Steampunk Flea: Mechanical Insects by Dimitry Valchev

Mechanical insects 1

Spark plugs, kitchen strainers, springs and other random metal parts come together into a ‘steampunk flea’ that looks like it could jump away at any second in this mechanical insect sculpture by Dimitry Valchev. The Bulgarian artist uses scrap metal to create a series of sculptures mimicking mosquitoes and other insects as well as flowers, birds and the Loch Ness monster.

Mechanical insects 2

Mechanical Insects 3

Valchev uses all sorts of metal components in ways you wouldn’t expect to create representations of various creatures. One bird has spoons as feathers, while the ‘flower of time’ is full of working gears.

Mechanical Insects 4

Mechanical Insects 6

Mechanical Insects 8

These creations are just a few examples of steampunk animal sculptures, which range from abstract wind-powered beasts to a realistic 36-foot-tall elephant that’s actually a vehicle.