Sky Slide: L.A. Tower Adds Exterior Glass Chute 1,000 Feet Up

This undated artist's rendering provided by Overseas Union Enterprise Limited shows a glass slide 1,000 feet above the ground off the side of the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles. The 45-foot-long attraction is part of a $50 million renovation that will also put a bar and open-air observation deck on the top floors of the 72-story building. (Michael Ludvik/OUE Ltd. via AP)

A new amusement offering on the 70th floor of the highest skyscraper on the West Coast is stepping up the game, going beyond glass viewing platforms, swimming pools and bridges to boast a fully-transparent outdoor slide for bold adventurers, all at a lofty 1,000-foot elevation.

aerial sky slide

Owners of the U.S Bank Tower are adding this extreme sightseeing measure to thrill (or terrify) visitors who wish to simulate the experience of jumping out of a skyscraper. The 36-foot Skyslide will take guests from the 70th down to the 69th floor.

skyscraper glass slide viewing platform

The so-called Skyslide is part of a new observation deck expansion that will charge $25 per ticket, or another $8 to ride the side of the scraper via a trap door.

us bank tower

Attached by minimal metal supports, the clear glass will give stunning views of the surrounding city, at least for those brave enough to keep their eyes open on the way down. Meanwhile, on the East Coast, visitors can experience a similar thrill in slightly less overtly-dangerous environs, touring 50 years of history in 1 WTC elevator ride.