Fractal Furniture: 3D-Printed Metal Chairs Feature Rich Geometric Details

Squint and you can see familiar shapes behind the dazzling detail and metallic gold of these 3D-printed chairs, but up close: finer geometries dominate each design.

Developed by John Briscella, this series of seats illustrates how metal printing can optimize for materiality (by leaving calculated voids), against a backdrop of classic furniture forms (and in some cases: set upon more traditional chair leg formations).

But it also highlights the rich array of aesthetic possibilities offered by such an approach, when one, for instance, introduces algorithms and other new technologies to inform geometric expressions.

More about the individual chairs in the series: ‘Nuum’ takes the classical form and progresses toward something new; in an homage to eames, briscella adds the mathematical letter ’n’ — a non negative integer. ‘Geofrei’ is geometrical and free. ‘Seafoam’ is calming — the entire collection is one flush with history — past, present, and a 3D printed, highly optimized future.”