Super-Deluxe Swim Platform: Rent This DIY Floating Sauna

In Finland, where the tradition of sitting in steamy saunas is even more appealing in frigid winter, a group of enterprising DIYers has built their own multi-level floating spa, sun deck and dive platform out of recycled materials. The Saunalatta features a lower deck, a sauna cabin that transforms into sleeping bunks in the summer, and a second-story platform with a lookout, and it’s available for rent at the cost of about $410 per day.

diy sauna 2

diy sauna 3

In a nation that boasts roughly one sauna for every three residents – about two million in total – it’s not surprising that Finns come up with some creative variations. Up to fifteen people can cram into the sauna at a time, where the temperature can get as high as 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, they jump right into the icy waters of the lake before repeating the ritual.

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In the summertime, the cabin offers sleeping space for five on simple platforms, with hammocks offering lounge space. On the roof terrace you’ll find a table and chairs, a BBQ and a 19-foot diving tower. Made of recycled and reclaimed materials, the simple shack-style houseboat also has a fridge, heated shower and a sound system wired throughout the vessel.

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The Saunalatta Facebook page has lots of wistful-daydream-worthy photos that’ll appeal to water-lovers in either hemisphere, since it’s cozy and warm in the winter and the perfect home base for swimming in the summer, including some fun images of the creators testing out the boat’s durability with a trampoline.