Trippy Graffiti Project Pairs Street Art and Photography

Most of us who love traveling also love taking pictures of our destinations. We whip out our cameras to record the architecture, street art, landmarks and interesting people we encounter one our travels. What would happen if cities started photographing tourists right back?

(all images via: My Modern Met)

Artists Jana and JS have spread their unique take on street art throughout several European cities. They paint portraits of themselves holding cameras, essentially making it look like their two-dimensional doppelgangers are taking pictures of the passing tourists.

Although the main focus of the pair’s art is photography, they integrate painting with this unusual project. They use stencils to put up their likenesses on city walls; stencils which are made from their own photography, of course.

According to the artists, this project is a sort of game with the city, a mirror trick that makes passers-by do a double take and perhaps smile to themselves.