Street Style: Apparel Custom-Printed with Scalable City Maps

custom map skirt design

Taking customized couture to the streets, Monochome allows you to turn any urban grid at a scale of your choice into a unique tank top, t-shirt, flare or pencil skirt.

figure ground urban grid

custom cool urban grid clothes

Using OpenStreetMap, the company lets you select between a black-on-white figure/ground representation or more traditionally-gridded white-on-black map. Ordered now and these should arrive by Christmas – a perfect holiday gift to compliment some urban grid dog tags.

example zoom custom shirt

The user-friendly selection tool allows you to get incredibly precise with your pick, creating a composition that is both personalized and aesthetically pleasing through a combination of panning and zooming. The above set of four examples, for instance, are simply variations on the same location at different scales.

street style map skirt

custom shirt steps process

street style skirt two

A number of standard cities are presented but you can also search for your own location or address or your choice. Due to the nature of OpenStreetMap, you are encouraged to add data for any place not already in the system.