Radical Rings: 31 One-of-a-Kind Ring Designs & Ideas

High-tech, brilliant and just plain bizarre, these 31 rings aren’t exactly your standard precious gemstone set in a valuable metal band. Sterilized human teeth, living plants, replicas of food and creepily realistic representations of body parts challenge notions of beauty in jewelry while tiny projectors, pillows, books and programmed end dates provide unusual functions.

Teeth Rings by Polly van der Glas

(images via: vanderglas.com.au)

Outfit your fingers with four human teeth – complete with cavities and amalgam fillings – or go a little more subtle with three incisors or a single statement-making molar. These bizarre handmade creations by Australian artist Polly van der Glas are made with donated, sterilized teeth set onto silver rings. The artist (who also makes jewelry with human hair) says, “When attached to the body, we praise hair and teeth that adhere to the rules. They are key sites where body beauty is defined. Yet when they are shed, their meaning and value undergoes a dramatic transformation.  Polly’s work explores this transformation in meaning, and uses it to destabilise ideas about beauty.”

Projector Ring

(image via: lukejerram.com)

In a darkened room, shine a light through this incredible one-of-a-kind ring by Luke Jerram and jeweler Tamrakar and it will project a selection of miniature slides onto a surface like a wall or a piece of paper. Jerram, who created it as a wedding ring for his own wife, explains, “The ring was my first prototype and was made by hacking apart disposal cameras to find the right lens I needed.” Unfortunately, the ring was stolen, but Jerram replaced it with an equally beautiful and unusual ring. The Talking Ring has a 20 second recorded message – Jerram’s proposal – etched onto its surface. The message can be played back with a miniature record player.

Crayon Rings by Timothy Liles

(image via: timothyliles.com)

They look like simple, colorful plastic rings, but they’re even more fun than that. Brooklyn-based designer Timothy Liles produced these ‘crayon rings’, which are actual functioning washable crayons sold in packs of eight.

Cactus Rings by Barbara Uderzo

(images via: alternatives.it)

These organic rings by Barbara Uderzo are planters in which beautiful, prickly succulents are planted. They’d certainly make a punch more painful.

Pilo-Pilo Cushioned Ring

(image via: pilopilo.com)

Have you ever rested your head on your hand only to find that your knuckles are uncomfortably sharp? No? Well, the makers of the Pilo-Pilo Ring think that you could use some extra padding when you’re “thinking, daydreaming… falling asleep” or perhaps some comfort “when you got stood up on a date.” So basically, it’s like a miniature boyfriend pillow?

Digitus Ring by Charles Widlin

(images via: yanko design)

This concept by Charles Widlin holds 1,400 magnetic spheres which rotate into place according to micro computer circuitry, displaying letters or numbers without the use of LCD screens. Widlin imagines that the Digitus Ring could be used to display the time, or an important date.

Sculptural Flower Rings by Alidra Alic

(images via: alidraalic.com)

This is more than just jewelry – it’s a wearable sculpture. Alidra Alic creates stunningly complex floral jewelry created using a plastic technique in conjunction with sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. “Furthermore I work with themes of illusion and lack of function in order to awake my viewers’ curiosity and to show jewelry in new value contexts,” says the artist.

Love Letter Ring by Colleen Baran

(images via: colleenbaran)

Leave a loved one a special message whenever the mood strikes with one of jeweler Colleen Baran’s ‘Love Letter’ Rings, which print messages like ‘I miss you the second you leave’ when use with water-based inks.

Sound Wave Wedding Bands

(images via: sakura koshimizu)

Preserve your words in a highly unusual piece of jewelry with Sakura Koshimizu’s Sound Wave wedding bands. The artist turns a short sound clip into sound waves which are laser-etched into gold, silver or steel.

Belly Button Ring… For Your Finger

(images via: yuyen chang)

No, it’s not a ring that you put in a navel piercing – it’s a disturbingly realistic recreation of a naval, on a ring. Metalsmith Yuyen Chang has designed an entire line of ‘orifice jewelry’ including brooches and pendants, in case you’re eager to buy a matching set.

Remember Ring Won’t Let You Forget

(image via: alaska jewelry)

If you buy the Remember Ring, you’ll never forget your anniversary again – because your finger will gradually get hotter and hotter until you’re physically uncomfortable. The ring uses a ‘micro thermopile’ to convert the heat from your hand into electricity. You specify your anniversary date, which is programmed into the ring. 24 hours before your special day, the ring will gradually heat up, “but not hot enough to burn,” so say the jewelers.

Architecture Rings by Philippe Tournaire

(images via: phillipetournaire.com)

Wear your love for architecture on your finger with platinum or gold diamond rings shaped like buildings. Parisian jeweler Philippe Tournaire recreates structures from around the world including his home city, Moscow, New York and more, and has even made replicas of entire city blocks.

Mmm… Miniature Food Replica Rings

(images via: souzou creations)

As if you needed another reason to daydream about lunch until noon rolls around, these rings by SouZou Creations will have you salivating over cupcakes, pizza, spaghetti and pie. These quirky kawaii-style creations made of plastic, glass, metal and ceramic are the work of Sofia, a Canadian living in Japan.

Book Ring by Ana Cardim

(images via: anacardim.com)

Ever wish you always had some paper at your fingertips, so you could write things down whenever the mood strikes, no matter where you are? This miniature notebook ring by Ana Cardim makes that possible, though you’ll have to think of another way to carry a pen.

Pimple Popper – Grossest Ring Ever?

(images via: artbywinona)

Who hasn’t looked down at their finger and wished that what they saw there was a disgusting pustule about to pop? An Etsy seller called ArtbyWinona makes that dream (or nightmare, depending on your perspective) come true with this ring made of sterling silver, freshwater pearl, copper and enamel.  Says the artist, “I am just going to come out and say it…..I like popping pimples, zits, black heads, white heads, you name it I like to pick at it! Disgusting I know, but I have a feeling I am not alone. I am just one of the few that will admit it and come out of the closet.”