Transportable Tourist Towers Provide Stackable Housing

Transportable Tourist Tower 1

Prefabricated, portable and modular, the Transportable Tourist Tower (TTT) by Portuguese architect Jose Pequeno is an adaptable housing solution that can be installed on almost any site, vertically or horizontally, as a single unit or a larger stacked structure.  Capable of being made from local, recyclable materials, this nearly self-contained unit is ideal for temporary installations and sensitive building sites.

Transportable Tourist Tower 2

The tower debuted at the 2010 Shanghai Expo and has since made its way around the world, installed in various locations as a tourist information center. It needs as little as 10 square meters for its installation, fitting into tight spaces. It can be transported on a truck, and lifted into place with a crane.

Transportable Tourist Tower 3

Transportable Tourist Tower 5

Vertically, the Transportable Tourist Tower can be placed alone or side-by-side. But what makes this unit even more versatile is its ability to be placed on its side. All of the components within the building are flexible and modular, making them easy to move, remove or replace as needed.

Transportable Tourist Tower 4

The three-story unit is packed with functionality despite its small size. It contains a living space, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study and rooftop deck. It’s easy to imagine this tower in use at large events such as the Olympics, where compact housing is only needed for a short period of time.