Warnings at Scale: Tiny Signs Highlight Hazards of a Miniaturized World

What may look like a harmless pothole or random remainder of grass takes on a different meaning when viewed from the perspective of the ultra-small, becoming dangerous sinkholes or inviting plots of land for sale, respectively.

Michael Pederson crafts signage for just such a miniature reality, helping form orderly lines for anyone heading into a small hole in the wall, or suggesting a certain hiding space may not be as welcoming as it looks.

One can imagine tiny creatures of myth and fantasy, or simply everyday little urban animals, installing such signs to variously warn, invite, notify and sell at a scale that most of us overlook on an everyday basis.

For full-sized human observers, the signs can provide small insights into the world around us, reminding people how long, for instance, a given weed has managed to struggle and grow out of an unassuming crack in the pavement (via Colossal).