Graffiti by Sola
22: When Every Inch Counts: 14 More Clever Small Space Hacks
21: Vandalized Villa Savoye: Imagining a Modernist Icon in Ruins
21: Big Game Hunting: The World's 9 Biggest Board Games
20: Subtracting Art: Subjects Photo-Edited from Famous Paintings
19: Low Cost House-in-a-House Made of 2 Shipping Containers
18: Magnetic Furniture: Modular Blocks Connect via Unseen Forces
18: Clever Land Artist Copyrighted Earth to Beat an Oil Pipeline
17: Dancing Traffic Signal Makes Crossing the Street More Fun
17: Occupy Parking Spots: 15 Projects Reclaiming the Streets
16: NYC Skyway: From Brooklyn to Manhattan in 4 Minutes by Air
16: Urban Glider: Compact Portable Electric Unicycle for Cities
15: Roaming Homes: 15 DIY RVs, Converted Buses & Tiny Houses
14: What If? Apocalyptic Art Explores Ends of Industrial Worlds
14: All Washed Up: 11 Abandoned Coin Laundries & Laundromats
13: Memo Bottle: Slim Paper-Shaped Water Canteen for Laptop Bags
12: By the Silent Line: Watch an Abandoned Railroad Disappear
11: Mirage Muralist: Street Artist Bends Surfaces Using Illusion
11: The Desertron: World's Largest Super Collider Lies Abandoned
10: Fluorescent Geometry: Eye-Popping Murals by Maya Hayuk
10: Rejected Starchitects: 8 Controversial Building Proposals
09: Istanbul Demolishing 3 Skyscrapers to Preserve City Skyline
09: Post-Olympic Abandonment: Sochi Already on the Road to Ruin
08: Floating Neighborhood for NYC: How to Hover a Whole Megablock
08: Modular Cities: 13 Expandable Solutions for Urban Growth
07: Bath House: Abandoned Public Restroom Turned Private Home
07: Big Miss Steak: 10 Eerie Abandoned Meat Packing Plants
06: Flexible Furniture: Mold this Seat into All Sorts of Shapes
05: Extreme Cliff Living: Modular House Dangles Precariously
04: Drawn in Dust: The Great Traveling Dirty Truck Art Exhibition
04: Racing Pigeons: Garbage City Hosts World's Oddest Pastime
03: Brothers in Benches: Pallets Offer Public a Place to Sit
03: Modern, Modular & Transforming Kids' Furniture: 13 Designs
02: Bad by Design: Everyday Objects Reworked to Frustrate Users
02: 3-in-1 Cargo Shelters: Expandable Containers Triple in Size
01: Over Board: Sink or Skate on This Amazing Floating Ramp
01: Top of the World: 9 Incredible POV Climbs & Dizzying Selfies

August 2014

31: Typographic Shelter: Most Obvious City Bus Stop in the World
31: Boom To Bust: 10 Abandoned Fireworks Stores & Stands
30: Interior Land Art: Riverbed Really Runs Through this Museum
29: Project Wing: Google Testing Drone Delivery Service
28: Cyclonic Pictures: Long Exposures Spin Art from Light & Air
28: Sea Fort for Sale: Buy a Massive Maritime Mansion in Britain
27: Robotic Printer Creates Artist's Portrait Using His Blood
27: Containertecture: Shipping Crate-Based Buildings by LOT-EK
26: Unstealable Bike: Theft-Proof Bicycle Frame Doubles as Lock
26: Forging Fun, Not Profit: Master Copycat Fakes Out 50+ Museums
25: Under London: Disused Tunnel Now a Subterranean Skate Park
25: Transforming Houses: 13 Homes Slide, Unfold, Spin & Expand
24: See-Through Solar: Crystal Clear Panels Are 100% Transparent
24: The Bucks Stop Here: 9 Closed & Abandoned Dollar Stores
23: Social Structure: Apartment Tower Fosters Community Creation
22: Industrial Silos to Public Art: Massive Mural for Vancouver
21: Windowless Flights: 2 Planes to Stream Live Panoramic Views
20: Guerrilla Kindness: Add-Ons Make Cities More Convenient
20: LEGO Architecture: 12 Sets Explore Buildings Brick by Brick
19: Audio Hop: Best NYC Art Gallery Tour You Have Ever Heard
19: Cargo Home Videos: 10 Films on How to Build Container Houses
18: CityCharge: Solar Gadget Charging Stations Installed in NYC
18: Topographic Tables: 12 Terrain-Inspired Furniture Designs
17: 'RePack' Name & Concept Copied, Repackaged by Design Student
17: Gruel Britannia: 10 Abandoned Little Chef Restaurants
16: Chameleon Pen: Scan, Save & Draw Up to 16 Million Unique Hues
15: Time in Color: Skatepark Graffiti Acts as a Working Sundial
14: Hyperphotos: Architectural Hybrids Remix Built Environments
14: Truck-A-Tecture: 2 Convertible Nomadic Dwellings on Wheels
13: Urban Camo: Body Paint Blends Humans into City Backdrops
13: Frozen in Motion: 24 Stunning High Speed Photographs
12: Architectural Apocalypse: Famous Museums Seen After the Fall
12: Endless City: Skyscraper Wraps Upward with Walkable Ramps
11: Urban Surfing: City Dwellers Catch Radical Artificial Waves
11: Offbeat & Off the Grid: 15 Surprisingly Mobile Solar Gadgets
10: Inverted Zoo: Enclosure-Free Design Puts Animals in the Open
10: The Peeling Project: Thinking Outside The Big Box Store
09: City-Sized Artwork: Huge Building Mural Spans 99 Structures
08: Bloodswept Lands: Poppies Pour out of the Tower of London
07: Pocket Tent: Tiny Prefab Home Inflates Itself with Body Heat
07: Tree of 40 Fruit: Single Plant Grown with Dozens of Grafts
06: Cardboard Ferrari: Urban Art Installations by Benedetto
06: Forested Facades: 13 Buildings Bringing Greenery to the City
05: Wi-Fi Visualized: Signals Translated to Ghostly Light Orbs
05: Beyond Basic Bikes: 12 Twists on Classic Cycle Designs
04: Inst-Int 2014: 3 Must-See Installation Artists & Designers
04: Floating on Dry Land: 17 Derelict Houseboats Find New Home
03: Trained Eye: Rail Art Plays Visual Tricks with Tracks & Ties
03: Meltdown: 10 Semi-Sweet Abandoned Chocolate Factories
02: Speedy Prefab: How a 9-Story Apartment Was Built in 5 Days
01: Ecological Life Support: Recycle a Bottle, Feed a Stray Dog

July 2014

31: Urban Observatory: TED Co-Founder's New Civic Data Platform
31: Cargo Canvases: 6 Street Artists Paint 22 Stacked Containers
30: Guerrilla Lace: Prettied-Up Urban Surfaces in Poland
30: Fairytale Retreats: 15 Magical BlueForest Tree Houses
29: Rich Door, Poor Door: Segregated Entrances Spark Controversy
29: 5,000 Residents Being Evicted from World's Tallest Vertical Slum
28: Rotating Rooms: Push a Button, Change Your House Layout
28: Drones for Life: 13 Fun & Positive Flying Robot Functions
27: Crash Course: 24 Elements of Design Animated in 48 Seconds
27: Just Add Monsters: Chris McMahon's Modified Thrift Store Art
26: Photocatalytic Concrete: Air-Cleaning Building Absorbs Smog
25: Illusions in Iran: Surreal 3D Murals Transform Urban Tehran
24: Bench to Bedroom: Urban Furniture Turned Homeless Shelters
24: Book of Shadows: 2D Shape Cutouts Cast Silhouettes on Pages
23: Earin: World's Smallest Wireless Earbuds Raise ,500,000+
23: Cabins in the Canopy: 13 Modern Tree Houses by Baumraum
22: WTF Is Street Art? Poster Boy Edits NYC Sign by High Line
22: All Terrains: 3 Futuristic Land, Sea & Air E-Vehicle Designs
21: SCADpads: Parking Garage Turned Tiny House Village
21: Subway Cars to Churches: 15 Creatively Converted Offices
20: Spinning Canvas: Color & Gravity Create Brush-Free Paintings
20: No Sweat: 10 Abandoned Gyms & Deserted Fitness Centers
19: Fossilized Retreat: Log Cabin Remnants Recast in Concrete
18: Reflections from Above: Mirrored Skyscraper Illusion Photos
17: Head Light: Popup Wall Lamp Has Horns that Glow in Shadows
17: Casa Futebol: Design to Deploy Housing in World Cup Stadiums
16: Retro-Modern Radio Ball Rolls its Way to the Next Station
16: Stay on the Go: 13 Stackable, Movable Modular Hotel Designs
15: Lightning Fixture: Domesticated Cloud to Hang in Your Home
15: Permanent Parklets: São Paulo Turns Street Parking to Parks
14: Tramboarding: Hacked Wooden Pallet Slides Down Rail Tracks
14: Taken by the TSA: 13 Strange Items Confiscated at Airports
13: Crowdsourced Data Reveals Most Beautiful Urban Walking Routes
13: Abandoned Alien Homestead: Forsaken UFO House in Florida
12: Dubai to Build New 50 Million Sq Ft Climate-Controlled City
11: The City's a Playground for Cartoon Characters by OakOak
10: The Ferrari of Rail: Ultra-Luxurious Train Design for Japan
09: Surreal World: 14 Reality-Bending Mirror Art Installations
08: Smart Bricks: Life-Size LEGO-Style Blocks for Human Habitats
08: Flip for Fun: 4 Clever Pool Tables that Convert & Transform
07: Stairs to Nowhere: Half-Finished Fire Escape Inside a Church
07: Living in a Bubble: 15 Privacy-Free Transparent Houses
06: No Mirage: Unlock a Secret Pool Hidden in the Mojave Desert
06: Scattered Marbles: 10 Smashed, Bashed & Trashed Statues
05: Sprawling Vision of the Past: American Suburbs From Above
04: Floating Beach: Recreational River Barge Campaign for NYC
03: Retractable Stairs Open to Reveal Secret Urban Wheelchair Lifts
03: Time-Traveling Trams: 30,000 LED Lights Vanish Street Trains
02: Compact Cube Home: Storage Unit Turned Micro Apartment
02: Experimental Architecture: 14 Boundary-Pushing Pavilions
01: Perspectival Street Artist Pierces People in New Photo Shoot
01: Metro Koi: Thousands of Fish Occupy Abandoned Bangkok Mall

June 2014

30: SkyTran: 2-Person Maglev Monorail Could Replace Cars
30: Almost Human: 15 Frighteningly Realistic Robots & Androids
29: No Clowning Around: 11 Sad Abandoned Circuses & Carnivals
28: Nature's Architects: 6 Incredible Animal-Built Structures
27: Pop-Up Apartments: Post-Disaster Housing Prototype for NYC
26: Exclucity: Unique GoPro Footage of Pyongyang, North Korea
26: '5 Bridges' Wins Competition to Stitch Portland Back Together
25: Graffiti Puzzles: Urban Art Chipped Off Walls for Reassembly
25: Bizarre Cities: 7 More Strange Urban Wonders of the World
24: Google Street Art: View Over 5,000 Past & Present Pictures
23: Handmade Car Explores the Abandoned Railroads of Mexico
23: Hover Houses: 12 Cliff-Clinging Homes with a View
22: Zero Mileage: 12 Abandoned Automobile Dealerships
21: Social Seating: 14 Public Benches Foster Urban Interactions
20: Bounce Below: World's Largest Underground Cave Trampoline
19: Gritty City: Dark Oils Capture Essence of Bustling Urbanity
18: CityHome: Control This Smart House with a Wave of Your Hand
18: Extreme Human Habitats: 7 Unexpected Urban World Wonders
17: Brandalism: Replacing Bus Shelter Ads with Art in the UK
16: Travel Through Trees: Root-Like Wooden Tunnel Installation
16: Compact Cooking: 15 Modular & Multipurpose Kitchen Designs
15: Cel(l) Shorts: Crafty Urban Augmented Reality Animations
15: Bucket List: 12 Battered & Abandoned KFC Stores
14: Bricksy: 20 Classic Banksy Street Artworks Recreated in LEGO
13: LA River Rehab: Dramatic Urban Revitalization Planned
12: Almost There: Signs from the Near Future May Blow Your Mind
12: Infrastructural Art: Colorful LEDs Lights Up Shipyard Cranes
11: Loaves of Art: Classical Works Revealed in Slices of Glass
11: Dream Boats: 15 Insanely Luxurious Super-Yacht Designs
10: Unverpackt: Zero-Waste Grocery Store Packages No Products
10: Machine Cemetery: Diggers Bury Selves in Unmarked Graves
09: Electrifying Art: Sculptures Made of Wire and Cable Ties
09: The Future Takes Flight: 13 Forward-Thinking Airport Ideas
08: Inspiration Pad: Lined Notebook for Thinking Outside the Box
08: Agony & Ivory: 12 Not So Grand Abandoned Pianos
07: DreamVendor: 3D Printing Kiosk Makes Your Vision Reality
06: Urban Infill: Colorful Tile Mosaics Patch Potholed Streets
05: 16 Cap Redesigns Give 2nd Lives to 40,000 Used Cola Bottles
05: Animating Architecture: Real Facades Remixed, Spun & Stacked
04: Decaying Detroit: Google Street View Shows Change Over Time
04: Holy Beer: 12 Pubs Converted from Churches, Urinals & More
03: Crossroad of Realities: Photography Subverts Gaming Scenes
02: Ghost Estates of Ireland: Symbols of an Economic Collapse
02: Out of This World: 13 Extraterrestrial Architecture Concepts
01: Lightweight 'Airbeams' Frame Inflatable Geodesic Dome Tent
01: No Spoking: 11 Closed & Abandoned Bicycle Shops

