Whatever Floats Your… House: 16 Amazing House Boats

House boats used to be glorified barges with a bathroom and a place to sleep. More recently, house boats have turned into residences of the wealthy. With as many comforts as a modern home, and a much more interesting address, house boat design has become something beautiful and breathtaking. It makes one wish their house could float.

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Even the most rustic looking house boats can come fully air conditioned, no matter how rural ones backwater travels might take them. India has a surprisingly robust house boat tourist industry, so it’s a definite must see destination for anyone who has dreamed of boating in total comfort.

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Some house boats try to maintain a lawn… by covering their roof with plant life. Grass is actually a great insulator, and adds a natural touch to an otherwise entirely artificial residence.

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Luxurious, land based, accommodations are now available on the water. House boat technology has increased by leaps and bounds (and so has cost), with many boats costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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If houses can be built on water, it makes sense that a boat can be built on land. This gorgeous home looks like it could sail off during a heavy rain, but it’s doubtful it would make it very far. Perfect for the landlubber with dreams of being the captain of a ship, or the retired pirate, this house has an awesome aesthetic.

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Fully sized houses are now available on the water. They may not be as mobile as one hopes, but the land is cheap (though nonexistent). If someone is into boating and wants to keep their boats in the backyard, this is the perfect solution.