Room for Reflection: 15 Marvelous Modern Mirror Designs

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… where would we be without these shiny, silvered glass panes that reflect so well – sometimes TOO well? While it’s true that mirrors aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, these 15 marvelous modern mirror designs may just be the fairest of them all.

Love Me, Love My Self

mirrors_1(images via: Domestic and Yanko Design)

The Narcisse Collection from the French design house Domestic features 32 different styles of mirrors, each of which will provoke a second glance. Whether you look sharp, feel the pits or simply like what you “saw”, these mind-bending mirrors show off while showing you yourself.

More Mirror Narcissism

mirrors_12(images via: Generate and DesignCrack)

Few of us roll out of bed looking our best, what with the dreaded Bed Head and such. Those who need an instant shot of self-confidence would be advised to get the Oh How Beautiful (You Are) mirror, designed by Joop Steenkamer Jr. and available in 2 different sizes. Gaze into the miror, ignore your actual reflection and read: “Oh how beautiful you are! You’re charming. You look gorgeous! It’s fantastic. You are infinitely attractive! I think that you are fabulous, just fabulous! You are absolutely delectable. Your hair is really stunning, it sparkles with life! I love the way that you do your hair, that silken head of curls and waves is glorious.” Ready to take on that world? Of course… you’re fabulous!

Jig Saw Puzzle

mirrors_2(images via: The Greenhead and MoCo Loco)

The 15-inch square Mirror Puzzle differs from ordinary jigsaw puzzles in that every time it’s completed, it displays a different image. That is, unless the puzzle-solver manages to blur the surfaces with their fingerprints. A transparent lucite top and base help provide protection – for the furniture, the silvered mirror surfaces and the owner’s fingertips.

Circle Gets The Square

mirrors_3(images via: Daniel Rozin Interactive Art)

We led off our original showcase article, 16 Mesmerizing Mirrors with Radical Reflections, by saluting the incredible designs of Daniel Rozin. This imaginative mirror artist and graphic designer extraordinaire has been so prodigious in his output he deserves another look.

Here’s a video of Rozin’s Circles Mirror in action. The Circles Mirror is made up of 900 overlapping circles with each circle hooked up to its own servomotor. When operating, the servos move the individual circles to expose varying patterns of light and dark shades. The overall effect has to be seen to be believed, so here goes:

Who Tall Are You?

mirrors_4(images via: Vandpupaza and UK Suck)

Ever wonder how you measure up against the rich and famous? Wonder no longer, the Who Tall Are You? mirror keeps you on the level of any one of 120 celebrities. Designed by Ismaril Wells, this unique mirror leads off with Peter the Great and makes good reading: who knew Barry White stood taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I DO Wanna Be A Pirate!

mirrors_5(images via: Unica Home and Apartment Therapy)

Choe & Tomlinson’s Self Portrait Mirrors give the gazer a glimpse into their inner pirate, moose, moustachio, skeleton and more. Made from lightweight acrylic and shipped with mounting tacks, these offbeat mirrors measure 12 by 16 inches and are good for a laugh as well as a look.

Raindrop Mirrors Keep Fallin’ On My Head

mirrors_6(images via: Pottery Barn and Retro Renovation)

Retro starburst mirrors are all the rage, at least that’s what’s being said. That being said, maybe a Raindrop Mirror will add a burst of stardom to your room. At 63 inches in diameter, this mirror demands a lot of wall but put opposite a window it’ll light up any living space.

You Look Radiant!

mirrors_7(images via: Acova and Trendir)

Bathrooms are places one wants warmth and reflection yet space is often at a premium. Acova has the answer: combination radiator/mirrors that come in a choice of 43 different colors and 7 metallic shades to suit your decor scheme. Available in a range of sizes up to the 72-inch by 11.5-inch Double Fassane Mirror Radiator, these units feature full-length flattened heating-tubes that not only warm the room, but also speed evaporation from a shower-fogged mirror.

Degrade Your Image

mirrors_8(images via: Yatzer Design Store)

Extra-light “Fiction” mirrors from Glas Italia offer the deconstructed look with degrading shaded silvering that gradually fades away in your choice of ascending or descending. The mirror mounts to the wall via a single attachment point: a chrome-plated metal cylinder. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, Fiction mirrors won the Interior Innovation Award Cologne in the Materials category at the IMM Cologne 2008… so you KNOW it’s gotta be good.

Hallway Surfin’

mirrors_9(images via: CribFashion and FurnitureSeen)

The Surf Mirror is meant to evoke the organic, lens-shaped form of a classic sixties surfboard. It even has a wood frame and the smaller, hallway version comes with a center mounted shelf for keys, Tiki mugs, beach-combing finds and whatnot. Designed by M.Perego for Porada, the Surf Mirror manages to recall the past while maintaining a sleek, ultramodern look.

Lookin’ Sharp!

mirrors_10(images via: Cool Material and CAMOE)

The Sweeney Todd Razorblade Mirror by Phil Sims (not that Phil Sims, the other one) will ensure both you and your bathroom, bar, hideout or prison cell look as sharp as can be. Named after the legendary Demon Barber of Fleet Street, the 27-inch by 16-inch mirror is modeled after the famous (or infamous, if you’ve ever used one) DE razor blade.

Flora Length Mirror

mirrors_11(images via: Suck UK)

The Profile Mirror by Damask Design in the UK displays a neo-Victorian cum 1970s floral motif that lushly spreads across its right side. Ideal for rooms that are a little TOO modern and need some softening up, the Profile Mirror measures 45-inches tall by 17-inches wide.

Modern Quirky Mirrors

mirrors_13(images via: High Street Mirrors)

Mirrors don’t always have to perfectly reflect objects, they can also be objets d’art as are these so-called Modern Quirky Mirrors. Odd angles, layers of shading and patterns that are anything but two-dimensional provide for an enticing interplay of light and shadow that can bring visual interest to any room.

Rubik’s Reflection

mirrors_14(images via: Iain Claridge and

Officially called Rubik’s Mirror Blocks, this maddening puzzle recently released in Japan ingeniously uses facets of different sizes since, being mirrored, all the surfaces are the same reflective silver.

Here’s the unboxing video for Rubik’s Mirror Blocks, c/o syuhei22:

Unboxing video for Rubik\’s Mirror Blocks, c/o syuhei22

A Real Magic Mirror

mirrors_15(images via: Cocktail Party Physics and ElectronicHouse)

Who’s the fairest, you ask? Never mind that, is the jacuzzi warmed up yet? “Basil the Butler”, who inhabits the Magic Message Mirror from ThemeAddicts, will keep you updated on the jacuzzi and a number of other household tasks. He’ll even announce when guests and/or family members arrive home, thanks to his built-in greeter software. Sample phrases include “Hmmm… most curious… it seems that we have a pedestrian approaching up our driveway” and “Alarm! Alarm! The pool gate has been opened”. Created by Hollywood animatronics wunderkind Craig Barr, the semi-customizable “Basil of the Mirror” bridges the gap between home security software and automated video imagery. As the 30-inch diagonal LCD screen is silvered to provide a mirror finish but really now, if you had Basil in your home would you EVER turn him off?