Hidden Beauty: Savvy Secret Room & Passageway Engineers

Hidden Rooms 1

Whether they hold a cache of high-tech, Batman-style weaponry or just a quiet retreat from the kids, secret rooms can make anyone feel as if they lead a life of mystery and intrigue. A company called Creative Home Engineering designs incredible secret passage systems that are virtually undetectable, hiding private spaces behind bookcases, wine racks and ordinary-looking walls.

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While many secret rooms involve replacing a regular door with a bookcase on hinges, Creative Home Engineering’s carefully designed systems contain hidden cavities with steel structural support, so they won’t begin to sag or scrape over time due to weight and humidity.

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They’re also designed to blend flawlessly with the surrounding room. The key to security for any secret room, of course, is proper concealment. You could also get an optional vault door with a super heavy-duty locking system that can be integrated into your home security system. Other options include armored doors and biometric access control devices, like fingerprint scanners.

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While armor-plated panic rooms with hidden surveillance aren’t exactly accessible to most of us, financially speaking, it’s fun to dream about creating an network of secret passageways in our own homes.