Figurative Furniture: 15 Designs With Life of Their Own

anthropomorphic fleshy chair 2

Does the human tendency to place a higher value on living things that resemble our own image even extend to furniture? You might think so from the range of anthropomorphic designs we’ve created for our own comfort and entertainment, especially when the objects are designed to mimic human contact. These creations seem like they could spring to life at any moment, bringing a sense of anticipation to an otherwise ordinary indoor setting.

Companion Stools by Phillip Grass

anthropomorphic companion stools 3

anthropomorphic companion stools

anthropomorphic companion stools 2

Standing curiously or sitting in contemplation, Phillip Grass’ ‘Companion Stools’ stare back at us with a single oversized eyeball affixed to the wooden seat.

Fleshy Seats That Smell Like Human Skin

anthropomorphic body of skin

Not only do these rounded skin-toned stools look like lumps of human flesh – they smell like it, too. Artist Gigi Barker’s A Body of Skin collection is made of silicone that matches the body’s temperature when you sit on it. Leather covers are infused with pheromones and aftershave to add to the effect.

Nel & Maria Bedside Tables

anthropomorphic nel maria

anthropomorphic nel maria 2

With hat-shaped lampshades and drawer holes resembling faces, ’Nel & Maria’ bring a little bit of abstracted anthropomorphism to your bedside. The straw hats are reminiscent of those found in the Portuguese region of Baixo Minho, the home of the designers at DAM.

Man-Shaped Collection from Samal Design

anthropomorphic man 1

anthropomorphic man 2

Designer Dzmitry Samal fuses realistically sculpted human bodies with lockers and tables for this strange series. The human legs definitely take up more space than average furniture designs, but most of the pieces are still surprisingly functional for all their dramatics.

Free Hug Chair

anthropomorphic free hug chair 1

anthropomorphic free hug chair 2

anthropomorphic free hug chair 3

Somewhere between a living human and an oversized stuffed animal, the ‘Free Hugs’ chair is a soft fur-covered creation with extra-long arms made to wrap around you when you take a seat or provide cushioning on the floor.