3Doodler Pro: New 3D-Printing Pen Works with Nylon, Wood & Copper

A new model of 3D sculpture-drawing tool from WobbleWorks operates using extrusion like its predecessor, but has expanded to allow users to print with new materials like wood, copper, bronze, nylon and polycarbonate.

3d sculpture

Users can draw shapes in the air which solidify as the extruded materials cool to create complex works of art and design.

3d doodler

Each of the materials in the new range of offerings is combined with plastic to form a filament that can be heated and shaped as before. Now, however, these works can be modified post-production per the new material line (e.g. wood sanded or bronze polished).

3d model

The new device features dials to control temperature and speed as well as a fan for cooling materials as they are deployed for rapid setting. Housed in a carbon fiber shell, the device can be used to draw scale models, household decor, creative crafts and fun sculptures. The gadget also comes with a portable battery pack.

3d vase drawing

“When we started the 3Doodler journey back in 2013, we had world-leading architects telling us ‘I want to do this’,” said WobbleWorks co-founder and CEO Maxwell Bogue, referring to  “a quick wave of the pen in the air, with plastic solidifying in its wake. With new materials like polycarbonate, that dream is a reality.” In the future, technologies like this could be employed in medical and other fields as well.