Playful in Paris: Life-Sized Interactive Street Art

Everyday objects and imperfections in the urban surfaces of Paris become part of strange and unexpected scenes as French artist Levalet incorporates them into life-sized street art. A bull head sculpture becomes a minotaur, map in hand; a figure with a jackhammer goes to work on a damaged section of wall; a display box for advertisements is transformed into an x-ray machine.

levalet 16

levalet 14

levalet street art 4

levalet street art 2

Known by day as an art teacher named Charles Leval, the artist creates humorous scenes that interact with idiosyncrasies and often-unnoticed details in the fabric of the city.

levalet street art 15

levalet street art 3

levalet street art 5

The life-sized wheat paste posters take advantage of everything from pipes and spigots to false windows and concrete recesses.

levalet street art 6

levalet 8

levalet 9

Levalet walks around the city looking for the ideal spots for his work, takes measurements and creates the paste-ups at home before returning to his chosen locations and installing the work.

levalet 13

levalet 12

levalet 10

He told Street Art News that he considers all of the individual scenes to be part of a larger frame, “where I try to define a cosmology of a parallel world.”