May 2014

31: Water Buses: New Nautical Transit Solution for Urban Islands
30: Antarctopia: A Vision of Past & Future Polar Architecture
29: Virtual Light: Facade Installation Casts Fake Illumination
29: Turning Tides: 10-Mile Park to Protect NYC from Flooding
28: What Lies Beneath: Skeletons Carved into Everyday Objects
28: Imperial Remnants: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Historic India
27: Interactive Wonderland: Light Projection Art Animates Sydney
27: High Line West: Chicago & LA on Track for Elevated Greenways
26: Fake Facades: Transformative Murals Make Cities Vibrant
26: House of Metal: 15 Steel and Aluminum-Clad Residences
25: Cracked Mirrors: 12 (More) Eerie Abandoned Observatories
24: Vertical Forests: 2 Lush Urban Towers Support 16,000 Plants
24: Hydraulic Lift to Save House on Stilts from Future Flooding
23: Super Rockers: Familiar Heroes Get Edgy Modern Makeovers
22: Free to Forge: Open Source 3D-Printed Metal Mesh Furniture
22: High-Speed Art: Murals Spray-Painted for Train Passengers
21: Cute Cameras: Animal Shapes Make CCTV More Palatable
21: Cemeteries in the Sky: 7 Compact Vertical Burial Designs
20: Street Smart: Solar Roadway Lights Up & Feeds Power Grid
20: The Bus Stops Here: 7 Transit Shelters by Famous Architects
19: Tiny Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired House Atop Miner's Ruins
19: A Different Angle: 15 Great Geometric Home Accessories
18: Mini Book of Major Events: Whole World History in Your Hand
18: Tuned Out: 11 Off-The-Air & Abandoned Radio Stations
17: Broken Mirror: Shard Hotel Views Reflect Next-Door Rooms
16: Get Your Virtual Wings: Oculus Rift Machine Simulates Flight
15: Urban X-Stitch: Street Artist Cross-Stitches Yarn on Fences
15: Real-Life Panopticons: Deserted Dystopian Prisons in Cuba
14: Aviator's Villa: Ultramodern House Made of Airplane Parts
14: Fairytale Hotels: 15 of the World's Most Magical Lodgings
13: Groundless City: A Guidebook to Underground Hong Kong
12: Empty Spaces: Photo Book Documents Eerie Urban Ruins
12: Floating Architecture: 16 Dramatic Cantilevered Structures
11: Pop-Up Portfolio: Mobile Furniture Folds Flat Between Pages
11: Diamonds Aren't Forever: 10 Abandoned Jewelry Stores
10: Dense City: Mixed-Use 'Urban Alloy' Transit Hub for New York
09: Giving Up the Ghost: Residents of Toxic Town Won't Leave
08: Micro-Cycle: Hubless Bike Folds Down & Fits into Backpack
08: Drinkable Book: Tear-Out Pages Filter, Clean & Purify Water
07: Bio-Mobile: 3D-Printed Car Body Inspired by Turtle Shell
07: Antisocial Seating: 14 Distraction-Cutting Privacy Chairs
06: Park & Slide: 100,000 Sign Up to Slip 300 Feet Down a Street
06: Valley of the Dolls: Missing People Replaced with Puppets
05: Sci-Fi Staple: Star Wars Mosaic Made of Surprising Material
05: World's Weirdest Hotels: 14 Unique Offbeat Accommodations
04: 10 in 1 Day: Chinese Homes 3D-Printed from Scraps Materials
04: Kickin' The Bucket: 12 Outrageous Fake KFC Restaurants
03: Ditch Your Car: Get From A to B Using Real-Time Transit Data
02: No Biking in Pools: Art Inspired by America's Weirdest Laws
01: Tour Tiny Worlds: 6-Camera Cube Creates 360-Degree Video
01: Floating Finnish Sea Sauna: Relaxing Multistory Steam Boat

April 2014

30: Suntory Time: Crazy CNC-Milled Ice Cubes for Whisky Brand
30: Architecture as Landscape: 15 Terrain-Inspired Buildings
29: DIY Hyperlapse: Make Your Own Timelapse Motion Pictures
29: Ultimate DIY RV: High-Tech Caravan Made for a 4-Year-Old
28: Composite Crime Scenes: NYC Past Patched onto Present
28: Small Space Hacks: 24 Tricks for Living in Tiny Apartments
27: Glow-in-the-Dark Highways: Free Lighting Hits the Streets
27: Photo Finished: 9 Snappy Camera-Shaped Buildings
26: Indestructable Cabin: Steel-Clad Apocalypse Home on Stilts
25: Eavesdropping Lamp Records & Tweets Conversations
24: Shattered Sunsets: Broken Mirror Photos of Evening Skies
24: Cracked-Earth Desert Canopy Shelters Underground Oasis
23: Jenga-Like Hotel Made of Stacked Shipping Containers
23: 7 Deadly Engineering Disasters of the Industrial Age
22: 3D-Printable Connectors Make DIY Furniture Assembly Easy
22: Invisible Barn: Mirrored Surfaces Create Camouflaged Folly
21: Beats on Fire: Music Visualized with Movement of Flames
21: No Lot Too Challenging: 13 Ingenious Odd-Shaped Houses
20: Shape-Shifting Furniture: Interactive 3D Surfaces from MIT
20: Brushed Off: 12 Dried Out & Abandoned Car Washes
19: Digital Street Eraser: Rubbing Out Reality, Photoshop-Style
18: Bad Ads? Funeral Services Struggle with Sense of Humor
17: Rad Rides: Nuclear Power Plant Turned into Amusement Park
17: Augmented Sandbox: Realtime 3D Topographic Landscaping
16: Pocket Printer: Mini Roomba-Like Robot Prints on the Go
16: Ancient Engineering Fail: 12 Historic Structural Disasters
15: Unbelievable Advert: Augmented Reality Bus Shelter Window
15: Mountain-Shaped Residences with Walkable Green Rooftops
14: Living Legos: Build Your Own Robot with TinkerBots Blocks
14: Disorienting Design: 14 Trippy & Surreal Interior Spaces
13: Emoji-Nation: Famous Paintings Revised for the Internet Age
13: No Más: 15 Closed, Abandoned & Vacant Taco Bells
12: Floor-to-Wall Books: Dizzying Sideways Cafe Design in NYC
11: Surreal Snippets: Gifs Elevated to Mind-Bending Art Form
10: Gravity: Augmented Reality Tablet Lets You Draw Ideas in 3D
10: Animated Still Lifes: 7 Relaxing Cinemagraphic Illustrations
09: Interact with Escher-Like Architecture in This iPad Game
09: Ruins of America: 7 Castle-Like Abandoned Modern Wonders
08: Cutting Edges: Layered Back-Lit Paper Art Gets Deep & Dark
08: Modular Retrofit: Bamboo Micro-Homes in Deserted Factories
07: Origami Microscope: Fifty-Cent Design is Crazy Durable
07: Destination Design: 12 Forward-Thinking Modern Hotels
06: Caught on Video: Illegal BASE Jump Off NYC Freedom Tower
06: Pilot Projects: 8 Artistically Painted Airplanes & Jets
05: Hybrid Desk & Storage Rise Up to Meet Suspended Staircase
04: The Rotten Apple Project: Quick and Dirty Urban Hacks
03: Spinning Zen: Real-Time Patterns Painted on a Potter's Wheel
03: Sneak Peak: Inside the Homes of 8 World-Famous Architects
02: Camera-Shaped Cafe Offers Picture-Perfect Cups of Coffee
02: Flintstones Furniture: 15 Designs Made of Stone and Lava
01: Vanishing Vernacular: NYC Storefront Gentrification in Action
01: IKEA 2014 Small-Space Set: 51 Designs from Cool to Kitsch

March 2014

31: Dissected Buildings: Sliced Facades are All Appearances
31: Spite Houses: 12 Structures Built Just to Annoy People
30: Tsunami Ark: Handmade Flood-Proof Floating Wood Capsule
30: Art Brake: OZ's Awesome Traffic Light Signal Boxes
29: City vs. Suburb: Walking One Mile in Streets or Culs-de-sac
28: Real Life Photoshop: Giant Eraser Takes Out Urban Scenery
27: Liters of Light: DIY Solar from Used Bottles, Bleach & Water
27: Futurbanist: 10 Award-Worthy 2014 eVolo Skyscraper Designs
26: Need a Lift? Road Elevator Boosts Cyclists up Steep Hills
26: Derelict Dubai: 7 Sandy Abandoned Wonders of the UAE
25: Urban Jungle Street View: 3D Hack Uses Hidden Depth Data
25: After OZ: Dorothy's Storm-Ravaged House Remade of Scrap
24: Temporary Legacy: Large-Scale Ice Typography Installations
24: Abandoned Underground: 10 Long-Lost Subterranean Cities
23: Cool Million: Famous 420 Square Foot SoHo Condo for Sale
23: The Way We Wore: 12 Clothesed & Abandoned Dry Cleaners
22: Tree-Inspired Tower: Condo Balconies Unfurl Like Leaves
21: HalfBike: Compact Standing Cycle Design Goes Anywhere
20: Transforming Furniture: Fitting 5 Rooms into 640 Square Feet
20: Facing Destruction: Entire City to Be Relocated 2 Miles Away
19: Reading Room (Dividers): 13 Creative Bookshelf Designs
19: Surrealist Disaster-Proof Structures for Dangerous Locations
18: Cubicle Typography: Unique Desks as Office Furniture Font
18: Sand Cities: Geometric Architecture Sculpted from Beaches
17: Nailed It: 3D Printed Manicures Are Frighteningly Awesome
17: Underground Urban Wonders: 7 Stunning Sub-City Spaces
16: Kinetic Facade: Awesome Adaptive Window Shading System
16: Shabby Cabbie: 15 Abandoned Taxis & Cab Graveyards
15: Window Sketches: Minimalist Landscapes of Steam & Glass
14: End of the World Cinema Abandoned in the Egyptian Desert
13: Micropolitan: Mini Model City Cycles 100,000 Cars Per Hour
13: Cultural Center Carved Out of 42 Grain Silos in South Africa
12: The Power of Paint: Mini Spruce-Ups Act as Advertisements
12: Hack Your City: 12 Creative DIY Urbanism Interventions
11: Submarine Suite: Private Luxury in Submersible Yacht Hotel
11: Rooms on Wheels: Mobile Kitchen, Bedroom & Office Spaces
10: Archist City: Iconic Modern Art Reimagined as Architecture
10: Drowned Towns: 10 Underwater Ghost Cities & Buildings
09: Sand Paintings: Temporary Street Art Will Blow (You) Away
09: Railroaded: 9 Nifty Abandoned Train Car Graveyards
08: Hanging Hotel: Camp in a Trunk-Friendly Tree House Retreat
07: Not in Kansas: Black House Lands in Front of Oz Museum
06: Pill Pack Printer: Personal Pharmacy Delivered to Your Door
06: Urban Islet: Nordic Nature Retreat Floats in London Canal
05: Invisible Borders: Mirrored Picket Fence Blurs the Lines
05: Crowdsourced City: 14 Citizen-Directed Urban Projects
04: Open-Source Street Store Offers Free Clothes for Homeless
04: 5 Preservation Puzzles: Famous Architecture Facing Threats
03: Small World: Mini Wooden Cutouts Take Over the Streets
03: Flexible Interiors: 13 Shape-Shifting Small Apartments
02: Extreme Exposures: Light Landscapes Take Hours to Shoot
02: Home Ice: 12 International Antarctic Research Stations
01: Mountaintop Tent: Airlifted Alpine Retreat Built at 8,000 Feet

February 2014

28: Alley Stack: Brooklyn Home Made of 5 Shipping Containers
27: Conjoined Chopsticks: 2 Redesigns to Keep Utensils Paired
27: Decoding Streets: Secret Symbols of the Urban Underground
26: A Tale of Two Londons: Classic Paintings Set Against Modern Photos
26: Algorithmic Architecture: 14 Complex Math-Based Structures
25: 3-Story Floating School in Nigeria Rides on Recycled Barrels
25: Smear Campaign: Guerrilla Artist Remixes Adverts with Acid
24: Pop-Up Parks: Brackets Turn Scaffolding into Free Furniture
24: Fallen Starchitects: 7 Failures of Famous Architects
23: Animating Van Gogh: World's First Fully-Painted Feature Film
23: Rolling Stop: 10 Abandoned Roller Skating Rinks
22: If You Build It: A True Story of Hands-On Design Education
21: MegaFaces: Massive Display Enables 3D Selfies at Sochi
20: Deep Roots: Underground Farm in London Air-Raid Tunnels
20: Touch to Open: Kinetic Doors Unfold Like Life-Sized Origami
19: Invisible Cities: Tweets and Photos as Terrain on a Map
19: Off the Wall: 14 3D Graffiti Designs from Furniture to Homes
18: Point & Click: Street Stencils Show Tourists Where to Shoot
18: No Exit: Dementia Village Dwellers Live in Alternate Reality
17: Abandoned Nazi Bunker Converted to Power Plant & Cafe
17: Modern Tree Houses: 14 Awesome Arboreal Dwelling Designs
16: Figure & Ground: Surreal Animated Walking City Shifts Shape
16: No Child Left: 10 Eerie Abandoned Daycare Centers
15: Deserted Parisian Metro Stops as Underground Pools & More
14: Can't Stop the Music: Submerged Turntable Plays Perfectly
13: Civic Secrets: Urban Patterns Revealed in Street-Side Snow
13: Subtractive Street Art: Sculptural Murals Cut into City Walls
12: Stacked on Silos: Shipping Containers Reclaimed as Dorms
12: Seaside Ruins: 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Mediterranean
11: Juxtapositions: Luxury Skyscrapers in Seas of Blue Shanties
11: Time Stands Still: Sublime Slow-Motion Subway Panoramas
10: Blob: Oblong White Mobile Home Looks Like a Dino Egg
10: Crochet Playscapes: 13 Interactive String Art Installations
09: Rapid Packing Container: Students Reinvent Cardboard Box
09: Pawn Scars: 10 Closed & Abandoned Pawn Shops
08: End of the Line: Exploring Unseen Terminal Subway Stations
07: Instant Monster Truck: Converting Cars into Snowmobiles
06: Monument & Void: Massive Stone Museum of Mayan History
06: Long-Exposure Faces: Moody Light Art Painted with Sparks
05: Sensory Reading Experience Integrates Touch and Sound
05: Spiral Architecture: 12 Swirling Building & Bridge Designs
04: Virtual LEGO Blocks: Build with Chrome, Set on Google Maps
04: Windowless House of Glass: Solid Walls Hide Invisible Floors
03: Blossoming Technology: World's First Inflatable 3D Print
03: Energy Pods to Ostrich Pillows: 15 Nap-Worthy Inventions
02: Guerrilla Upcycling: Public Furniture Made of Parisian Trash
02: Out Of Services: 8 More Amazing Abandoned Churches
01: Topographic Interiors: Pair of Stacked Plywood Storefronts

