The Incredible Childhood-Inspired Artwork of Adan Banuelos


Adan Banuelos is a Tucson-based artist and designer working in multiple mediums, from drawing to sculpting to screen-printing and everything in between.

Childhood In The Gallery




(images via: ARTST)

Banuelos’ art is a realm where squirt guns, candy and sneakers can mingle with brass knuckles, switch blades and low-riders. Says Banuelos, “My artwork is mainly inspired from childhood memories. I like to analyze emotions and desires as they evolve from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood.”

His Father’s Son




(images via: ARTST)

When asked who he most looks up to in the art world, Banuelos proudly says his father. His dad, an immigrant from Mexico, might’ve had a huge impact on Banuelos’ style but he never became a full time artist; he’s a janitor. Says Banuelos: “My dad was, and still is, a very talented, self-taught muralist and sign maker. He always had side jobs and spent most his free time in the garage and job sites. I loved watching him paint. I learned a lot about lettering and composition.”

Great Art By Design



(images via: ARTST)

It’s no accident that the design acumen of Banuelos’ paintings, sculptures and T-shirts is a cut above the rest; after years of art school under his belt, Banuelos now works for CreativeMachines.comdesigning and fabricating museum exhibits. He welds, does wood working and crafts machine parts for
exhibits that have been seen in museums all over the world, from Norway to Egypt to New York and even his native Tucson.

You can see more of Adan Banuelos’ work at his profile on ARTST and on his website,