Self Snuggling: 7 Super-Cozy Full Body-Wrapping Seats

spiral two seat chair

And for warmer environments yet, other possibilities open up, like the Loopita with its wrap-around spiral seating for two. In this case, you can sit next to a friend or significant other, spun together in the same piece of furniture that also loops skyward to provide shade.

two person shelf seat

Another great seat for two comes from industrial designer Ilian Milinov, whose chair gives you either a laptop shelf or really close-and-cozy spot for your favorite (more than) friend.

bean bag with blanket

But we are getting a bit out of the realm of ultra-snuggly designs, so as we work toward wrapping things back up, take a look at the Moody Nest – another fabric-integrated design somewhere between a bean bag and giant open-ended sleeping bag you can crash on or in as desired.

light sound blocking pillow

Finally, one more object – the Ostrich – makes for more mobile snuggles. It slings over your shoulder like a bag, and turns any desktop into a ready surface for spontaneous power napping, blocking out surrounding light and sound on demand.