Swiss Army Bed: The Ultimate Modular & Multifunctional Furniture Design

It’s hard to imagine a more flexible and functional piece of furniture to spend a third of your life in than this one from Singapore, featuring an array of creature comforts and high-tech customizations.

USB ports and plugs tie into charging and speaker systems for lounging around with tunes and devices, while an optional massage chair can help relax the restless before sleep.

An array of benches and loungers lets users lay down or sit up in any number of positions, while a fold-out desk attachment allow for laptop use as well. Storage options include a linen-and-pillow trunk beneath the bottom-of-bed bench and a built-in safe for valuables, plus a bunch of shelves and cabinets.

Perhaps the best part: all of these features can be swapped out because the modules around the bed itself are not permanently fixed. Buyers can choose which ones they want to prioritize then surround themselves with choice luxuries accordingly.

At $500 to $1000 depending on options, materials and finishes, they are pretty reasonably priced, too, though be sure to check the measurements: they are designed for the Asian market and shorter individuals, so tall people may want to consider them inspiration rather than potential purchases.