Rad Wrappings: 15 Modern, Quirky & Fun Gift Wrap Designs

Gift wrap can be just as important as the gift itself, enhancing the sense of anticipation and reflecting the personality and tastes of the giver. If you’re unsatisfied with the standard Santas, snowflakes and christmas trees found on the holiday gift wrap supplies at your local big box store, check out these 15 modern options. Some are even free templates for cool gift wrap designs, tags and 3D geometric gift boxes that you can download and print in minutes.

Free Printable Pac Wrap

(images via: minieco)

While this is technically ‘Halloween’ wrap, why not use it for other occasions, too? Minieco offers free printable gift wrap designs in ‘Pacman Ghost’ and ‘It’s Raining Again’, simple black-and-white graphic patterns that would definitely stand out under the tree.

Mustache Gift Wrap

(images via: ruff house art)

Mustaches may be hip among the set who like things just because it’s ‘ironic’ to do so, but this wrapping paper printed with a variety of facial hair styles is fun for anyone.

DIY Paper Diamond Gift Boxes

(images via: minieco)

Why buy (and wrap) a boring cardboard gift box when you could simply fold a cool 3D diamond shape out of the paper of your choice? Minieco has a template to make it yourself, and it’s perfect for small items like jewelry.

Crossword Puzzle Wrapping Paper

(images via: the dieline)

No matter the occasion, this wrapping paper fits – just find and outline the appropriate sentiment, whether it’s Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, Congratulations, Recover Soon or just ‘You Are the Best.’ Universal crossword puzzle paper comes with a key so you can find and circle the greeting you desire.

DIY Paper Ornaments/Gift Boxes

(images via: minieco)

These geometric shapes, including tetrahedrons and cubes, are meant to be used as ornaments – but they could double as gift boxes. Get the templates at MiniEco.

Free Printable Anchor Gift Wrap

(images via: heyook)

Anchor-printed wrapping paper and gift tags are a lot more fun than garish store-bought Santas, though perhaps not as festive. Get these free printable templates at HeyLook.

Pawling Ikat Wrapping Paper

(images via: mint design)

This ikat-print wrapping paper by Pawling is so simple, yet so beautiful.

Fun and Festive Wrap by Hemlock Printers

(images via:  hemlock.com)

If you prefer festive seasonal designs, Hemlock Printers’ set of double-sided holiday wrapping paper is a playful modern option.

Metallic Pens on Kraft Paper

(images via: papercrave)

Plain old brown kraft paper looks a lot more interesting when you add some basic designs with a silver sharpie. It’s easy and cheap, and the result is clean and modern.

Gift ‘Purses’ by Treeo Design

(image via: paper crave)

Treeo uses FSC-certified paper to create their gift wrap and gift boxes, which means that no trees were harmed unnecessarily during the process of creating their products. These gift boxes, shaped like purses, are an interesting twist on the conventional rectangular or square design.

Zebrawood Veneer

(images via: corinna wraps)

If you have any type of wood veneer laying around, take a cue from Corinna Wraps and use it to cut out shapes and paste them to your wrapped gifts in custom designs of your choice.

Modern and Monochromatic by Loop

(image via: loop)

Meticulously hand-drawn designs adorn the boutique wrapping paper by Loop, which is printed on FSC-certified and recycled paper using soy ink.

Simple and Rustic at Design Sponge

(image via: design sponge)

Sometimes the simplest, most rustic wrapping job is the most elegant. Design Sponge demonstrates how to pretty up some brown kraft paper with branches, pine cones, raffia and a paper tag.

Arrows and Trees from Urban Bird and Co

(image via: urban bird and co)

Two designs available from Urban Bird and Co, in black-and-white arrows and tree shapes, illustrate how easy it is to transform kraft paper with stamps. Buy it pre-made on Etsy, or make your own using stamps procured from craft stores.

Easy Gift Wrap Kits on Etsy

(images via: OnceUponSupplies)

Too busy to think about creative gift wrapping, but not crazy about the options at your local big box stores? A number of Etsy sellers, like Once Upon Supplies, offer ‘gift wrap kits’ containing ribbon, twin, tags, stickers and other decorative accents in matching color-coordinated sets.