Chinese Skywalk: World’s Longest Glass Bridge Spans Two Cliffs

glass suspension bridge

If you thought Twin Peaks was suspenseful, test your mettle on the new glass-bottomed Brave Man’s Bridge connecting two cliffs in the Hunan province of China and spanning nearly 1,000 feet.


glass panel bridge below

glass china walkway

Located in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park (images by Sina), the bridge employees a new type of glass 25 times stronger than the ordinary variety, achieving its structural purpose despite being just 1 inch thick.

glass kneeling walks

glass bridge above

Framed in steel, the converted bridge previously held wooden walking platforms, but to compete with the rise of glass walkways around the world these were swapped out for glass equivalents.

glass park

glass bridge side

While there are other similarly glass-bottomed bridges arcing out over canyons or crossing natural expanses, this is the longest glass suspension bridge to date. Its engineers have assured the public that it is safe, even if feisty tourists jump on the panels.

cracked panel china

Update: just days after opening, a mug dropped by a tourist has already cracked one of the glass panels, though without compromising its structural integrity.  Lee Dong Hai posted about his experience on social media: “I was almost at the end and suddenly I heard a sound, my foot shook a little. I looked down and I saw that there was a crack in the floor.”