January 2014

31: Adventures of Double-Faced Girl: Surreal Photography Series
30: Stealth Style: Navigate Subways with a Map-Backed Necktie
30: Extreme Street View: Google Employee Maps Deserted Island
29: Apartment Arcade: Passersby Play Game Through Window
29: Altered Architecture: 12 More Abandoned Buildings as Art
28: Bike Tire Tent: Compact Travel Shelter Wraps Inside Wheels
28: Swim the Thames: Pair of Pools for London's Polluted River
27: Pencil vs. Camera: Illusion Drawings Pop Off the Page
27: Live Crabs, Gold Bars & iPods: 18 Weird Vending Machines
26: Urban Farm Kit: Modular Chicken Coops, Planters & Benches
26: No Life Support: 10 Abandoned Ambulance & EMS Stations
25: 12-Country Coalition: Building the Great Green Wall of Africa
24: Clever Counterfeit: Vacant Shops Pretend to be High-End
23: Playing With Food: Fruits & Vegetables as Temporary Art
23: Mobile Hotel: Converted Double-Decker Bus B&B Still Drives
22: Cocaine Skull: Life-Sized Sculpture Made of Street Drugs
22: Haunting Haikyo: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Modern Japan
21: Drop-Leaf Desk: Small Side Table Converts into Work Surface
21: Throw a Bouquet: Guerrilla Seed Bombs & Flower Grenades
20: Disappearing Bed for Tiny Flat Rolls Under Kitchen Floor
20: Trick of the Light: 12 Shining Works of Holographic Art
19: Hourglass Lamp: Grid-Free LED Powered by Falling Sand
19: Put To Sleep: 12 Sad Abandoned Pet Shops & Vet Clinics
18: LEGO Architecture Studio: Boldly Monochromatic Block Set
17: Darkened Cities: Urban Skylines Minus Light Pollution
16: Lucky Rainbow: Time Lapse Pics of Traffic Light Piercing Fog
16: 3D Cat Furniture Set: Modular Hangouts for Walls & Ceilings
15: World's Coolest Dorms: 7-Story Circular Student Housing
15: Failed Jungle Utopia: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Brazil
14: Deserted Elevator Shaft Hides Single-Room Street Museum
14: Real 3D Sketches: 3 Furniture Sets that Draw on 2D Doodles
13: Space in Miniature: Tilt-Shift Effect Shrinks Galaxies
13: By a Thread: 31 Excellent Works of Embroidered Art
12: Car-Free City: Hamburg Announces Audacious 20-Year Plan
12: Hose To Home: 10 Reverently Restored Firehouses
11: 20-Hour House: How to 3D-Print 2,500 Square Feet in 1 Day
10: Walking on Water: Fun Non-Newtonian Fluid Experiment
09: Invisible Tree: Trunk Wrapped & Camouflaged to Float on Air
09: Nautical Architectures: Electrified Reefs to Waterfall Prisons
08: House in Reverse: Rooftop Driveway Leads to Hillside Home
08: Great Blight North: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Canada
07: Hot Cup of Tub: Portable Wood-Fired Outdoor Soaking Pool
07: Nomadic Urbanism: Futuristic 'Walking City' Draws on History
06: Giants in Living Color: Massive Street Murals by Etam Cru
06: Walkability & Hyperdensity: 14 Concepts for Future Cities
05: Focus on Blur: Bokeh Cityscapes Celebrate Color & Light
05: Nix Tape: 10 Closed & Abandoned Blockbuster Stores
04: Street Smart: Intelligent Motion-Activated Outdoor Lighting
04: Naturally Us: Stunning Combinations of Nature + Humans
03: SkyCycle: London Concept Takes City Biking to New Heights
02: Fresh Spin: Rounded Space-Saving Clothes Drying Rack
02: High Security: 150 Creepy Cameras Installed on 1 Blank Wall
01: Pixelated Masterpieces: 3 Classic Paintings in LEGO Form
01: Cold Comfort: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Scandinavia

December 2013

31: Top 40 of the Year: Essential 2013 Article List for Urbanists
30: Pointing Nowhere: Mysterious Giant Arrows in Remote Places
30: Virtual & Reality: 15 New York City Data Visualizations
29: Color-Coded Cars: Time-Collapse Film Reorders Rush Hour
29: HoJo's Lost Mojo: 10 Deserted Howard Johnson's Locations
28: Secret Slums: Ramshackle Rooftop Villages of Hong Kong
27: Beer Bath: Underground Brewery Converted to Thermal Spa
26: Architectural Kaleidoscopes: Buildings Spun into Fractal Art
26: Colorful Pop-Up: City Farm Storefront for Produce & Plants
25: Choir of Retro Computers Sing a Special Christmas Carol
25: Intricate Ice Architecture: 17 Fantastic Frozen Buildings
24: Rough Sleeper: Mobile Backpack Shelter for Urban Homeless
24: Encyclopedic Landscape: Artist Carves 24-Volume Book Set
23: Lego Blocks + iPad = Classic 1984 Macintosh Computer
23: Pet Tech: 13 Goofy Gadgets For The Dogs (& Cats)
22: Slices of Home: Modular Mobile House-Shaped Micro-Rooms
22: Hopscotch Intersection: 4 Artists Hack 16 Public Crosswalks
21: Tonal Tricks and Treats: Sweets Neatly Arranged By Color
20: LEGO Hot Rod: 500,000-Piece Working Replica Runs on Air
19: Guerrilla Gardening: Shotgun Shells Filled with Flower Seeds
19: Reconstructionism: 88 Dramatic Deformations of 1 Building
18: Building for Billionaires: Luxury Tower with Car Elevators
18: Great Ghost Cities: 7 Eerie Abandoned Wonders of China
17: Urban Carousel: Merry-Go-Round Made of Shopping Cars
17: Crowdfunded Skyscraper: Record-Breaking Tower in Bogotá
16: Briefskate: Skateboard with Storage Holds Your Belongings
16: Tree Tombs & Cliffside Coffins: 13 Unique Cemeteries
15: Infinity Rooms: Mirrored Spaces Reflect Endless Starlight
15: Past Food: 10 Creepy Closed & Abandoned McDonalds Restaurants
14: Half Abandoned: Twin Townhouses Tell Two-Sided Stories
13: That's Sketchy: Rough Sketches Turned Into Real Furniture
12: Paintless Landscapes: Scenic Art Made of Light & Shadow
12: Trapdoor Secrets: Furniture Hidden Inside Floors & Ceilings
11: Puzzle Facade: Play a Building Like a Giant Rubik's Cube
11: Haunted Highlands: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Scotland
10: Parasite Tent Pods: Vertical Urban Wall Homes for Homeless
10: Cinematic Structures: Illustrating Famous Film Architecture
09: Apostrophe-Shaped Bridge Doubles as a Ride for Pedestrians
09: Bizarre Burial Boxes: 20 of the World's Weirdest Coffins
08: Shadowy Secrets: Colorful Layering Creates Trick 3D Murals
08: Larger Than Life: 10 Monuments Honoring Nelson Mandela
07: Urban Wraps: Neighborhood Scarfs Make Videos Wearable
06: Disused Salt Mines Converted to Stunning Subterranean Museum
05: 100 Cubic Meters: Split-Level Urban Micro-Condo in Madrid
05: Half Invisible: Deserted Desert Cabin Remixed with Mirrors
04: Modern Gingerbread Museums: Realistic Edible Architecture
04: The Crumbling Shire: 7 Abandoned Wonders of New Zealand
03: Real-Time Billboard: Sign Points at Actual Planes Flying By
03: Human Body Museum: Undulating Design Wins Competition
02: Surreal Subterranean Space: Hand-Carved Cave for Sale
02: Top Choppers: 15 High-Flying Helicopter Designs & Drones
01: Climbing Wall Treadmill: Exercise Machine Rocks Your House
01: Calling Home: 9 Towering Smartphone-Shaped Buildings

November 2013

30: World's Smallest Park: 2-Foot Circle in the Middle of a Street
29: 2D or Not 2D? Body Paint Illusion Makes Faces Look Flat
28: Ship Shaped: Undergound Maritime Museum in Dry Dock Void
28: Frame-Busting Art: 2D Graffiti Figures Break Free from Walls
27: Futuristic Shenzen Airport Shaped Like a Manta Ray
27: Decay Down Under: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Australia
26: Magic Cement: Hidden Concrete Patterns Appear with Water
26: Pointless Diagrams: Daily Architectural Nonsense Drawings
25: Sleep with the Fishes: Floating Underwater Hotel Room
25: It's Electric: 14 Fun and Interactive Conductive Designs
24: Dial it Down: Noise-Cancelling Device for City Street Sounds
24: Hello Good Buy: Black Friday Outside The Box
22: Secular Conversion: Historic Chapel Turned Modern Library
21: Night Graffiti: Shake-Powered LED Spray Paint Can Sleeve
21: Living Staircase: Spiral Stairs Wrapped in Organic Greenery
20: Bounce House for Adults: Blow-Up Bubble Strung with Nets
20: 14 Apps for Architects, Interior Designers & Homeowners
19: Nomadic Furniture: Backpack of Parts Creates Portable Seat
19: Boneyard Studios: Vacant Lot Hosts New Micro-Home Village
18: Flowing Forms: Curved New Cultural Center by Zaha Hadid
18: Art Aflame: 14 Pyro-Centric Sculptures & Installations
17: Sucking Smog: Electronic Vacuum Cleaner Clears City Skies
17: Aren't We Nautical: 10 Swell Ship-Shaped Buildings
16: Only in Russia: World's First Floating Nuclear Power Plant
15: Woodhouses: Photos Envision Tiny Urban Life in the Forest
14: Urban Nest: New Round Amphitheater Section for High Line
14: High-Tech Pixelstick: Light Painting in the Palm of Your Hand
13: Short Film Explores Intersection of Fashion & Architecture
13: Turn Back the Dial: 13 Retro Historical TV Set Designs
12: Garden Bridge: Lush River-Spanning High Line for London
12: Little People in Paris: 5 Tiny Street Art Scenes by Slinkachu
11: Secret Cities: Capturing Hidden Abandoned Places on Film
11: Origami-Inspired Architecture: 14 Geometric Structures
10: Real Life Instagram: Street Views Framed with Colored Filters
10: Landing Stripped: 8 Grounded & Abandoned Spaceships
09: POD in Singapore: High-Class Hostel Meets Capsule Hotel
08: Amphitheater of the Dead: Hong Kong Hillside Cemeteries
07: Strung Along: Twine Guides Visitors Through Abandonments
07: Blanking Banksy: Artists & City Paint Over Pricey NYC Graffiti
06: The Fabric of Guilt: Photorealistic Woven Textile Mug Shots
06: 12 Worthy Winners: 2013 World Architecture Festival Awards
05: Phonebloks Unlocked: Google Backs Modular Mobile Phone
05: Rural Urbanism: Forest Community of One-Pole Tree Houses
04: Skinned Buildings: Latex Casts of Derelict Urban Surfaces
04: The Art of Tranquility: 14 Modern Tea House Designs
03: Free T-Shirt & Final Tag: Banksy's Goodbye to New York City
03: Sounds Of Sirens: 10 Alarmingly Abandoned Firehalls
02: Interactive Sculpture Echoes the Movements of Spectators
01: Steampunk Flea: Mechanical Insects by Dimitry Valchev

October 2013

31: Dino-Lanterns: Multi-Pumpkin Carving Exhibit Goes Jurassic
31: Tactile Technology: 13 Off-Screen Touch Input Inventions
30: Weightless Space: Ghostly Floating Room Hovers in Midair
30: Dark Tower: Decay Inside Africa's Tallest Apartment Complex
29: Invisible Skyway: Urban Optical Illusions Conceal & Distort
29: One-of-a-Kind Dollhouses Designed by 20 Famous Architects
28: Amazon Biosphere: Retailer Gets Glass Dome Headquarters
28: Glow in the Dark World: 12 Smart Illuminated Inventions
27: Details & Diagrams: ,000 IKEA Flat-Pack Refugee Shelter
27: Retro Rockets: 9 Outrageous Roadgoing Spaceships
26: Talking Windows: Trains Deliver Ads Directly into Your Head
25: Art Wars: Stormtrooper Helmets Get a Colorful Makeover
24: Real Street Photographer Documents Virtual Life in GTA V
24: 99% Invisible: 7 Episodes of the Best Radio Show on Design
23: Place Vendome in Paris Gets Giant Bird Nest Tree Huts
23: Awe-Inspiring Art: 14 More Masters of Paper Sculpture
22: Busy Banksy: New Street Art Spans All 5 Boroughs of NYC
22: Explore Everything: Epic Book Shows How to Hack Cities
21: Yellow Submarine: Abandoned Car Turned Colorful Street Art
21: Fake Banksy: 40 Forgeries Sold in 1 Hour on Streets of NYC
21: School's Out Forever: 12 Crazy DIY Converted Bus Homes
20: Urban Niche: Townhouse & Courtyard Fill Thin Lot in Hanoi
20: Don't Tag Me Bro: The World's 9 Most Vandalized Landmarks
19: Rocket Man: Going POV With a Real Parkour Expert [Videos]
18: Coming Next Year: World's First Floating Apartment Complex
17: Modified Water Bike: Inventor Commutes San Francisco Bay
17: Across the Country in 12 Images: 6,000 Wild Miles of America
16: A Tree Grows Inside This Modern Cylindrical Glass House
16: Clever Cord Organization: 14 Solutions to Manage Clutter
15: One-Handed, Color-Coded First Aid Kit for Fast & Easy Use
15: Fine Art of Architecture: B&W Photography by Joel Tjintjelaar
14: Priceless: Banksy Shop in NYC Sells Art to Clueless Public
14: Wild Water Crossings: 14 Bold & Crazy Bridge Concepts
13: Bubble Hotels: Spacious Spherical Retreats Set in Nature
13: Candy Corn-ucopia! 9 Sick Sweet Seasonal Snack Spinoffs
12: Unbelievable Illusions: Adding a 3rd Dimension to 2D Surface
11: Indoor Camping: Vintage RVs Reclaimed as Hostel Rooms
10: 144-Year Building: 3D Animation Completes Famous Basilica
10: Secret Graffiti: Railings Reveal Art Only at the Right Angle
09: 3D Printer Bot Creates Perfect Replicas of Classic Paintings
09: The City is a Playground: 15 Interactive Installations
08: Converted Clock Tower: Ultimate Urban Loft with a View
08: Edgy Art: Fore-Edge Paintings Hidden in Historical Books
07: Banksy Tags Manhattan: Fresh New Graffiti Live from NYC
07: House of Hemp and Blood: 16 Futuristic Building Materials
06: LiftBed & BedUp: 2 Space-Saving Beds Stored on Ceilings
06: At The Hops: 9 Loud & Proud Rock 'n' Roll Beers
05: Cardboard Cathedral: Temporary Structure Acts as Placeholder
04: Abandoned Land of Oz Theme Park Opens for Two Days
03: Baroque Parking Garage Challenges Blind Civic Historicism
03: The Fallen: 9000 Figures Hand-Drawn in the Sand for D-Day
02: Abandoned Intervention: Sliding Facade Reveals Decay
02: Imaginary Landscapes: 18 Digital Art Fantasy Worlds
01: Bunker City: Underground Suburb for Survivalist Community
01: Multi-Building Murals: Repainting a 100-Home Neighborhood

