Announcing WebEcoist: Green Counterpart to WebUrbanist

We promised you a number of new changes when WebUrbanist turned one year old including more frequent and diverse content from fresh new authors. However, we kept one piece a complete secret until now: WebEcoist, an environmental counterpoint to everyone’s favorite WebUrbanist. Subscribe now for even more of your favorite travel, art, architecture and design oddities with a twist – a focus on strange animals, bizarre plants, green design, amazing environmental phenomena and other natural wonders of the world.

So far we have published a few foundational articles to get the ball rolling including the an introduction to the site, a brief history of the modern green movement, an overview of today’s most pressing environmental issues, a beginner’s guide to going green and for a bit of spice (in case you thought we forgot our roots!) a piece on the incredible tree-climbing goats of Morocco. And exclusively for you, our beloved readers, a sneak peak: in the next weeks will we be publishing content on the most exotic endangered species, brilliant failures of green technology, subversive guerrilla gardening and awesome green vehicles.

So to long-time fans of WebUrbanist and new readers alike: check out the new site, subscribe to the feed, leave your comments and watch for the forums coming soon on both WebUrbanist and WebEcoist. We appreciate you and your contributions to the site whether they be handy story tips, constructive comments or just your readership. Thanks for helping Webist Media grow and thrive! For more information on our awesome new project check out our very first post on the new site and subscribe to the feed!