A Closer Look: Super-Simple Macro Lens for Smartphones

easy-macro lens

Taking photos on our mobile phones has become a daily activity for a lot of us, but getting really high-quality pictures usually requires some kind of clunky add-on lens and a special app. Taking macro pics on your mobile device is made super-simple by the Easy-Macro Smartphone Lens.

extreme close up of snowflake

Created by Adam Hicks, the Easy-Macro is a macro lens that fits right over the built-in lens of your device. It fits any phone or tablet thanks to its super-stretchy band. The small lens provides 4X magnification and requires nothing more than just stretching onto your device.

slip-on macro lens for iphones ipads ipods

The device is composed of a simple lens and a band that holds it onto your device. It fits everything from a thin 4th generation iPod Touch to a big iPad. No software is needed to make the lens magnify your target subject, so it can be used with any device an any operating system.

The results are surprisingly high-quality, especially for such a simple device. The lens can capture the tiniest details and create some very impressive ultra-close-ups. The company had been producing the lenses for several years before turning to Kickstarter for help bringing the production back to the US from China.