Dazzling 120-Zipper Dress & Other Extreme Fashion Designs

A slinky, super-customizable dress made of 120 zippers. A fur coat crafted from dozens of cuddly teddy bears. A tie that’s taller than its wearer. These kooky yet thoughtful fashions are the work of Chilean-born artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz, who was among just three South Americans to be included among Sotheby’s Important 20th Century Designs auctions.

Known for his large-scale avant garde installations and innovative furniture designs like the Magistral Cabinet and the stunning Metamorphosis shelf, Errazuriz also dabbles in fashion. While the zipper dress may be a bit of a novelty, it’s also highly wearable, making it a great example of functional art.

The Bear Fur coat is part of what Errazuriz calls hi ‘Duchamp series’. “Teddy-bear-fur coat is an homage to the Campana Brothers and a wink at the 80s eco-friendly fur campaign that seems to be poignant today considering the comeback of furs in fashion runways.”

The Glove Dress may not be very washable, but it definitely makes a statement. The Hanging Tie makes a socially symbolic yet functionally useless accessory into a tongue-in-cheek reference to its ‘tyranny’, with a length that could allow it to be used as a noose.

The Knuckle Belt is cool and yet threatening, and the Lego Helmet is just indisputably awesome (assuming you can actually see through it!) See more at MeetSebastian.com.