Interpreting Cities: Creative Urban Photography at 3 Scales

Urban Typography Photographs

Creative urban photographers have a way of representing cities in new and different lights. Unusual urban photographs can cause one to rethink familiar perspectives and can open a city up to new interpretations. The above urban typography close-ups cleverly play on both the two-dimensionality of text (and photography) and the vertical three-dimensionality of the urban environment.

Day to Night Spliced Image

Sam Javanrouh has taken advantage of mid-range photography and digital media to create the above image. On his website you can even actively shift the entire photograph from day to night. All in all, this is one very creative way to blend the powerful potential of internet tools and the classic medium of photography.

Urban Population Seen from Space
Finally, space exploration has introduced a radically different perspective on the world and its urban populations – from far above the Earth’s surface. The above image shows quite directly the distribution of cities on the planet, more simply and profoundly than a graph or chart could. You can also see a compelling full-sized version of this image or see more Earth-from-space images from NASA.