Missile Silos for Exploration, Visitation & Sale as Homes

Missile Silo Architectural Drawing

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Missile silos might be the world’s most amazing abandonments. There is something about their immense scale, implicit secrecy, loaded history and and underground location that makes them an exciting target for urban exploration. Here are some fascinating examples of deserted subterranean silos one can visit and even purchase!

Above the Missile Silo

Breaking Into the Missile Silo

One set of intrepid building infiltrators set about breaking into the above missile silo (location undisclosed) at risk of both personal injury and federal penalty. Despite their retroactive warnings not to follow their example, these adventurers produced an amazing photo-documentary of their journey. As you navigate their website, it becomes a kind of choose-your-own-adventure tale allowing you to pick your path.

Missile Silo on Tour

Missile Silo Complex Tour

The Minuteman Missile Tour exists at the opposite end of the legal spectrum, providing a fun and interesting but completely safe and legitimate tour through an abandoned missile complex. Located in South Dakota, annual summer tours regularly fill completely with people who are curious about America’s past and the days of the Cold War, when fears of Mutually Assured Destruction haunted the country’s psyche. Also be out this amazing collection of missiles, rockets and other weapons.

Missile Silo in Washington

Missile Silo for Sale

Missile Silo Complex

Last but not least, it is even possible to buy your own abandoned missile silo and associated complex! Even better: you can do so from the comfort of your computer via eBay for 15 million dollars. Of course, you may have have to sell your house to afford the $300,000 downpayment, but wouldn’t it be worth it? The people who bought one and converted it into a luxury home with a private landing strip certainly thought so (below) as well as the retired couple living in one shown in this video:

Luxury Home in a Missile Silo