Strange Decor: 35 Bizarre & Creepy Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Christmas Holiday has very strong themes and symbols associated with it; mistletoe, colored lights, and Santa figurines are found all over the place during the month of December. When people mess with holiday themes, they win some, and they lose a lot. Some Christmas ornaments go beyond tacky, and into the strange and bizarre.

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Hunky mermen don’t fit into your Christmas decor? How about dogs with oddly realistic heads and pipe cleaner bodies? Some ornaments are so out there it’s difficult to imagine how they were thought up, but now that they’re hanging on the tree… there is a strange appeal to such random accoutrements.

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Pickles are a customary German ornament tradition, but there’s no saying where brain or fecal ornaments come into the picture. Cat people will surely appreciate pipe cleaner kittens clutching thematically appropriate symbols.

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War doesn’t typically come to mind when Christmas is brought up, but for those who have been in the armed forces, or who have a love of high powered munitions and weaponry, an ornamental arsenal doesn’t seem so out of place.

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Interested in hanging a fetus ornament on the tree this year? Whether someone in the family just gave birth, or has one on the way, fetus ornaments are much more common than one would think, and just as bizarre.

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Let the dorks and geeks put some of their favorite ornaments on the tree this year! Starships and characters from film and television like Star Trek, Star Wars, and even Firefly, are well represented. Video game culture has its own set of famous figures hanging from the pine as well.

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For a truly confusing holiday, throw on some Halloween type decorations. Bizarre child heads, skulls, and eyeballs round out the creepy collections some people put on their tree.

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Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe some of the decorative choices the more eccentric Christmas celebrants choose for their home. An eerily anthropomorphized mushroom always adds some holiday cheer to an otherwise drab tree.

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Decorating hasn’t ended until the fat lady dances! Throw some humor onto the tree with grinning bacon, and a plethora of mooning ornaments. Creativity is never a bad thing, even if one’s tastes tend to the creepy or bizarre.