Eyebombing: 21 Street Artworks Utilize 42+ Googly Eyes

eyebombing googly eyes

Unlike graffiti tags or other stylized and personalized approaches to urban art, eyebombing is an equalizer. Like a crowd behind Guy Fawkes masks, the work of any of the following 21 example ‘eyebombers’ is inherently anonymous due to the similarly simple materials used in each case.

eyebombing happy sad faces

Of course, the eyes just set the stage for further anthropomorphic interpretation ; with them in place, other street elements like grates, slots, posts and more suddenly become faces, mouths and limbs.

eyebomb frown smile examples

Context, with or without the intention of an artist, supplies emotion – even the most neutral eye placement makes for implied facial expressions of all kinds.

eyebomb hand railing snake

Per Eyebombing.com, these unsigned interventions are “different from traditional types of street art like tagging, sticking, stencils” because “the above forms are largely driven by egocentric behaviour, like getting seen, respect and maybe a hope to get famous, often using vandalism as modus operandi.”

eyebomb expressive urban art

Instead, they claim, it is about the message, the humor and simply brightening someone’s day. And while you can buy eyes from their site, they are also (again like a generic mask) available essentially anywhere and quite inexpensively, making this an easy art form to get involved with wherever you may be.