September 2013

30: Guerrilla Wayfinding: User-Powered Signs Aid Exploration
30: Retro Rail: 14 Real & Visionary Historic Monorail Designs
29: Painting as Protest: Rainbow Stairs Spark Guerilla Reaction
29: Floors So Vain: The World’s Ten Tallest Vanity Heights
28: Ghost Food: A Conceptual Taste of the Future of Eating
27: Secret Operation: Flightless Aircraft is a Research Station
26: Skyscraper Slums: Insider Tour of World's Tallest Tent City
26: Tensile Table: Floating Wood Furniture Levitates via Magnets
25: Blow-Up Building: Inflatable Concert Hall Tours Japan
25: Underground but Overboard: 15 Extreme Subway Stations
24: Storefront Transformer: Magic Box Reprograms Empty Space
24: Flying Robots: 6 Stunning Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Projects
23: Word Worship: Church Converted to Awe-Inspiring Bookstore
23: Submarine Structures: 7 Wonders of Underwater Architecture
22: Chromatic Vortex: 3D Art from 4,416 Sheets of Photo Paper
22: The Unloved Boats: 8 Abandoned Cruise Ships & Liners
21: Reactive Light Sculpture Illuminates a Tunnel + Your Mind
20: Gas Station to Sheep Pasture: NYC Urban Intervention
19: NeverWet Graffiti: Invisible-Ink Street Art Shows Up in Rain
19: Constant Motion: Open-Plan, Puzzle-Piece Apartment Design
18: Digital Grotesque: Intricate Full-Scale 3D Printed Room
18: Will That Fly? 17 Imaginary Vehicle & Aircraft Concepts
17: 50 Years, 1 Imagination: Man Draws 2000 Sq Ft Map by Hand
17: Reconstructed Destruction: Flyover of Bombed WWII Warsaw
16: Crazy Cakes: 30-Foot Tentacle Leads to Edible Kraken
16: Sky Bridges: 14 Aerial Structures that Span Skyscrapers
15: House of Glass: Cabin Facade from Antique Window Frames
15: Is It Safe? Nine Creepy Abandoned Dentist Offices
14: Panoramic Rainbow: Circular Space Spans Color Spectrum
13: Chaos Reborn: Kowloon Walled City Rebuilt as Arcade
12: Clear Skies Ahead: Quest for a Complete Global Aerial Atlas
12: Street Art, Decades Apart: 40 Then & Now Graffiti Photos
11: In Orbit: Transparent Suspended Net Playground in the Sky
11: Beyond Google Glass: 13 Real-Life Wearable Tech Inventions
10: Starry Light: Hand-Crafted Shell Lamps Cast Stellar Patterns
10: Suburb-Terranean: 70s Bunker Home Simulates Day & Night
09: Tall Temple: Bizarre Rooftop Palace on Chinese Skyscraper
09: Religious Conversions: 15 Houses of Worship Turned Secular
08: 4-Dimensional Photography: Artistic Time-Lapse City Collages
08: Transits Of Venus: 8 Women-Only Subway & Train Cars
07: Deserted Paris of the East: Chinese Replica Now Ghost City
06: Destroyed Cathedral: Rare Photos Offer Glimpse Into WWI
05: Curved Skyscraper Melts Cars, Starts Fires with Heat of Sun
05: Live Between Buildings: Narrow Micro-Homes Fill City Gaps
04: Zaha Hadid's Apartment Block Overlooking NYC High Line
04: Wearable Tech of the (Distant) Future: 13 Sci-Fi Suits
03: Swiss-Army Bathroom: Spine-Inspired Space-Saving Design
03: Indoor Skydiving Inside Concrete Silos & Cargo Containers
02: Macro to Micro: Intricate Paper Cut Art Inspired by Nature
02: Leisure in the Sky: 13 Elevated Railway + Rooftop Parks
01: Scanning The Skyline: 10 Bizarre Barcode Buildings

August 2013

31: A Closer Look: Super-Simple Macro Lens for Smartphones
30: Abandoned Quarry to Ice World: Pit Reclaimed as Resort
29: Stack on Sheets: Minimalist Printer Needs No Paper Tray
29: Animal House: Woodland Creatures Adopt Deserted Cabins
28: Forest Pavilion is World's First 3D-Printed Architecture
28: Car Parks or Works of Art: 14 Exemplary Parking Facilities
27: Micro-Cities: Tiny Buildings Fuel Miniature Urban Renewal
27: 15-Year Photo Project: Construction of a 150-Year Bridge
26: Human Harp: Suspension Cables on Bridge Make Music
26: Parasitic Architecture: 15 Precariously Perched Structures
25: Beautifully Simple: School Bus Turned Minimal Mobile Home
25: Trouble Feature: 10 Abandoned Drive-In Movie Theaters
24: Taking Names: Famous Logos Without Their Brand Names
23: Bubble of Fear: Surreal Photo Series Highlights Fukushima
22: Porta-Park: Mobile Urban Square the Size of a Parking Spot
22: Mountaintop Museum: Underground Rooms Tunnel into Peak
21: LEGO Brooklyn: Artist Recreates Borough with Plastic Blocks
21: Rad Restroom Designs: 15 Actually-Awesome Public Potties
20: Second Skin: Kevlar Backpack for Life & Travel in War Zones
20: Ghost Architecture: Unconscious Art of Building Demolition
19: Nextdoor App Lets You Get to Know Your Neighbors, Virtually
19: 7 Crazy Theories About Life, The Universe & Everything
18: Street Origami: 30,000 Pieces Folded to Create Colorful Art
18: Good Pie & Farewell: 10 Crusty Old Abandoned Pizzerias
17: 4 Scenes in 1 Photo: Illusion You Have to See to Disbelieve
16: Crack the Code in London Street Art Created for Tech Fest
15: Book of Cities: Rise & Fall of 10 Places Over 200 Years
15: House Turned Inside Out: All Walls Cut, Flipped & Reattached
14: Is This 3D-Printed Robot The Future of Surveillance?
14: PhotoFuture: 13 Innovative & Intelligent Digital Cameras
13: Human Interest: Homeless Dogs Given Hope-Filled Balloons
13: Penthouse Mountain: Stone Villa Tops Chinese Condo Tower
12: Block Out Bad Smells with Decorative Air Purifying Collar
12: Forgotten Cities: 7 Unbuilt Urban Wonders of the World
11: Error of Omission: 50-Floor Skyscraper Lacking an Elevator
11: Royal Blush: Japan's Abandoned Queen Chateau Soapland
10: Heart of the Home Laid Open: Intimate Kitchen Portraits
09: Bone Flowers: Sculptures Made of Rodent Skeletons
08: Urban Turf: Mini Gardens atop Window Air Conditioning Units
08: Transformer Theater: Deserted House, Upcycled in Disguise
07: Walking Shelter: Sneakers Expand Into Human-Frame Tent
07: Add-On Gadgets: 15 Cool Devices For Your Smart Phone
06: Virtual Interior Design: Augmented Reality IKEA 2014 Catalog
06: Building Fragments: 20 Surreal Reconstructed Photographs
05: Abandoned Bridge Amphitheater Reclaims Urban Space
05: Dental Nightmare: 17 Truly Terrifying Tooth-Related Objects
04: Dark City: Giant Mirrors Aim to Illuminate Town in Shadows
04: You're Fired: 9 Smokin' Hot Abandoned Match Factories
03: Gravity-Defying House Gives Visitors Climbing Power
02: Crawling Cities: 3D-Printed Shells for Hermit Crabs
01: Glassless Bottles: Ice Beverage Containers Keep Cola Cool
01: Center of Infinity: 360-Degree House Defies Dimensionality

July 2013

31: Learn Modern Architecture Principles with New LEGO Kit
31: Desolate Desertions: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Antarctica
30: Leisure Dives: Planking Meets Parkour & Midair Photography
30: Dense City: Photos Show Tightly-Packed Hong Kong Towers
29: Painted Shadows: Dark Art Haunts Deserted Psychiatric Hospital
29: Small Space Design: 15 Fold-Up, All-In-One Bathrooms
28: Time-Lapse Tagging: Short Film Reveals Secrets of Graffiti
28: End Of The Story: 12 Abandoned & Forgotten Bookmobiles
27: Escher + Inception: Tour a Digital World that Defies Physics
26: Reflections: China's Lost Lakes Resurface in Urban Beijing
25: Sea Fort Retreat: Island Hotel in 1860s British Harbor Base
25: Animated History of Western Architecture in Just 15 Minutes
24: Contemporary House Inserted into Crumbling Castle Ruins
24: Mansions to Mines: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Modern Africa
23: Art of Absence: Brick Street Mural Made of Unpainted Void
23: Self-Sufficient City: Zero-Waste, Carbon-Neutral & Car-Free
22: Secret Museum Hidden in an Abandoned Freight Elevator
22: Steps to Saving Space: 15 Compact Stair Designs for Lofts
21: Wheel House: Circular Hobo Home is a Rolling Circus Marvel
21: Cute, Kitschy, Cool: 12 Clever Chinese Desk Fan Designs
20: From Abstract to Actual: Unrealistic Art Models Made Real
19: Suburban Intervention: Homes Altered, Then Set Ablaze
18: Sandcastle Suburbs: Beach Buildings Form Fragile Sprawl
18: 3D-Printed Prosthesis: Custom Casts & Artificial Limb Covers
17: City Evolution: Watch Urban Growth in 3D Visualizations
17: Cradle to Graveyard: 7 Abandoned Wonders of the Middle East
17: Piercing Images: 10 Shockingly Extreme Body Modifications
16: Building Eraser: Smart Robot Scans & Deconstructs Concrete
16: 20 Million Sq Ft: World's Biggest Building Opens in China
15: 3B Printing: Bees Create Bottle for Dewar's Whiskey
15: Urban Apps: 13 Interactive City Maps, Tools & Guides
14: Urban Fabric: Stretched, Stitched & Suspended Mobile Home
14: Highest Steam: 9 Abandoned Railroad & Train Bridge Trestles
12: Painting Robot Plans Each Stroke Of Its Own Masterpieces
11: On Not Off: Giant Light Switch Mural is Brilliantly Literal
11: Vertical Garage: Hide Cars Below or Lift Your Ride to the Sky
10: Stair Rover Goes Where Other Skateboards Can't
10: Fold-Out Room: 12 Ultra-Compact Living Pods & Systems
09: Iris the Eye-Controlled Camera: Blink Twice to Take a Picture
09: Sibling Spaces: Modular Rooms Made for Brother & Sister
08: Billboard Trailers Turned into Tiny Parasite Apartments
08: Bizarre Inventions: 15 Idiotic Ideas from the Past
07: Love Hurts: First Aid Kit to Help Survive a Broken Heart
07: Peking Yuck: The 9 Worst Statues In China
06: Stoned Hipsters: Ancient Greeks in Modern Hipster Attire
05: ZIG: Modular Furniture Lets You Build to Suit Your Space
04: Orwellian Birthday: Party Hats Put on Public CCTV Cameras
04: Wooden Skyscraper: 34 Stories of Stick-Framed Architecture
03: Retro Restoration: Abandoned Space Age Bungalows
03: Rare Visions of the Past: 30 Old Color Photographs
02: Top of the World: Photos & Videos from Atop Tallest Towers
02: Redefining Rustic Materials: 6 Modern Log Furniture Makers
01: Tiny Row House Installation Restores Missing Addresses
01: War and Peace: 15 Repurposed Military Structures

June 2013

30: Paper City Animation: "Rise & Fold" of a Fragile Metropolis
30: Ziggurat Hat: Deconstructing The DEVO Energy Dome
29: Street Mural Turns Into an Animation as People Drive By
28: Captive Imagination: Terrifying DIY Prison Tattoo Machines
27: Social Signage: Digital Street Sign Gives Dynamic Directions
27: LEGO House: Experience Center Made of Interlocking Blocks
26: Accidental Art: Apple Maps Glitches Create Surreal Scenes
26: Chindogu: 14 Hilarious and Strange Japanese Inventions
25: Insanely Ingenious: Longboard Stroller for Daredevil Parents
25: Little & Local: Staircase Cinema & Sidewalk Library Projects
24: Type Face: Monumental Figurative Sculptures Made of Text
24: Urban Time Lapse: 15 Videos Show Cities at Super Speeds
23: Street Retouch: Bus Riders Get Live Photoshop Treatment
23: Swirl World: 9 Cool McFlurry Flavors You Can't Get Here
22: An Entire Amusement Park Smashed Into a Four-Ton Cube
21: Kim Jong Il Leaves an Unusual Architectural Legacy
20: Nail House: Holdout Building Had Highway Built Around It
20: Secret Speakeasy: Abandoned Water Tower Nightclub in NYC
19: 15 of the World's Weirdest Low-Tech Film Cameras
18: Unauthorized Installations: The Fine Art of Urban Subversion
18: Walk on Water: Hydro-Floors Hide Secret Swimming Pools
17: Colorful Contrast: Geometric Street Paintings in France
17: Decor on Demand: 14 3D-Printed Home Accents
16: Floating on Ephemerisle: Seasteading Event ala Burning Man
16: Go Somewhere Else: 8 Abandoned Roadside Rest Stops
15: Generosity in a Can: Coke Can Splits in Half for Sharing
14: Hell is Other People: Avoid Your Friends Using Social Media
13: Cellograff: Wall-Free Graffiti Sprayed on Clear Cellophane
13: Sky Park: Design Idea Floats City Block Over Penn Station
12: Floating Egg-Shaped Office is a Self-Sustaining Work Space
12: The Red Menace: 15 Vintage Anti-Communist Ads & Propaganda
11: GoGo & Multiplo: Modular Building Blocks for Kids & Adults
10: Elastic Living: Sliding Shelves Hide Modular Rooms
10: Abandoned on Film: 15 Terrifying Desolate Movie Settings
09: Natural Lighting: Grow Your Own Glow-in-the-Dark Plants
09: As The Whirl Turns: 9 Abandoned Heliports & Helipads
08: Useful Billboards? Advertisements Extend Into Urban Space
07: Sound in Sand: Complex Visualizations of Audio Frequencies
06: Tag Clouds & More: Geek Street Artist Remakes Messy Graffiti
06: Ground, Up! Curved Green Sky Gardens Wrap Tower Hotel
05: Living Architecture: Evolving Pavilion Made by Silk Worms
05: Record Breakers: 7 Vehicular Wonders of the World
05: Flat-Pack Emergency Shelters Slot Together Like Puzzles
04: Windows of New York: Weekly Documentary Design Project
04: Borrowed from Libraries: Mobile Shelving for Modular Rooms
03: Roaming Market: Modern Update on 16th Century Tradition
03: Futuristic Food: 14 Edible Wonders of 3D-Printing Technology
02: Urban Hybrid: Double-Exposure Photos Fuse London & NYC
02: Ding Dong! A Dozen Delightfully Daffy Doorbell Designs
01: Smart Glass: Flip a Switch to Make Opaque Turn Transparent

