Urbanisticated: Cool New Ways to Connect with WU Content


Ah, Cyber Monday – the infamous online version of the even more dreaded Black Friday. But before we get to that, here are a few exciting new features for WebUrbanist to help you stay connected to not only the content on this site but also to other amazing articles and publications. We also have a small favor to ask should be feel in a giving mood (do not worry – we are not requesting handouts).


Google Friend Connect (to the right) allows you to sign up, swap stories and favorite websites with old friends – and to make new friends as well with similar interests. Moreover, it is a great place to give us feedback on your favorite (as well as least-liked) aspects of WebUrbanist. Signing up (on the sidebar) is super simple and takes just a few seconds. Likewise, the new Facebook Fan Page for WebUrbanist is up and running – please help spread the word support us in our drive to get 1,000 fans as fast as possible. This will make for a stronger community of course but will also help us secure our custom Facebook URL.

If you are going to go shopping on this busiest-of-the-year digital purchasing day perhaps you would consider giving us a boost as well – it won’t cost you a thing and would sure help lighten the (server) load on our end. You see, it costs hundreds of dollars a month to host WebUrbanist – but if you click on one of these links to Amazon and buy something from Amazon.com, we get a small commission. Any revenue received by WU will be applied directly to offsetting our hosting fees. You will not have to pay a penny extra … just, well, if you are going to shop there anyway for the holidays, we would love it if you could help us out in the process!


You will already find that WebEcoist, Dornob and Gajitz have Facebook Groups – and they will shortly also have Google Friend Connection functionality. We really hope that in the holiday spirit of sharing you will consider helping to support WebUrbanist on Facebook and these other sites by joining up, participating in discussions and sharing what you like with your friends. In development: more dynamic, multifunctional and informational feeds on all sites – as well as additional image galleries, more streamlined load times and a reduced number advertisements shown to regular readers. It might seem simple, but a lot goes into making these publications work on a day to day basis. Nonetheless, the most important element is and remains you: our loyal readers, followers and fans both onsite and off.