Outings: Bring Classic Art to the Streets with Your Phone

outings interactive street art 2

Anonymous subjects from under-appreciated paintings that hang forlorn in secondary museums, overlooked and nearly forgotten, come to life in the streets with an interactive art project called ‘Outings.’ Dreamed up by French artist Julien de Casabianca, the ongoing, international participative project invites you to snap photos of lesser-known portraits hanging in museums, print them out and paste them onto urban surfaces in cities like London, Paris and Madrid.

Outings interactive street art 1

outings interactive street art 3

outings interactive street art 9

Taking these characters out of their cultural and historical context, participants breathe new life into them, appointing them as watchers over a new and unfamiliar world, making their faces far more visible than they are when hanging in small frames beside more famous and notable works.

outings interactive street art 4

outings interactive street art 5

outings interactive street art 6

The process is simple: discreetly capture any images you like in a museum or gallery with your phone and follow the Outings Project instructions for importing and editing the image in Photoshop. Have it printed in a local shop, and then use wallpaper glue and a brush to adhere it to a wall – the grittier the better, for proper contrast. Get more info and apply for a grant for the price of printing at the Outings website.