Walking Shelter: Sneakers Expand Into Human-Frame Tent

Walking Shelter Sneakers Tent 1

The next time you need a portable shelter, you could just pull it out of your sneakers and expand it into a tent using your own body as a frame. The Walking Shelter packs a lightweight nylon tent into two net pockets integrated into a pair of shoes. Pull it over yourself and you’ve got a rain-proof structure that will keep you dry and comfortable, as long as you don’t mind sitting up for extended periods.

Walking Shelter Sneakers Tent 2

Walking Shelter Sneakers Tent 4

Designed by SIBLING, a collective based in Melbourne, Sydney and Amsterdam, Walking Shelter can be customized by the user to adapt to a variety of contexts and environments. While it may not be the most practical tent for real-life use, it makes an interesting statement on the nature of human shelter in the modern urban world.

Walking Shelter Sneakers Tent 5

Walking Shelter Sneakers Tent 7

The design calls to mind other shelters, made for both practical applications and as statement-making thought pieces, that could make life more comfortable for the homeless. Could such a simple design help address a chronic global problem, in a small way?