How Graffiti Can Be Even Cooler: Just Add Star Wars

Graffiti is often a disappointing eyesore, the bane of storefronts, and signposts for gang activity, but there are also those who have turned it into an art form that delights urban populations with surprising works of art on dirty walls. There are enough science fiction fans out there who know how to wield a spray paint can that there’s a plethora of Star Wars graffiti. Here are some of the coolest examples of Star Wars themed graffiti in an alley near you:

Darth Vader

(Images via paris-in-photos, jam24, gearfuse)

Darth Vader’s helmet is a symbol of evil and geekery known far and wide. Here are a few examples of the powerful Jedi as viewed by skilled graffiti artists.

Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire

(Images via charleneweisler, shadowpuppet, marsh1970, just-whatever,

The Rebels and the Empire are portrayed a surprisingly equal amount in urban art, as these examples of Stormtroopers, Yoda, and even an R2D2 cameo portray.


(Images via culturewav.esjetcomx)

Some choose to use their Star Wars knowledge to fight political enemies, as seen in these hilarious caricatures of former President Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney, shown as Jabba the Hut and one of his cohorts.


(Images via cohenside, millycent, smidigt, smidigt)

The gigantic AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) was introduced in the Star Wars films as an intimidating vehicle of war, and these murals don’t disappoint! Some use humor, while others display their immense size in glorious detail.

Large and Small

(Images via g35driver, duncancumming, just-whatever, sagita-graffitialphabet)

Scenes from the films can dominate the entire side of a building, or fit in the smallest space. Either way, Star Wars graffiti would delight any Star Wars fan if it caught their eye on the street.