May 2013

31: Thinker Thing: 3D-Printed Object Made Using Brain Waves
30: Binder Clip Handbag: Office Product-Inspired Tote Purse
30: Botel: Floating Hotel with Modular Detachable Room Boats
29: Abandoned Philadelphia: The Divine Lorraine Hotel
29: Painted People: 31 Works of Art on Human Canvas
28: Musical Urban Design: Rube Goldberg-Style Rain Drains
28: Edge Cases: 8 Space-Saving Design Ideas for Inside Corners
27: SoundTank: Mobile Sound System or Armored Vehicle?
27: 21st Century Cookout: 16 Modern Grills & Outdoor Kitchens
26: Woodskin: Flexible Hybrid Material Makes Wood Modular
26: Last Call: 11 Drunk Dry Abandoned Liquor Stores
25: Kite Cameras: Aerial Photography Accessible to Anyone
24: World's Largest LEGO Model: Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter
23: Philography: Complex Philosophy Meets Graphic Simplicity
23: Tinshed: Home Rebuilt from Shreds of Scrappy Shack
22: Laser-Cut Record: Music Etched Onto Slices of Wood
22: Future Perfect: 7 Potential Wonders of the World
21: Solar Socket: Portable Plug-In Creates Free Energy to Go
21: Earthscraper: Inverted Pyramid Spans 1000 Vertical Feet Down
20: Infinite Garden Multiplies Miniature Forest with Mirrors
20: Alternative Landmarks: 12 Monuments As They Almost Were
19: Spectral Studio: 20 Sq M Space Uses Light & Dark as Decor
19: Scooped: 12 Chilled Out Abandoned Ice Cream Stands
18: Find the Perfect Parking Spot Before You Even Leave Home
17: NeoLucida: Optical Drawing Tool Lets You Trace Real Life
16: Small Worlds: Strange & Shocking Miniature City Scenes
16: Under 400 SF: New Modular Micro-Apartments for NYC
15: Wearable Tech: Mask Gives Users Superhuman Senses
15: Future Present: 7 Soon-to-Be Wonders of Technology
14: Sideways Street Art: Muralist Makes Figures Walk on Walls
14: Hidden Depths: Architectural Illusion Unfolds Underground
13: Test Your Geography Skills with Google Maps Game
13: Fit for a Villain: 12 Surprisingly Homey Underground Lairs
12: Fighting the Future: 3D-Printed Gun Fired, Blocked by US
12: Can't Be Shaved: 12 Abandoned Barber Shops
11: Amphibious Architecture: Foundations Float Above Floods
10: GIF-fiti: Trippy Animated Street Art Photos by INSA
09: Modular Bright Idea: Colorful São Paulo Sidewalk Tea Shop
09: Hidden Hotline: Only Kids Can See this Lenticular Message
08: Creepy Portraits Made Using DNA from Gum & Smokes
08: Future Past: 7 Weird Wonders Predicted 100+ Years Ago
07: Vertical Horizon: Urban Photographs Turn City Upside Down
07: Odd-Wheel Wonders: 11 Novel Vehicles with 1 or 3 Wheels
06: Abandoned Asylums in Focus: Photos by Jeremy Harris
06: Kids' Rooms Rule: 32 Creative & Fun Bedrooms for Children
05: Different Strokes: Strange Paintbrushes Promote Creativity
05: Company Capers: Ten Terrible Corporate Superheroes
04: The Stunning Instrument That Sounds Like an Orchestra
03: Constellation Portraits: Thread Wrapped Around Nails
02: All-in-One Bicycle Helmet: Sleek Integrated Lights & Signals
02: Algae-Fueled Building: World's First Bio-Adaptive Facade
01: No Canvas Too Small for Intricate Masterpieces by Hasan Kale
01: High Tech to High Fashion: Upscale 3D-Printed Designs

April 2013

30: Symbiotic Design: Life-Saving Meds Hide in Spare Space
30: In The Fold: 10 Futuristic Folding + Flexible Computer Ideas
29: Buildings That Don't Exist: Fake Facades Hide Infrastructure
29: Private Playgrounds: 13 Amazingly Fun Houses
28: Fill in the Blanks: Illustrated Sky Spaces Between Buildings
28: Child's Place: 10 Eerie Abandoned Orphanages
27: Brand Re-Versioning: Trading Logos with the Competition
26: The Wilds of Panama City: New Street Art Animals by ROA
25: Origami Kayak: Packs Flat, Folds Up to Form its Own Case
24: World's Most Powerful Man-Made Tornado in a Museum
24: Swinging Times: 13 Stylish & Fun Indoor Swings
23: Lunar Power: Solar Spheres Energized by Both Sun & Moon
23: Seconds to Years: 2 Scales of Time-Lapse Photography
22: Intoxication, Captured: Frantic Head-Spinning Oil Paintings
22: Submerged Cities: 7 Underwater Wonders of the World
21: Perfect Pitch: Impossibly Starry City Skies in Blackest Night
21: Dialed In: 15 Cool & Quirky Radio Design Concepts
20: Cranking Out Memories: Analog Playback for Digital Videos
19: Abandoned Tunnel Used for Secret Race Car Testing
18: Origami Shelter: Instant Flat-Pack Architecture on Demand
18: Offcut Cityscapes: Sketching Sculptures with Band Saws
17: Virtual Retail Stores Repurpose Unused Public Spaces
17: Bottle & Sell It: 14 Designer Bottles that Break the Mold
16: Warped Reality: Media Mis-Coverage of Invisibility Cloak
16: Static Flip Books: 360-Degree Scenes in Panoramic Pages
15: Livable Billboard Offers Artists a Temporary Home
15: Hidden in History: 7 Top-Secret Architectural World Wonders
14: As Seen on TV: Floor Plans from Famous Television Series
14: All Bets Are Off: 10 Crapped-Out Abandoned Casinos
12: Heat-Sensitive Business Cards Take On Temporary Images
11: Rendering the Digital Physical: 10 Bitcoin Designs & Ideas
11: Tag Before the Tide: Temporary 3D Sand Graffiti by DAIM
10: Sleeping Around: Pop-Up Hotel in a Shipping Container
10: Performance Architecture: 10 Dramatic Opera Sets & Stages
09: Recovering Literature: Bold Classic Book Cover Redesigns
09: Future Architecture: 7 Surreal Award-Winning Skyscrapers
08: Lawless Metropolis: Life in Kowloon Walled City, Then & Now
08: 7 Destroyed Architectural Wonders of the Modern World
07: Liu Bolin is Back: 'Invisible Man' Artist (Dis)Appears Again
07: Game, Cassette, Match: 10 Abandoned Video Stores
06: Revealing Historical Photos Show US White House Gutted
05: Exotic Green Getaway: Lush Villa Made of Local Materials
04: Photoshop in Real Life: Portrait Series Takes Tools Literally
04: Eyebombing: 21 Street Artworks Utilize 42+ Googly Eyes
03: Ruin Academy: Urban Lab in an Abandoned Building
03: Frightening Archaeological Finds: 15 Odd Human Remains
02: Transforming Dhaus Designers Announce Origamic DTable
02: Visionary Videos: 7 Awe-Inspiring TED Talks on Architecture
01: Stealth Wear: Counter-Surveillance Fashion Protects Privacy
01: The Future That Never Was: 12 Funny Gadget Predictions

March 2013

31: Drive & Live Off Grid: Convertible Mobile Caravan Concept
31: Drowned Out: 9 Abandoned Lifeguard Huts & Towers
30: Hotel on Wheels: Portable Room Travels the World With You
29: Traditional to Contemporary: 6 Cool Custom Bedroom Lofts
28: Colorful & Cozy: Striking Series of Lofted Kids Bedroom Sets
28: World's First Mobile Research Station Opens in Antarctica
27: Tons of Art: Christo Unveils World's Largest Indoor Sculpture
27: Of Love & War: 3D Printing Dazzling Dresses & Daring Guns
26: Shadow Sculptures: Illusions from Clumps of Junk
26: Twin Tree-Covered Towers: The World's First Vertical Forests
25: Not Photoshopped: New Optical Illusions by Felice Varini
25: Domestic Daredevils: 12 Insanely Cool Home Climbing Walls
24: Cool Colors: Rainbow Igloo Built of 500 Translucent Blocks
24: Bread Balks: 13 Old & Moldy Abandoned Bakeries
23: Geometric Projections: Light Art Radically Reshapes Nature
22: Treehouse Taster: 3 Wildly Different Types of Tree Houses
21: Body Paint Illusions Transform Human Models into Animals
21: A+ Architecture: The World's Most Dazzling Designs
20: Doing it Wrong: Funny Photo-Edited Urban Improbabilities
20: Stop Shops: Virtual Store Shelves in Subway & Bus Stations
19: Waste Not: 1890s Urinal Turned into a Sandwich Shop
19: Self Snuggling: 7 Super-Cozy Full Body-Wrapping Seats
18: Algaculture: Symbiosis Suit Produces Food from Breath
18: Image Hacking: 40+ Glitch Art Photos, Paintings & Videos
17: High Seas Venture: SF Tech Incubator in International Waters
17: Going Downhill Fast: 12 Abandoned Ski Resorts
16: Elemental Elegance: 14 Amazing Photographs of Elements
15: Tentsile: Extreme Travel Tree Tents Hang Like Hammocks
14: Not a Glitch: Cabinet Carved with Disorienting Design
14: Mobile 3D-Printed House Factory in a Shipping Container
13: LEGO Abandonments: Home-Made Model Haunted Houses
12: Tentacle-Like Tubular Slide Swirls Through NYC Penthouse
12: Pirate Island Radio Station Invaded, Dismantled & Rebuilt
11: Abandoned Power Station Transformed into a Roller Coaster
11: Architecturally Literate: 13 Built Alphabets Spell Design
10: Hunt, Peck & Paint: Chromatic Typewriter Prints Landscapes
10: Case Closed: 12 Locked Down Abandoned Police Stations
08: Homeless Hotel: Radical Urban Retreat has No Rooms, Ever
07: Temporary Urban Coffee Farm Grows & Sells Bean Brew
07: Vertical Landfill: Monument to Civilization Honors Our Trash
06: Lunar Soil Structures: 3D-Printing Dwellings on the Moon
06: Preservation Puzzle: Extreme Ideas to Save an Urban Facade
05: 3D Printed Car is Strong, Light and Close to Production
05: Airborne Architecture: 12 Images of Flying French Houses
04: Harvest Energy from Power Lines to Recharge Your Batteries
04: 7 Monumental Abandoned Wonders of Military Architecture
03: Works of Impossible Architecture Built from Found Photos
03: Slam Drunk: 12 Weird, Wild & Wacky Basketball Courts
02: A Million Times: Clock Wall is a Moving Art Installation
01: Wiki Your City: Mobile App Lets You Geo-Tag Articles

February 2013

28: The Silent Valley: Landscapes Overtaken by Urbanization
28: Cloud Station: Floating Helium Roof for Ukraine Transit Hub
27: Future Skyscraper: Arup Presents Awesome Vision for 2050
27: Making It: 10 (More!) Futuristic Materials That Exist Today
26: Give Your Eyeteeth: Surreal Hyper-Realistic Lip Makeup
26: Custom Redress: 7 DIY Clothing Designs, Ideas & Reuses
25: Abandoned App Leads You to Local Urban Exploration Sites
25: Factory to Self-Fabrication: 14 3D-Printed Design Objects
24: Spiral Out of Control: Guggenheim Museum Extension Idea
24: Off The Deep End: 12 Abandoned Swimming Pools
23: Flexible Paper Sculptures Bend Reality + Warp Perceptions
22: Lessons in Graffiti: Math Symbols Make Street Art Equations
21: Lullaby Factory: Fanciful Installation for Children's Hospital
21: Transportable Tourist Towers Provide Stackable Housing
20: 3D-Printing Pen: Draw Sculptures with this Magical Marker
20: City Cycle: Curved Urban Tread Wraps 'Round Bike Tire
19: Abandoned Church Becomes Brilliant Urban Art Installation
19: 5 Room-in-a-Box Designs Form 100% Modular Home Interior
18: Retro Hover Cars: Editing Photos to Float Vintage Rides
18: Modern Design Meets Tradition in 12 Japanese Homes
17: Sleek Internet Logos Echo Metal-Etched Japanese Cameras
17: Going Postal: 12 Stamped Out & Abandoned Post Offices
15: Expand on Demand: Secret Deck Spaces for Small Dwellings
14: Surreal La Balade des Gnomes Hotel Offers Fantasy Getaway
14: Nest-Like 3D Printed House Will be Assembled in a Day
13: Möbius Strip: Plans to Build World's First 3D-Printed House
13: Printing Prospects: 10 Hi-Tech Printer Prototypes & Concepts
12: Subterranean Quarry Hotel to Extend 328 Feet Underground
12: Faux Facades: Fake Buildings Hide Trains, Power & More
11: Car-Free City: China Builds Dense Metropolis from Scratch
11: Maldives & More: 12 Envy-Worthy Resorts of the Rich
10: Trap Streets & Rooms: Cartographic Errors Catch Copycats
10: Gone Fission: 11 Unfinished Nuclear Power Plants
09: Hybrid Library: QR Codes Access eBooks in Subway Station
08: Church Bells To Doorbells: 8 Churches Turned Into Homes
07: Engineering Marvel: The Mysterious Ruins of Nan Madol
07: Abandoned Cement Factory & Silos Transformed into Offices
06: E-Ink Keyboard: Letter Keys Morph into Custom Symbols
06: Intelligent Interstates: 5 High-Tech 'Smart Highway' Systems
05: Paper Cuts: 40 Puzzling Pop Culture Silhouettes
05: Self-Defense Decor: 3 Furshings Fend Off Home Invaders
04: Marvelous Muralist Makes Giant-Sized Street Art Illusions
04: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Residential Architecture
03: Invisible Apparel: Material-Free Dresses Made of Light
03: Windows Zero: 9 Telecom Infrastructure Buildings
02: Recycled Cargo Container Bridge Spans Environmental Gap
01: Instant Abandonment: Faux Desert City Built to be Bombed

