Self Snuggling: 7 Super-Cozy Full Body-Wrapping Seats

snuggle seating

Forget your chair-and-blank combination – with these ultra-warm wonders of domestic design, curling up with a good book has never seemed more enticing.

built in sweater chair

Speaking of chairs and blankets, Aga Brzostek (well familiar with winter cold in Poland) starts off this series with her combined vision of both items in one. Sitters and sleepers alike can curl themselves up into a warm integrated sweater. It also  comes complete with a pocket for storing your favorite book or magazine.

sleeping bag chair hybrid

An even more relaxing experience beckons for those prone to falling asleep in their favorite chair. Les M presents a hybrid sleeping bag seat that zips up around you. Its white inside shows up bright when open, and exterior turns it dark when (en)closed.

nest rest hanging hut

When things warm up a bit, but sitting fully outside still is not an appealing option, consider the suspended Nest Rest. This wicker-woven retreat can be hung from trees or set on the ground – either way, it comes with a comfortable pad and can be stuffed with pillows for snuggling (oneself or otherwise).