Shadowy Secrets: Colorful Layering Creates Trick 3D Murals

3d illusion art closeup

Worthy of a double-take twice over, these convincing wall artworks reveal imaginary depths and amazing arrays of color … all seemingly hidden behind dull peeling paint and inside innocuously crumbling facades.

1010 exterior mural

1010 wall peeling paint

1010 interior mural

While he does not say much about himself, 1010 is both a gallery and street artist  in Germany with a passion for surreal figures, geometric illusions and other visual trickery.

1010 depth illusion art

While the shapes are simple the shadows are incredibly complex, each layer built up with layers of color and light.

1010 gallery framed art

1010 depth color shadow

This particular series of optical illusion ‘holes’ spans both sides of his portfolio – smaller-scale works are framed and hung in galleries while larger-scale installations are set in rough exterior urban landscapes.

1010 german street artwork

His other pieces that include characters like birds and snakes are of a similarly simplified style, but their cartoonish nature masks careful color and tone selection as well as time-consuming implementation.