January 2013

31: Google Maps-Inspired Birdhouse Guides Birds Home
31: City Camouflage: Ugly Public Buildings in Disguise
30: Incredible Shrinking Building: Top-Down Demolition in Style
30: Crafty Modernist Birdhouses Sing Mid-Century Melodies
29: Prototype to Reality: Super Space-Saving Bedroom Set
29: Rein-Vend: 7 Converted, New & Reverse Vending Machines
28: Tagtool iPad App Lets You Paint Your City with Light
28: Futuristic Fashion: 35 Out-of-this-World Designer Looks
27: Mirrored Street Facade Art Turns Pedestrians into Acrobats
27: Trouble Brewing: 12 De-alcoholized Abandoned Breweries
26: 4-Foot-Wide Home in Poland is Now Thinnest in the World
25: These Aren't Photos: 28 Examples of Hyper Realistic Art
24: Secret Spirals: Underground Home Wine Cellar Spaces
24: 5M SF of Sleek: World's Largest Subterranean Rail Station
23: Brick Farmhouse Facade Illusion via Photo-Printed Glass
23: Real-Life Tetris: Items Fit Perfectly in Street Sculptures
22: Urban Green: 8 Ingenious Small-Space Window Garden Ideas
21: No Wi-Fi Zones: Taking a Break from Constant Connection
21: Monastic Marvels: 12 Cliffside & Mountaintop Monasteries
20: Augmented 3D Printing: Architectural Model Overlay App
20: Coast Stories: 9 More Abandoned Lighthouses
19: Warped Materials: Unusual Rubber, Wood & Metal Furnitures
18: Wild Horses: The Art of Making a Real 3D Poster
17: Cloud Machine Lets You Play God by Modifying the Weather
17: Inventionland Offices: From Tree Houses to Race Tracks
16: Pirated Architecture: Chinese Copies of Famous Buildings
16: Face Books: 4 Written Portraits form 3D Autobiographies
15: Hidden Beauty: Savvy Secret Room & Passageway Engineers
15: Retro Redial: 8 Creative Phone Booth Conversion Projects
14: Utopian 'Private City' Envisioned as Crime-Free Urban Oasis
14: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Institutional Architecture
13: The ABC of Architects: 26 Famous Buildings in 100 Seconds
13: Crossed Up: 9 Twisted Swastika-Shaped Buildings
11: Annemarie Busschers: 11 Clearer Than Life Portraits
10: Surround Screen: 'Illumiroom' Immersive Gaming Projection
10: Shophouses: 6 Ultra-Small Urban Live-and-Work Spaces
09: Power of Books: 6 Graphic Illustrations of Literal Imaginings
09: Extreme Room Service: Space Hotel is Surprisingly Spacious
08: Stylish New AK47 Home Storage Solutions Really Pop
07: Your Text Here: Messages of Light Displayed on Buildings
07: 7 Abandoned Wonders of Commercial & Industrial Architecture
06: Penny Wise: 12 Cool Copper-Clad Buildings
04: 6 Popcorn-Spilling, Oscar-Worthy Themed Home Theaters
03: Resource Furniture: Convertible Designs for Small Spaces
03: Architecture Meets Fashion: Shoes by Hadid, Gehry & More
02: Tidying Up Art: Messy Masterpieces Made Neat & Clean
02: Touchy Instrument Turns Literal Beets Into Figurative Beats
01: Wrap Recap: Best 10 DIY Xmas Gift Wrappings from Reddit

December 2012

31: Ad-Free Advertising: A Void Billboard of Nothingness
31: Branch Out: 20 Organic Tree Houses Are Naturally Amazing
30: Beautiful Suspended Bridge Hangs from Helium Balloons
30: In The Doghouse Again: 13 Odd Animal-Shaped Buildings
29: Clear Sailing: Cleverly Transparent Canoes & Kayaks
28: 13 DIY Pallet Projects To Load Your House With Charm
27: Ultimate Wooden House Made of Jenga-Like Stacked Beams
26: Sunken Memorial Garden Sliced into Submerged Cruise Ship
26: More Real Than Reality: 7 Artsy Augmented Reality Projects
25: 21 Retro Travel Posters Feature Fantasy & Sci-Fi Destinations
24: Architecture for the Apocalypse: NYC as a Heritage Site
24: Only in Japan : 13 Odd Houses by Suppose Design Office
23: Matthew Christopher: Photographer of Abandoned Places
23: Creative Fuel: 12 Appealingly Painted Oil Storage Tanks
21: Don't Trip: 4 Dizzying Rooms by 1 Surrealist Spatial Artist
20: Pixelated and Underwater: Azuma Makoto's Bonsai Art
20: Shell-Shaped Shoffice: Backyard Shed/Office Combo
19: DIY Civilization: 40-Part Post-Apocalypse Construction Kit
18: Roaringly Realistic Animal Chairs by Maximo Riera
18: Absolutely Absurd: 18 Playful Furniture Pieces for All Ages
17: Dystopian Dumpster Living: Trash Bins Turned Tiny Houses
17: 30 Days of Design: 15 Off-the-Wall Calendars
16: High & Dry: 8 Amazing Abandoned Aquariums
14: Bunyan's Pride: 19 Log Cabins That Stack Above The Rest
13: Stories Jump Out of the Pages with 3D Book Sculptures
13: Design Miami Tent Covered with Inflatable Sausages
12: Then & Now: Hybrid Images of a Deserted School in Detroit
12: Wheely Great Ideas: 10 Cool Bike Technology Concepts
11: On Space Time Foam: Surreal Billowing Art Installation
11: Beyond Domes: 36 Photos of Burning Man Building Types
10: Mundane Music: The Sonification of Everyday Things
10: Power Trip: 13 Creative Cord & Outlet Concepts
09: Imagine Nations: 15 Peaceful John Lennon Memorials
08: Rainbow Food Photography is Not Entirely Appetizing
07: Go Big or Home: Living Small in 11 Tiny Houses with Style
06: Stripped to Skeleton, Old Building Becomes Bright Art Lab
05: Hipster Starter Kit: Complete with Ironic Mustache & More
04: Sneaker Speakers: Blast Music From Your Feet to the Streets
04: 14 Designer Dog Houses: Curating Posh Pup Architecture
03: Shops Pop Up Around Basement Windows in Urban Sofia
03: Rad Wrappings: 15 Modern, Quirky & Fun Gift Wrap Designs
02: Clock Watching: 15 Amazing Movie & TV Time Machines
01: Click, Hum, Whir: An Orchestra of Obsolete Technology

November 2012

30: For The Love Of Santa! 22 Crazy Christmas Decorations
29: Metropolitan Cityscapes: Maps Honor Favorite Places
29: Fast Track: A 557-Foot Trampoline in the Russian Woods
28: Wind Shield: Invisible Air Umbrella Keeps You Dry in the Rain
28: Illuminating Inventions: 10 Twists to Simple Street Lights
27: Vintage Vandals: 6 Artists Monsterize Thrift-Store Paintings
26: Live in a Bubble with the Cocoon 1 Room Pod
26: Fantastic Floor Coverings: 13 Unusual Rug Designs
25: The Real Deal: 13 Geeky Playing Card Decks
24: Brown to Green: Ashtray Doubles as an Urban Planner
23: Season's Graffitis! 16 Santalicious Christmas Murals
22: Give Thanks for 5 Eye-Opening Black Friday Infographics
21: Public Camouflage: Make-Up Artist Makes Models Invisible
21: Tap That: 10 Terrifically Techy Keyboard Concepts
20: Superstitions, Illustrated: A Calendar of Fallacious Thought
20: Brewed Fresh: 10 Hot Coffee-Centric Designs & Prototypes
19: Bridge in Paris: Inflatable, Jumpable Urban Playground
19: Abandoned No More: New Lives for 13 Disused Spaces
18: What Drumsticks! 12 Thanksgiving Turkey Statues
17: Knitting in Reverse: Un-Knitting Machine Unravels Sweaters
16: 22 Imaginative Flyby Concept Aircraft From Days Gone By
15: Action Figure Booth: 3D Printer Creates Custom Figurines
15: Snowflake-Shaped Ski Dome Over River is World's Largest
14: 2 Pay-to-Sit Projects: Privately Monetizing Public Amenities
14: Visualization Vids: Moving Data Make Marvelous Movies
13: Rock n' Knit: Low-Tech Chair-Powered Hat Factory
13: The Charge Cycle: Bike-Powered Public Phone Charging Station
12: Hand-Crafted Design: 20 Creative Beer Cans & Label Designs
11: Empty Pews: 7 More Amazing Abandoned Churches
09: Urban Landscapes Transformed: 23 Stunning Urban Murals
08: Sculpture Showcases Smart Metals that React to Hot & Cold
08: Dynamic Shape-Shifting D*Haus Rotates to Follow the Sun
07: Life-Sized Dollhouse: Abandoned Home to Giant Playhouse
07: Happy Trailers: 11 Cool Campers & Mobile Home Concepts
06: Slim Living: World's Thinnest House is Just Four Feet Wide
06: Interactive Light Art Installation Operated by Smart Phones
05: Star Wars IV Survives: Real Life Tatooine Located in Tunisia
05: A-cero is Awesome: 12 Dynamic Ultra-Modern Dwellings
04: Light's Out: Seven More Eerie Abandoned Lighthouses
03: Impossible Gadget Turns Digital Photos Into Analog Prints
02: Super Skyscrapers! 20 Concept Towers That Reach Sky High
01: Hanging Hotel: Hard-to-Reach Resort for Rock Climbers

October 2012

31: Cities on Rails: Mobile Master Plan Turns Trains into Towns
30: Urban LEGOs: Conceptual Cure for Civic Blight Blindness
29: Wallpaper Paint Rollers: Cool & Classic Patterns, DIY Style
29: Home Mathematics: 12 Fractal Furniture & Architecture Designs
28: Grill Gas Flash: 15 Prettily Painted Propane Tanks
27: Rain Forest Retreat: Remote Jungle Tree-House Hotel
26: Flame On! 19 Fire Hydrants You'll Want To Use
25: Math + Paper Craft: Computer Scientist Creates 3D Origami
25: Quintessential Conversion: The Ultimate Warehouse Loft
24: Street-Chic Boutique: Stunning Half-Graffitied Hotel Room
24: The Incredible Lost and Found Art of Hand-Painted Signage
23: Sound of the Earth: Vinyl Globe Plays Music of the World
23: Shanghai Bomb Shelter Now Bustling Underground Night Club
22: Looping Roller-Coaster Stairway You Can Actually Walk On
22: Architecture Gets Graphic: 13 Ornamental Building Designs
21: Japan's Urban Spaceship: The Omiya Rocket Building
20: World-Warping Photography Bends, Twists & Tears Reality
20: Video Tours Take You Around the World in Just One Minute
19: Miniature City Scenes: 21 of Slinkachu's Tiny Art Installations
18: Half Pipe, Double Trouble: 2 Skateboard-able Dream Homes
17: Car Ferry Converted into Hulking San Francisco Houseboat
17: Gone to Seed: 9 Green Plant-Sprouting Product Designs
16: Surf 'n Siege: Huge Abandoned Island Fortress in Florida
16: Camouflage Posters Turn 3D Reality into 2D Illusions
15: WebUrbanist Update: 5 Years & 50 Million Visitors Later
15: Bike Campers: 12 Mini Mobile Homes for Nomadic Cyclists
14: Corn Colonels: 13 Creepy Geeky Scarecrows
13: Boat to Go: Portable Flat-Pack Vessel Folds Up Like a Tent
12: The Best Boats: 22 Crazy Nautical Creations
11: Underwater Town: Single Spire Marks Architectural Tomb
11: Rebuilding Infrastructure: Viaduct turned Holiday Home
10: Urban Suburbs: 4 McMansions Atop Chinese Shopping Mall
10: Material Worlds: All Their Possessions in Just One Picture
09: Train Station Infiltrated by the Spontaneous Order of Nature
08: Colorspace Atlas: Rainbow Book Features Full RGB Range
08: Black Buildings: 15 Examples of Monochromatic Architecture
07: Herb & Renewal: Smokin' Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
06: Where the Fishes Sleep: Underwater Homes Shelter Wildlife
05: 19 Crazy Offices That Think Outside The Cubicle
04: Book Mountain: MVRDV Designs Glass Pyramid Library
03: Neighborly Art: Surreal Sky Bridge Spans 2 Typical Homes
03: Beyond Sofa Beds: 7 Creative New Kinds of Sleeper Couch
02: Design Your Own Table with Magnetic Beech Pole System
02: Transit Transformed: Metro Cars Turned Mobile Art Galleries
01: Deep Sea Mystery: Diving to Solve Underwater Crop Circles
01: Visualizing Architecture: 15 Building-Centric Infographics

