Buckle Your Seat: Leather Belt Brings Creative Class to ‘Cinch’ Folding Chairs

A twist on the traditionally dull folding chair, the ‘Cinch’ is simple to assemble, requiring no screws, glue or tools, but it also comes with a twist: a belt that buckles up to hold everything in place.

The designers from Box Clever in San Francisco note that the belt is both practical (a way to provide critical tension for structural reasons) but also a conversation starter — something to get guests curious and talking.

Coupled with the wood frame, the belt adds an aesthetic dimension, too, repurposing leather (a material often found on furniture) in a fresh way.

The idea, in part, was to build something that would look nice if left out, but that could also be taken apart and stored as needed.

In prototyping the chair, its makers played with having a keystone-like piece that would physically tie it together, but wanted to reduce complexity and ensure durability.

As a result, the final design slots together in intuitive ways, then cinches up with the simple pull of a strap. This holds the legs in place, which would otherwise be a limiting structural factor in minimizing parts and steps.