McSki: Lovin’ It at a Ski-Through McDonalds in Sweden

mcdonalds ski

You barely have to stop on your way down the slope to grab a burger and fries at the McDonalds ski-through window, located on a popular resort in northwest Sweden. The location has been open since the mid-‘90s and can seat 140 people inside, though most seem to choose the grab-and-go option. Why bother taking off your gear when you can just chow down and then hop right back on the lift?

mcdonalds ski through 2

mcdonalds ski-through 3

mccdonalds ski-through 4

Meanwhile, in the small Swedish town of Pitea, locals get only four hours of sunlight a day in the winter, with temperatures hovering around minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That means most residents use snowmobiles to get around, leading to bizarre scenes like the one pictured below.

mcdonalds ski-through

As weird as the McSki McDonalds might be in comparison to the ones in your neighborhood, it doesn’t even break the top 10 most bizarre locations of the fast food chain around the world. In addition to the world’s largest McDonalds, a UFO-shaped location and a brandless, minimalist ‘Quarter Pounder’ experiment in Tokyo, there’s the rotting carcass of a ‘McBarge’ floating in an inlet in Canada.