WebUrbanist is now a passive archive and not an active publication, though its creators and contributors encourage you to delve into its archive of over 5,000 articles. For over a decade between 2007 and 2020, the site covered urban architecture, art, design and built environments for an audience totaling over 100,000,000 visitors. Kurt Kohlstedt founded WebUrbanist then launched a series of other design-centric publications including Dornob, Gajitz and WebEcoist — these days, he is focused on  99% Invisible, a popular podcast and website about design.


The gifted designer/developer duo of Duck Brigade crafted the current version of this website as well as the snazzy logo while Mike Waggoner tenaciously kept the site up and running through good times and bad. Authors included SA Rogers and Steve Levenstein, with occasional pieces by Kurt when he had time.


Over the years, WebUrbanist was covered by a number of other media outlets and popular blogs including The Guardian, The BBCCNN, NPR, TIME, ArchDaily, Architizer, Citylab, Curbed, Atlas Obscura, BoingBoing, Streetsblog, Gawker, Gizmodo, FOX, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, WebWare, Wired, Mental Floss and Neatorama.


As mentioned above, this website is no longer actively maintained. If you still need to report a serious bug, file a complaint or request a correction, there is a form with which you can contact us directly but please be considerate of the fact that we are not accepting any new ideas or updating links beyond this point. Thanks for stopping by!