Nautical Architectures: Electrified Reefs to Waterfall Prisons

ocean artificial reef context

Like a speculative fiction novelist, Margot Krasojevic creates fantastical work that manages to combine real design challenges of our times with futuristic solutions. Whatever your position on their feasibility, these improbable concepts are daring and their renderings marvelous.

ocean reef abstract visualization

Krasojevic‘s previous rock climber resort proposed unusual accommodations only accessible to the extremely adventurous – those who could and would scale cliffs to stay there. In this newest pair of projects, she tackles another harsh and dangerous environment: the planet’s oceans.

ocean surface modeling structure

ocean reef topside model

ocean reef rendering exterior

One of these two projects, an Artificial Reef Station, serves a pair of radically different but essential functions, stimulating coral growth underwater while defending nearby shores from tsunamis.

ocean speculative floating architecture

ocean reef generative process

The first task, promoting coral, is accomplished via solar panels that introduce low-level electrical currents to the surrounding area (not enough to shock divers). This creates a field around the steel frame that condenses dissolved calcium carbonate out of seawater.

ocean plan overview scale

ocean reef with diver

The second goal, diffusing tsunamis, is achieved by virtue of the shape of the station. The organic breaks up incoming waves via complex geometries, themselves derived from chaos-driven mathematical models of wave behavior.