September 2012

30: Cool Beans: The World's Most Startling Starbucks Stores
29: Amazing Aerogel: Strong as Steel, Light as Air
28: Honey I Shrunk The City! Alan Wolfson's Tiny Streets
27: No Need for Directions with GPS Shoes to Guide Your Feet
27: Award-Winning Small Projects Show How Less is More
26: World's Smallest House? 1 Sq M of Mobile Living Space
26: Retro Fits: 15 Hacks & Mods Take iPads Back in Time
25: Tiny Toothpick Art Goes Far Behind Merely Miniature
25: Giant-Sized Stabbing Scenes: Street Art at Knife Point
24: Gray Ghost: Banksy's Arch-Nemesis or Anti-Street Artist?
24: Collector Decks: 15 Wall-Worthy Artistic Skateboards
23: Deserted Double Decker: OZ Outback's Busted Bus
22: Drenched by Design: Waterfall Hotel is Strangely Cool
21: What Are Pallets? 19 DIY Creations That Really Stack Up
20: Musical Tree! Amplified Sound Art from Falling Chestnuts
20: WikiHouse: Open-Source DIY Architecture You Can Build
19: World Rankings: Top 3 Nations of A' Design Award Winners
19: Grey Gold: Shower + Clothes Washer = Wise Water Recycling
18: Remember Millions of Mobile Phones in the 1960s? You Should
18: Urban Living Room: Feel at Home in Public Places
17: Chairs from Nowhere: Secret Table & Seats Hide in Shelves
17: Writing, Reinvented: 14 Innovative Pen & Pencil Designs
16: Ear Shift: The Top 10 Oddly Named Chinese Cars
14: Bon Appetit: 14 Bizarre Foods That Will Make You Squirm
13: Minimalist Wood Peg Furniture is Easy to Assemble & Store
13: Ruined Renaissance Palace Gets Rusted Steel Addition
12: Arts & Crowdfunding: Recap of NAMAC 2012 Conference
12: Ghost Architecture: Building Demolition Photo Composites
11: Dead Media: Art Installation Created with 497 VHS Tapes
11: San Francisco Past & Present: Blended Images from 1906 and 2012
10: A' Design Award Deadline: Call for Entries in 80 Categories
10: Rural Ruins: 20 Eerie Images of Abandonments
09: Crème Dreams: 12 Odd & Awesome Oreo Cookie Flavors
08: Reality Rebranding: Corporate Logos Get Brutally Honest
07: Light Bulbs as Art: 14 Shining Examples of Adaptive Reuse
06: Futuristic Floating Airport for London Features Underwater Tunnels
05: Skyscraper Squatters: Lessons from Ad Hoc Vertical Slums
05: Rainbow Realities: 18 Everyday Objects Organized by Color
04: Bizarre Bicycle! Fliz Fits Like a Harness to Help You Run
04: Abandoned Walmart is Now America's Largest 1-Floor Library
03: Villa Savoye: Classic Corbu House Comes to Life in LEGO
03: Photography in a Can: 37 Works of Hyper-Realistic Street Art
02: A' Design Award: 10 Worthy Winners from Around the World
02: Set Top Glow: Cool, Kitschy, Ceramic TV Lamps
01: Storage Tubs for Bathrooms with Precious Little Space

August 2012

31: Leading Creatively Conference in MN: 5 Reasons to Attend
31: 25 Wire Sculptures Worth Getting In A Twist Over
30: Rustic Ruins to Modern Residences: 3 Barn Renovations
29: Shelf Hotel: Revolutionary Approach to Modular Architecture
29: Digital Retro: 10 Sundial & Hourglass Clocks & Watches
28: Perspective-Shifting Geometric Street Art by Aakash Nihalani
27: Real Large LEGO: Concrete Bridge Turned to Colorful Brick
27: Walk on the Wild (Out)side: 14 Stunning Exterior Staircases
26: Boarded Up: 15 Rad & Gnarly Abandoned Skate Parks
25: Daring Dress-Up in All Kinds of Recycled Outfits
24: Out-Doodled: 13 Hyper-Realistic Ballpoint Pen Artworks
23: Microsonic Landscapes: What Music Looks Like in 3D
23: Striking Gravel-Covered Japanese House is a Study in Contrasts
22: Transforming Decor Reveals Secrets via Spills, Wear & Tear
22: Tiger Stripes to Cow Spots: 13 Playful Home Paint Jobs
21: Flat-Pack Furniture: 3 Modern Designs from Noon Studio
21: Cement Bleak: Haunting Shadow Faces on the Sidewalk
20: Boutique Comic Shop Panel-Style Displays Pop Off the Page
20: Water Worlds: 15 Real-Life Floating Towns & Ocean Cities
19: Sneeze Box: Twelve Twisted Tissue Box Covers
18: Magic Plan App Makes Amazing Automatic Floor Plans
18: Interior Aerial Photos: Room Portraits Show Personal Stories
17: Face It! 12 Facebook Timeline Covers Worth Copying
16: 21st Century Tintypes: Incredible Old-Fashioned Photography
16: Erupting Stability: Tornado-Proof Suburb Inspired by Turtles
15: Fonts to Faces: 9 Personality-Rich Typographies as Portraits
15: Crowd Control: Cool Time Lapse Shows How People Gather
14: Wallbots: Robotic Walls Automatically Reconfigure Rooms
14: Tourism Tech: Audio Tour App Takes You on a Tram Ride
13: Floating Islands Add 100,000 Square Feet to Downtown Seoul
13: Double-Duty Desks: 14 Adaptable Office Furniture Designs
12: Faster, Higher, Stranger: 10 Tacky Olympic Souvenirs
11: Paradigm-Shifting Printable House Buildable in Just 4 Weeks
10: Deep Art: 23 Examples Of Must Sea Ocean-Themed Graffiti
09: Glass Getaway: Tranquil Tea Houses in the Trees
08: All You Own: Can You Fit Your World into One Photograph?
08: Volumes of Vertigo: Crazy Sideways-Library-Shaped Cafe
07: Space-Age Home: 5 Futuristic Sensory Appliances
07: Power Tower Transforms into Robot: DOMA's Neon Colossus
06: Street Art Olympics: Banksy Works on 2012 London Games
06: Gold Metal Architecture: Olympic Stadiums, 1896 - 2012
05: Games Off: Artistic Echoes of the Lost Olympic Games
04: Simple Brackets Make DIY Furniture Dreams Come True
03: Scary Seas: 21 Terrifying Real-Life Deep Ocean Creatures
02: Pixelated Portraits Made of Crayons by Christian Faur
02: Skateable Sculpture in France Glows in the Dark
01: Single-Step Slippers Made of One Shoelace & Strip of Felt
01: Beyond Beautification: Brazil Art Project Paints All the Things

July 2012

31: Grass-Covered Bridge in Amsterdam Doubles as Public Park
30: Luxury Lounging: 13 Tantalizingly Tranquil Hammocks
29: Screen Bean Machines: 10 Classic TV and Movie MINIs
28: Mixed Message: Cork Lamp Doubles as Memo Post
27: Giant Robot Statues: 19 Stunning Images Of Our New Overlords
26: Bridging Home: House Wedged in an Alleyway by Do Ho Suh
25: Structural Graffiti: Street Art Tags Fresh Architectural Design
25: Post-It Iterations Take Classic Notes to New Levels
24: Golden Raindrops Rise and Fall in Singapore Airport Installation
24: Hacktivists Subvert Street Ads with Art & Info in Toronto
23: Skyscraper of the Sea: Research Ship Sailed by Astronauts
23: Art Strikes Back: 24 More Sweet Star Wars Graffiti Artworks
22: Meet the Deadline: 20 Abandoned Payphones
20: Comic Con & Beyond: 18 Mesmerizing Convention Costumes
19: Batman Infographic: The Myriad Monikers of Gotham Villains
19: Underground Art: The Repurposed Oil Tanks at Tate Modern
18: Stair Rover: Smooth-Ride Skateboard Glides Down Steps
18: Damn Dirty Dishes: 13 Cutting-Edge Dishwasher Designs
17: PopSpots: NYC Album Cover Locations, Now and Then
17: What the Phonics? Device Pronounces Street Names
16: Future Shocks: 5 Incredible Concept Cars & Cool Prototypes
16: Modular Madness: 23 Diverse Deployments of Cargo Containers
15: Art & Sole: OSPOP Channels Mao's China to Sell Shoes
14: Popville: Pop-Up Cities Book Perfect for Children
13: Body Piercing And Modification: 17 Extreme Mods
12: Inside Out: Print-Crazy Wallpaper Made for Exterior Surfaces
11: The Answer to Sky-High Housing Prices: Houses in the Sky
10: Sculptures Recreate Vocal Chords of Prehistoric Creatures
10: Shwopping: Store Covered in 10,000 Hanging Garments
09: From Foodies to Brides: 12 Offbeat Designer Survival Kits
08: Watch Out: 15 Eerie Abandoned Observatories
07: System Error: Computer Dialog Boxes Appear on NYC Adverts
07: Helping Hands: Useful Accessories for Your Home Furniture
06: Almost Popup: 15 Pre Fab And Shipping Container Hotels
05: Clear Sailing: Cleverly Transparent Canoes & Kayaks
05: Plant Paradise: Artificial Pavilion Extends Dutch City into Lake
04: Gallery-Worthy Gadgetry: 10 Terrific High-Tech Art Projects
03: Green-Roofed Shelter is Urban Curbside Lounge for Paris
03: Vertical Strip Tease: Upside-Down Las Vegas Skyscraper
02: Top Models of Tomorrow: 5 Retro-Futuristic Car Designs
02: 13 Crazy Air, Sea & Land Vehicle-to-House Conversions
01: Padding Around: 12 Cozy Wearable Sleeping Bags

June 2012

29: Give It A Rest! With These 18 Weird Beds & Bedroom Designs
28: Celebratory Nanshan Marriage Registration Center Covered in Confetti
26: Topographic Tomes: More Carved Books by Guy Laramee
26: Dumpster Drinking! Skips Turned into Miniature Bars
25: Skateable Architecture: 13 Irresistibly Curvy Structures
24: Watching Wisely: 7 Owl-Shaped Japanese Police Stations
23: Prickly Portraits: The Photobooth Triggered By Screams
23: Sun in a Jar: Make DIY Solar Lamps Aglow with Awesome
22: Ghostly Paper Mansions & Spectral Stop-Motion Animations
21: Giant Paper Flowers Bloom Inside Abbey Church in France
21: Cloud House Elevates Organic Architecture to New Heights
20: Wall Art Gone Wild: Fantastic Life-Sized Room Sketches
20: Grandeur Lost: The Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit
19: Pixel Pour 2.0: Digital Water Street Art Stuck in Mid-Spill
18: Double Agent JR: Undercover Photographer & Guerilla Artist
18: Underwater Wonders: 15 Subversively Submersible Gatherings
17: Soused Pacific: 15 Terrific Ceramic Vintage Tiki Mugs
16: The Shape of Sound: New Orleans Village Made of Music
15: Wake Up! 20 Insanely Creative Beds Worth Sleeping On
14: Olympic Disguise: Titanium Fish Screen Installation for London
13: Just In Case: Refined Survival Kit with Chocolate & Liquor
13: Wear It's At: 7 Futuristic Developments in Fashion + Clothes
12: Incredible: 10 New Images of Dubai Underwater Hotel Design
12: Closing the Curtain on Public Advertising - Literally
11: Invisible Boxes: Camouflaged Art Goes Postal, Hits the Street
11: Fire-Inspired: 14 Converted & New Lookout Tower Homes
10: Mixtape Mashup: 10 Classy Designer Cassette Tape Tributes
09: 3 Eerie Eco-Friendly Lamps Fueled by Algae, Breath & Blood
08: 3D Sell-Outs? 13 Street Ads You Can Step Into
07: Miniaturist Crafts Cardboard Streetscapes from Scraps
07: Creative Coverage: New Roof Preserves Archaeological Ruins
06: Swing & Nest Rests: Dynamic Duo of Outdoor Lounging
05: City Cookies: Sweet Treats Shaped like Iconic Architecture
04: Fine Art Photographer Brings Banksy's Street Art to Life
04: Morbid Abandonments: 14 Deserted Morgues & Mortuaries
03: Rockin' Chairs : 12 Concept Personal Mobility Scooters
02: This Cradle Rocks: Basket Chair is All Kinds of Cozy
01: Sky High, But Grounded: 16 Incredible Tree Houses

May 2012

31: Retro-Future NYC: What New York Could Have Become
31: Decay in Detroit: Feral House Photos by James Griffioen
30: Urban Geodes: Crystal Street Art Hidden in Broken Spaces
30: No Mere Puff Pieces: 30 Clever Cushions & Crafty Pillows
29: 3Space: Sharing Vacant Spaces with the People
28: 8th World Wonder in the Works: Tunnel from Russia to USA
28: Cooking Lean: 13 Mini, Mobile, Modular & Motorized Kitchens
27: Ten More Creative Crosswalks & Zany Zebra Crossings
26: Don’t Burn Rubber: Hand-Carved, Recycled-Tire Art
25: Dive! Dive! Dive! 16 Incredible Submarine-themed Rooms
24: Metal Heads: Sculptures Made of Movable Type & Hardware
24: The Candy Room: A Store Delicious Enough to Eat
23: Super-Sized Urban Plant Tags Identify City-Specific Species
23: The Fifth Facade: A Peek Inside NYC's Hidden Rooftop World
22: Mexican Venice: The Man-Made Island City of Mexcaltitán
22: Ghost Down: 'The Hole', Half-Sunken Neighborhood in NYC
21: Towers of Trash: 5000-Foot Junk Skyscrapers to Fuel Cities
21: 7 Mysterious & Monumental Man-Made Wonders of America
20: Con Jobs: 10 Outrageous Apple Brand Ripoffs
19: Forgotten Tributes: 25 Monumental Relics of Yugoslavia
19: Quantum Levitation: Floating in a 3D Magnetic Field!
18: Bountiful Bento! 25 Not-So Traditional Lunches
17: Bubbletecture: Poppable Building Made of Soap Bubbles
16: Bookcase + Chair Hybrid Now with New Mini-Shelved Ottoman
16: Infamous Footwear: 20 Pairs of ‘Fashion Backward’ Shoes
15: Mini Rube Goldberg Machine Makes Cool Travel Companion
15: Sub(limb)inal Criminals: Faux Legs, Arms & Heads as Art
14: Migrant Skyscrapers Roll Up City Streets Inside Giant Wheels
14: Salt Sculptures: 12 Stunning Artworks by Motoi Yamamoto
13: Crop Culture: 10 Cool & Futuristic Concept Tractors
12: Custom Textiles Put the City You Love Right in Your Hands
12: Fabled Forest Retreat: Twisted Tea Tree House
11: Pinterest Clonesplosion! 18 Suspiciously Similar Sites
10: Team Eames: New Movie Shows Off Timeless Architect & Painter
10: Floating Cinema Deserves a Standing (or Swaying) Ovation
09: Structural Humorist: 'Coffee With an Architect' is Hilarious
09: Sublime Sounds: 10 Uniquely Stylish iPhone + iPod Speakers
08: 3D Printing Goes Giant: Print Your Own Home?!
08: Into Abyss: World's Largest Deserted Underwater Film Set
07: Free Universal Construction Kit Bridges Generations of Toys
07: Conceptual Construction: 14 Improbable Tower Designs
06: Call Me Back: 10 Retrofuturistic iPhone Accessories
05: 4 Fantasy Yachts that Blend Sleek & Silly in Style
04: Welcome To Hell: 22 Grisly And Terrifying Sculptures
03: Remote and Abandoned: The Decaying Dutch Harbor Bunkers
03: Robot Workshop: Contest Winners Envision Futuristic Innovation Space
02: 1 Trillion Frames-per-Second Photos Capture Light in Motion
02: Sci-Fi Fortress of Skyscrapers to Surround & Defend Japan
01: Spatial Gymnastics: Environments for Tomorrow Exhibition

