Nautical Architectures: Electrified Reefs to Waterfall Prisons

floating ocean prison design

This project, a Hydroelectric Waterfall Prison, also theoretically serves multiple functions (overcrowding in prisons and sustainable power generation), but whether it is utopian or dystopian may depend on whether you ask its prisoners.

floating prisoner helicopter rendering

floating prison aerial view

Using tension-based stabilization techniques, the tower rises from the water and cantilevers over its surface. Like some kind of kaleidoscopic panopticon, the structure is built to reflect views from the outside internally and create an endlessly variegated natural panorama for its incarcerated occupants.

floating prison daytime waterfall

floating prison design diagrams

Power, meanwhile, is generated through the turbine shape of the structure, as well as water pumped by surrounding currents into the building. The latter is later released to generate as-needed energy, creating a visible external waterfall effect. You can read more about this and her other uncanny designs at Margot Krasojevic dot org.