Digital Street Eraser: Rubbing Out Reality, Photoshop-Style

street eraser graffiti wall

Analog stickering is taking on a new dimension in the hands of these street artists, a pair of creatives selectively defacing signs, billboards, mailboxes, graffiti and more.

street eraser construction process

street eraser red paint

From DsgnWrld: “Guus Ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier , two creatives behind the Street Eraser blog, are merging the digital world with the analog, sticking their adobe-inspired art throughout London’s urban fabric.”

street eraser fried chicken

Anyone who has used Adobe Photoshop should be familiar with the circular edges of the default tool and the spaces it creates.

street eraser no entry

And then there is the square checkered background that shows up when you wipe out all the layers in front of it to reveal the void.

street eraser bilboard face

The concept is clear: the world becomes a facade and the backdrop a digital no man’s land, or, better yet, a blank slate on which to re-add another layer of creative art.