April 2012

30: Underwater Dwellers Dive to Reside in New York Aqueduct
30: Outside Offices: 14 Detached Work Pods, Eggs, Modules & More
29: Hot & Sticky: 15 Concept Adhesive Tape Dispensers
28: Incredibly Intricate 2.5 Ton Carved Marble Manhattan
28: Groundbreaking Street Art Smashes Up Through Sidewalks
27: Give Me Space! 24 Compact Innovations For More Elbow Room
26: Removing Moss as Art: Reverse Graffiti Goes Subtractive
26: Living Infrastructure: Grow-it-Yourself Jungle Bridges
25: Painting Reality: Surprised Motorists Make Sudden Street Art
25: Fantastic Failures: 10 Wacky Failed Inventions From the Past
24: Trashcam Project: Dumpsters Turned into Pinhole Cameras
24: Art Imitates Digital Life: Real-World Google Map Pins
23: Tower with a Twist: Very Top-Heavy Vancouver Skyscraper
23: IKEA Culture: 20 Fanatical Fan Ads, Art & Design
22: Global Kneads: 15 Earth Stress Reliever Ball Designs
21: Wild Wallpaper: Interactive Decor You Can Rip & Color
20: Face to Face: 29 Explorations In Facial Art, Design & Imagery
19: Chelsea Illustrated: Google's History-Telling Mural
19: Asymmetrical and Acid-Yellow Storefront for Konzepp
18: 3D Floating Graffiti: Interactive Alleyway Color Art Illusions
18: Oh, Snap! 10 Camera Concepts Focused on Innovation
17: Wear You Live: T-Shirts and Totes Printed with City Maps
16: QR Hobo Codes: Secret-Symbol Stencils for Digital Nomads
16: Missing Manuscripts: 7 Lost Wonders of the Written Word
15: Hold The Icing: A Baker's Dozen Titanic Cakes
13: Gripping Book Art: 31 Sculptures Worth Reading About
12: Origin III: Minimalist Furniture Inspired by Boat-Building
12: Lanyang Museum Juts Out from the Landscape Like a Rock
11: Subway Parasite: Stealth Projector Lights Up Train Tunnels
11: Material World: 8 Substances That Will Shape the Future
10: Suspended Grass Figures Grow Green in Galleries
10: Container Urbanism: Reclaimed Pop-Up Structures
09: Liquid Street Art: Tricycle Deploys Calligraphic Water Poetry
09: Bright Lights, Big City: 15 (More!) Light Art Installations
08: Walky Talky: 12 Concept Mobile Phone Telephone Booths
07: Typewriter Artist Creates Ink Prints One Line at a Time
06: Fashionably Fun: 41 Examples Of Insane Fingernail Art
05: Home Within Home: Architectural Fabric Art Installations
05: Maritime Museum Mimics Village Shapes & Ocean Waves
04: Squint to See: Almost-Abstract Aerial Photography Series
03: Blue Trees: Surreal Spectacle Coming to Seattle Parks
03: Generate Cash and Conflict by Making Your Home a Billboard
02: Surreal Art Spaces: 15 Stunning Gallery Transformations
01: Hip Potty Musts: 15 Concept Designer Toilet Brushes

March 2012

30: Living Room Nightmares: 33 Horrifying Pieces of Furniture
29: A Cookbook You Can Actually Cook… And Eat
29: Musical Coca-Cola Beatbox for the 2012 Olympics in London
28: Powerhouse Ideas: 10 Futuristic Clean Power Concepts
27: Secrets of Self-Publishing: Exclusive Interview with Cyer Law
27: Incarnate: Skull Carved from Outdated Computer Books
27: MapAttack App Turns Any City into a Virtual Gameboard
26: Double Vision: 33 Examples of Multiple-Exposure Photography
25: Pop Top Culture: 10 Giant Global Coca-Cola Cans
24: Augmented Reality: Awesome 3D Hand-Held Architecture
23: It's A Wrap! 23 Compelling Mobile Bus Ads
22: Tying Us Together: Portraits on Hanging Elastic String
22: Paper Architecture: Intricate 3D Sculptures by Ingrid Siliakus
21: Right Hear, Right Now: 8 Terrific Techy Devices for the Deaf
20: Robots of Brixton: A Short Dystopian Film by Factory Fifteen
20: Manifest Destiny! Parasite Cabin Clings to San Francisco Wall
19: Housing for the Homeless: 14 Smart & Sensitive Solutions
18: Flame Fame: 12 Red Hot Designer Fire Stations
17: If Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water Were a Tree House
16: Yarn Bombs! 51 Victims of Knitted Graffiti
15: Incredible Underwater Landscapes Made with Swirling Ink
15: Self-Assembly Line: Modular Units form Viral Architecture
14: Stylish And Sustainable: 8 Modern Eco-Friendly Homes
13: Castle in a Grain of Sand: Tiny Nanoscale 3D Printing
13: Green Carpet: Grass Trail Winds Through City Streets
12: City Seats: 14 Examples of Unconventional Urban Furniture
11: Maids of the Mist: 15 Steamy Humidifier Designs
10: Hot & Cold: Color-Changing Tile Creates Transforming Spaces
09: The Bus Stops Here! 34 Bus Stop Guerilla Marketing Hacks
08: Red People: Wood Block Figures Take Over Moscow
08: Lollipop House: Striped and Candy-Bright in South Korea
07: Open House(s): 10 Wonderful Open-Plan Home Designs
06: Street Seats for the People: Bold Guerrilla Furniture
06: Secret City: Illegal Architectural Interventions in Tawian
05: Sounds of the Street: 13 Melodic Works of Musical Graffiti
04: Foreign Ramen: 12 Cup Noodle Soups You Can’t Get Here
03: Doctored Designs: 6 Minimalist Mental Disorder Posters
03: Haunted House? The Abandoned Mansion of Steve Jobs
02: Rural Ride Hacks: 34 Incredibly Down-To-Earth Vehicle Mods
01: Architecture Gone Wild: Surrealist Designs by Victor Enrich

February 2012

29: Modern-Day Sky Castles: 7 Cool Converted Watertower Houses
28: Moments in Time: Tiny Figures Balanced on Watch Hands
28: Interactive Urbanism: 5 Simple Street Art Projects
27: Space Warps: 15 Buildings that Bend, Wrap & Curve
26: 25 Leap Day Posters to Make You Jump for Joy!
25: Brush with Death: Street Art Comes Alive (and Attacks!)
25: Ultimate Modular Sofa Fits in Endless Configurations
24: Powerful Art: 34 Superhero Artworks With Power To Move You
23: Nine Eyes of Google: Street View's Strangest Images
23: Red Bull Music Academy: Vibrant, Lush Temporary Space
22: Commuter Commotion: 6 Futuristic Mass Transit Concepts
21: Disorienting Depth: Amazing Optical Illusions in Art Galleries
21: Inception Park: Impossible Roller Coaster in Buenos Aires
20: Lay of the Land: 13 Topographic Works of Art & Design
19: Pretty Pointy: 15 Cool Concept Toothpick Holders
17: Bizarre Banzai: 32 Wildly-Shaped Trees & Strange Bonsai Art
16: Flip Side: Sideways-Shooting Photographer Turns Worlds on End
16: Stacking in Style: New Trend Puts Houses on Houses
15: Zen-Like Artist Creates Intricate Pencil Tip Carvings
14: Dazzling 120-Zipper Dress & Other Extreme Fashion Designs
14: Refuge of Refuse: Garbage City, the Trashiest Place on Earth
13: Humans 2.0: 12 Bio-Tech Upgrades & Augmentations
12: Tired Out: Spain's Abandoned Sitges-Terramar Racetrack
10: Write Black but Go Green: Save Pens Using Garamond Font
09: Wild Child? Chaotic Museum Art Created by Kids
08: Lifebook: Single Device that Combines Every Gadget
07: Trash Can Art? 28 Garbage Cans That Belong In A Gallery
06: 18 Award-Winning Tree Houses, Hotels & Schools
05: Power Houses: Toronto Hydro's Camouflaged Substations
03: Sea Food: 14 Floating Restaurants Around the World
02: Good Clean Fun: Interactive Games Tidy Urban Spaces
02: Flying People Zoom Through the Sky in Manhattan
01: Terrific Tech: 10 Futuristic Advances in Robotics

January 2012

31: Re-Faced: 24 Poke-Worthy Facebook Timeline Covers
30: City-Shaped Design: 13 Urban-Inspired Objects
29: Going Anti-Viral: 10 Neat Gadgets for Germaphobic Geeks
28: Frying-Pan Planets? Dirty-Dish Art Photography
27: Billboard House: Reclaiming Sky-High Commercial Space
26: Abandoned Hollywood Theater Hidden Above NY Shop
25: Feeling the Earth Move: Urban Sidewalk Liquid Intervention
24: 34 Bad Tattoos: The Awful, The Weird, and The Misspelled
23: Invisible Edges: 15 Death-Defying Infinity Pool Designs
22: Clearly Cool: 15 Amazing Glasses, Sunglasses & Frames
21: Wood Rings Translated Into Moody Piano Music
20: Transcending Tags: 16 Typographic Works of Urban Art
19: Rooftop Riverboat House Unveiled: A Room for London
18: Real Life Sim City: 3D Printers Turn Virtual to Reality
17: Riding High: 30 Outrageous Bike Mods & Cycling Inventions
16: Art, Not Ads: 13 Creative Billboard Takeovers
15: Trash Hits: 11 Scent-sational Concept Garbage Trucks
14: These Are Not Photos: Realism by Steve Mills
13: Mirror, Mirror: Playground Pavilion Gets Funhouse Treatment
12: Life-Size Gingerbread House is a Wonka-Like Wonder
11: Spiral Pen Portraits Use Pressure to Make Amazing Art
10: Robert Brandenburg: Found Art Turned into Funny Fine Art
09: 17 Creative Letterheads from Celebs & Public Figures
08: High Anxiety: Rooftop Excavators Tear Down from Up Top
06: The Swings of Things: 15 Daring Swing Set Designs
05: Automata: Intricate Art Object Powered by 1,000 Gears
04: Fluffy Firearm Art: 12 Hilariously Non-Violent Weapons
03: ZAP! 27 Vintage Sci Fi Damsels In Distress
02: Glow-in-the-Dark Home Furniture Lights Up Nights
01: Surreal Estate: China's Village of Empty Villas

December 2011

30: RedBall Project Takes Interactive Urban Art on Tour
29: Captured Live: 'Trapped People' Street Art Project
28: The World is Watching: Urban Intervention Goes Ocular
26: A Moveable Feast: 14 Mobile & Pop-Up Restaurants
25: McArchitecture: 10 Sizzlingly Odd McDonald's Restaurants
24: Lisbon Lights Up with Modern Christmas Decorations
23: Copycats & Clones: 24 Near-Identical Architectural Designs
22: Literary Landscapes: Carved Books by Guy Laramee
21: Curiouser & Cursor: Handmade QR Codes Pop Up in NYC
20: Brain-Eating Groomsmen & 27 Other Creative Wedding Photos
19: Top Pop-Up Shops: 14 Temporary Retail Stores
18: Korean Twin Towers Fail to 'Cloud' Memories of 9/11
17: Sculptures Made of Straws by Sang Sik Hong
16: Modern Religion: 13 Contemporary Churches & Chapels
15: Architectural Archaeology in Antwerp's Abandoned Tunnels
14: Digital Suburbs: Logic-Defying Fictional Aerial Views
13: Movie Poster Minimalism: 41 Stripped-Down Examples
12: Lenticular Street Art: Trick Graffiti Works only at Angles
11: Art Attack: Berlin Drivers Paint The Town Red (& Beyond)
09: Pigs in a Box: Bizarre Balloon Animal Interior
08: Artistic Dollar Redesign is Beautiful, Simple & Practical
07: Marvelous Mystery of Britain's Money-Making Trees
06: Manhole Cover Street Art That Is Far From Pedestrian
05: Revolutionary Robots: 16 Cool & Crazy Creations
04: Star Cars: 10 Past, Present & Future Robot Space Rovers
03: Scribbled Line People: Amazing 3D Digital Art
02: Art in Abandoned Places: 14 Inspiring Installation Projects
01: Robotic Light Art: Clean & Create with a Roomba Vacuum

November 2011

30: Shh! Secret Gadget That Operates With the Tilt of a Book
30: Playfully Serious: Interactive Sculpture With Killer Curves
29: Holiday Giants! 31 Hugely Out Of Control Decorations
28: Let There Be Light: 14 Illuminating Art Installations
27: Road Work: 10 Pointed Examples of Traffic Cone Art
25: Norway Mountain Cabin Roof Doubles as a Ski Slope
24: Not 'Shopped: Colorfully Surreal Scenes by Sandy Skoglund
22: Out of the Dog House: 25 Awesome Pet Homes & Habitats
21: Occupy the Art World: 21 OWS-Inspired Designs & Graphics
20: Global Warning: The Arctic's Abandoned DEW Line Stations
19: Altered Abandonments: Marjan Teeuwen's Destroyed Houses
18: Architectural Tilts: 13 Leaning Wonders of the Built World
17: An Army Of Fun: FL Sidewalk Invaded by LEGO Soldiers
17: Floatography: Beautifully Surreal Underwater Art Gallery
16: Text, Translated: 11 Nifty Lorem Ipsum Generators
15: Angular Masterpieces: 10 Home Designs Defined by Angles
14: 12 Futuristic Finalists: Zombie Safe House Competition
14: Drive-Thru Office: Osaka Japan's Gate Tower Building
11: Sensational Skate Park & Urban Climbing Wall in Spain
09: Hey You, Get Onto My Cloud: Bizarre Floating Transport
08: SEM Microscopy: 32 Visions Of A Miniature World
07: Art Remix: 26 Modern Takes on Famous Historical Paintings
06: Sink Different: Macquarium Gives Used iMacs New Life
04: House of the Future: 12 Ultra-Modern Home Designs
03: Gratuitous Graffiti: Wild Robot Makes Random Wall Tags
02: Two Faced: Freaky Portraits With Multiple Personalities
01: 38 Graffiti Monsters That Go Beyond Halloween Horror

October 2011

September 2011

August 2011