Wallpaper Paint Rollers: Cool & Classic Patterns, DIY Style

Applying wallpaper is nothing if not frustrating – you have to line everything up just right, and if you ever want to take it down, it is nowhere near as easy as painting over an existing color on primed drywall.

But what might be more amazing than this nifty do-it-yourself patterned paint roller tool is that it is nothing new, as explained on The Painted House: “When I stumbled across these paint rollers in a market in Romania I was so excited ….”

“They have been used there for the last 100 years or so as an alternative to wallpaper. As an ardent upcycler I have been using them ever since to bring unloved fabrics and wonky old walls back to life.” The resulting new-version rollers can put patterns to paper, walls and fabrics, adding substantive decor to more than just mere walls.

The company is beyond enthusiastic about their product and its various applications: “So far we have made metres of fabric, curtains, bunting, cushions, stationary, lampshades and wrapping paper, covered books and furniture, printed on walls, and someone is in the process of rollering the inside of their bell tent!”