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Finally all in one place: the most sensational, educational and inspirational content featuring the past, present and future of gadgets, science and technology – from history-shaping photo-edits of centuries gone by to a just-discovered cure for color blindness to self-driving concept cars, space elevators and teleportation devices of the not-too-distant future. Where can you find such wonders? Gajitz a brand new gadgscitech site from the folks that brought you Webist Media (WebUrbanist & WebEoist) and Misnamed Media (also featuring Dornob Designs). Visit the site and subscribe now!

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Kurt Kohlstedt (Founder and Creative Director of WebUrbanist & WebEcoist and Lead Editor of Dornob) has teamed up with Delana Barnes (the otherwise most veteran author at Webist Media and Senior Strange Stuff Correspondent) to launch the all-new Gajitz | Tech with a Twist – but now worries, we are both also as on-the-ball as ever right here on WU as well. The idea is: report on the most offbeat, exotic and eye-popping finds, designs and concepts in the realms of science and technology – and make these subjects engaging and amazing to anyone with a desire to discover and a fascination with the fantastic.

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Futuristic can be fun, but not everything exciting is new – some of the most amusing, enlightening or mysterious revelations relate to the rediscovered or uncovered past. Whether they be remarkable futuristic technologies come true or archeological finds that shift entire paradigms, Gajitz brings you not only cutting-edge and near-future technologies and innovative transportation designs but also vintage designs and retro finds of all kinds. Like its sibling site Dornob, Gajitz features multiple to-the-point, information-packed and fully-illustrated articles every day on breaking new discoveries as well as hidden treasures of times past.

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It sometimes seems hard to believe that WebUrbanist has grown to reach an audience over nearly 250,000 RSS subscribers and has over 1,000,000 pages viewed by visitors each month. Thank you all, dear readers, for helping growing WU as well as its close sibling WebEcoist and distant cousin Dornob over at Misnamed Media into what they are today. Also, thanks of course our wonderful writers, including Angel, Chris, Delana, Mike, Stephanie and Steve, who make this weird and wacky website work, and to sponsors including Full Sail University of Art, Digital & Media Design, Evinco Design and others (check them out via the banners to your right!).

Click here to check out Gajitz, and be sure to follow up on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, subscribe to the new RSS feed and spread the word around the interwebs however else you wish. Once again, thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts and lending your support all along the way – you are what keeps us going!