Stop Wine-ing! 25 Popping Examples of Cork Art & Design

It’s easy to get a collection of corks piling up on the kitchen counter, but it’s not that easy to figure out what to actually do with them. Some fantastic artists and home decorators have conspired to give new life to an overlooked byproduct.

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Wall art out of corks is probably the most doable for the average design-conscious resident. With a little bit of glue and a sense of adventure, a room can have a unique touch that guests will undoubtedly enjoy.

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One can always go to an extreme and take the love for cork on the road. The Cork Truck is a local celebrity in its own right.

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Anyone who is a fan of old school arcade games and pixel art will get a kick out of these amazing portraits made out of corks. For a more in-depth look into the artistic process, here’s a video to show how one goes about putting together such an intricate creation: Cork Portrait

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The warm colors of thousands of corks look wonderful en masse. This wine-inspired mural is one of the largest, and is notable for its size, color range, and appealing design.

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Get something back on all those wine purchases! Make some modern furniture out of cork to turn garbage into a slick design.

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Yes, these people have gone too far. But hey, there’s no better way to be a hit with all your wine-loving friends than to show up to a dinner party wearing a cork jacket (except bringing more wine).

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Some cork accessories are more manageable for the average homeowner, and can add a classy feel with a little bit of ingenuity, or the right accessories.

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If one is a more ambitious DIY creator, a nice cork lamp would be a great touch to the home. The glow is warm like a jack-o-lantern, without the creepy factor.

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These Asian-inspired cork sculptures are incredibly fragile and a great testament to the fact that artistic skill is still very strong in modern society.