Fractal Architecture: 14 Intricate Ceilings of Historic Iran

inlaid iranian ancient architecture

Sharing his findings via Instagram, an architectural photographer in Iran has begun documenting schools, mosques and cultural centers around the country, with a focus on their most mesmerizing feature: the ceilings.

mosque intricate mosaic tile

mosque ceilings iran

mosque tile roof ceiling

mosque in qom

Mehrdad takes viewers on tours of significant cultural complexes, some of which have been standing for close to 1,000 years as part of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

ceiling painted

star ceiling pattern iran

complex pattern school iran

more architecture iran

Modestly-decorated and architecturally-muted facades often give way to incredible complex mural works, colorfully-patterned reliefs and mosaics that must be meticulously maintained.

architecture complex paterns

architecture iran

mosque architecture stuff

mosque detail architecture

final mosque pic

Buildings pictured here include the Hazrat-Masoumeh mosque in Qom, the Chaharbagh School in Isfahan and the Shah-e-Cheragh mosque in Shiraz.